FFX - Walkthrough - Salvage Ship

Enemies Items Key Items
Pirahna, Tros Potion x3 Al Bhed Primer Vol. I

Talk to the girl again, and she'll give you a nice little tutorial on using the Sphere Grid, which you can now use since you've gained a few sphere levels. Talk to her again to begin your mission. Once in the water, press O to dive, and keep following the red arrow on the map in the upper right corner of the screen, to enter the submerged structure.

Once you enter, swim forward and examine the control panel, which will open the door ahead of you. Swim through the doorway, and down the hall, and then examine the thing in the center of the room. Once it's been activated, swim back down the hallway into the first room.

After the battle, follow the girl back to the ship.

Tros HP 2200
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Have the girl steal grenades and then use them, while Tidus attacks. When Tros goes to the other side of the structure in the middle, have the characters either heal or go on standby. Once the command 'Pincer Attack' becomes available, select that instead.

After the battle, follow the girl back to the ship.

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