FFX - Walkthrough - Mount Gagazet

Enemies Items Key Items
Biran, Yenke, Mech Defender, Mech Leader, Granade, Imp, Grat, Bandersnatch, Nidhogg, Bashura Mega Phoenix x2 Aeon's Soul

Start heading up the path... Dang... is it me, or do we always get in trouble?

Yenke & Biran HP
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
  Return Sp. x1/x2; Friend Sp. x1/x2 Lv.3 Key Sp. x1/x2
Don't worry about training for this fight, since everything is proportionate to Kimahri. If you have 'Steal' or 'Mug' use it like there is no tomorrow, up until you reach 7 or so. Use magic, or attack physically, which ever is stronger. Heal up when your HP drops to 20%-25%.

Good job, ya? All those level 3 key spheres will come in handy, surely, when you reach the end of everyone's sphere paths. Head up the path again.

Seymour Flux HP 70,000
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
  Lv.4 Key Sp. x1/x2 Elixir
Start off with strong magic, and attacks. Use a Holy Water if you get zombified. Have 2 people with at least 5000 HP. If it is still hard, use the cheat method (which is Aeon's OD before Seymour Banishes) Silence Seymour with Wakka's attack.

Good job, you just beat the second hardest boss in the game! (IMO) Head to the boat. Head up the cave and take the left fork, followed by the left fork again. Hit the sphere, and head all the way back to the save point. Then head up the right fork, and then the next left one. Then down the right (after activating trail 2) to the red arrow (!) and go up that path and out the cave.

Sanctuary Keeper HP 40,000
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
  Return Sp. x1/x2 Turbo Ether x1/x2
This is the type of creature that you use Reflect on. Dispel if he cats Reflect on you. Yes I know you do very little damage, but if you don't cast Reflect on him, he will use Curaga, restoring 11,000 odd HP. Gems are good too.

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