FFVI - Walkthrough - Floating Island

On the way to the Floating Island

BOSS: Ultros, Chupon, Air Force

Before reaching the Floating Island you'll have to fight a lot of Sky Armors and Spit Fires, and then when you're almost there you get to fight our old friend Ultros, but this time he's brought his pal Chupon.

BOSS 19: Ultros
HP 17000 MP 6000 Weakness Fire, Lightning
BOSS 19: Chupon
HP 10000 MP 4000 Weakness Ice, Water
Use your most powerful Fire and Bolt spells (fire 2 gets a lot of damage) on Ultros. Take out Ultros first and then go for Chupon. Fire spells heal Chupon so don't use them anymore, use Ice spells instead. If you don't have any or have run out of MP do the following: Have Mog dance Wind Song, Cyan use SwdTech 1 or 4, Strago use Aqua Rake, Edgar use Chainsaw, Gau ????, Relm attack or Sketch, Sabin Pummel, Setzer use slot, and the rest attack. When you win Chupon will Sneeze your party away.

After Chupon sneezes you away (if you kill Ultros before Chupon appears using the Vanish/Doom trick Chupon won't show up and instead of being sneezed off you'll just jump off), you'll fall off the airship and have to fight Air Force.

BOSS 20: Air Force
HP 8000 MP 750 Weakness Water, Lightning
Concentrate on the main thing. If it launches a Speck, attack it (don't use spells). Just use your most powerful attack spells (Ice, Fire, and Bolt), your attack Espers (Maduin, Shiva, Ramuh, etc.), or if neither of those options are possible use your best attacks (Sabin's AuraBolt, Edgar's Drill, etc.).

After defeating it you'll land on the Floating Island.

Floating Island

Chests (Blue orbs): Murasame, Monster-in-a-box(Gigantos), Beret, Elixir
Additional Items: Gigantos gives you Hardened
BOSS: AtmaWeapon, Nerapa

You'll land near a save spot. And just a little below that you'll see Shadow. He'll join you when you talk to him. Go right and you'll come to a stairway leading to a seemingly solid wall. Just press up against the wall and it'll open up. When you come to a blue orb, examine it and you'll get Murasame. Go as far as you can to the right and push down along the wall until you find a path leading to another blue orb. This one has a monster-in-a-box, namely Gigantos.

When you beat Gigantos you will get the Hardened. Now go back to your left a little until you see a indentation on the upper wall. Press you here and a passage will open up. Go up and step into the center of the square. When you re-appear go down as far as you can and then press up into the indentation on your right. Now go right and down and right again. Follow this path and enter the transporter. Now enter the bottom left transporter. Go down and step on the switch and then go up and step on another switch. Now go down and left until you come to stairs going down. Go down as far as you can and then go right. Follow this path until you have a choice of going left or right. Go right and step on the switch. Before entering the path that opens, go to your far right and get a Beret from the blue orb. Now go back to the transporter and go down to another transporter which leads to a save spot. Save your game and then go back up and enter the other transporter.

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When you go down the stairs you have a choice of returning to the airship (if you do return to the airship, Shadow will leave the party, but he'll be waiting for you in the same spot he was before, so when you come back to the Floating Island you can get him again). Go left and up where you'll meet AtmaWeapon.

BOSS 21: Atma Weapon
HP 24000 MP 8000 Weakness None
Use your most powerful attacks; Fire, Ice, and Bolt spells; attack Espers; regular attacks; and special attacks (Sabin's AuraBolt, Edgar's Drill, Mog's Earth Blues dance, Shadow's Shuriken throwing, etc.). It shoud be dead in no time. Cure as needed of course. Another method to use would be to drain its MP using Rasp (it'll die when its MP has drained).

Screenshot Screenshot

After defeating it, Shadow leaves again. Go up and you'll find Kefka and Gestahl. Celes comes and join you. Kefka moves the Goddesses out of alignment. When Shadow comes back run like crazy as you have 6 minutes to get away. To get the blue orb containing an Elixir go around to the right side and then go up to it (approaching it from the left side will cause the floor to fall away). Once you reach something that looks like a save spot, examine it and you'll fight Nerapa.

BOSS 22: Nerapa
HP 2800 MP 280 Weakness Ice, Lightning, Pearl
He has a wall spell on him so attack spells will just bounce back. If you have a wall spell on one of your characters, cast the attack spells on them. Use your most powerful Espers and attacks.

After you beat Nerapa run to the edge and choose 'wait' twice then just sit there. When there is 5 seconds left Shadow will come and jump with you. This is the end of the World of Balance.

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