FFVI - Walkthrough - The Opera

Opera House

BOSS: Ultros

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Celes looks like the opera singer Maria, so she takes her place in order to get to Setzer. As Celes you have to sing the right parts of the song (the full song is printed in the book in Celes' dressing room). The correct parts are:

Oh, my hero...
I'm the darkness...
Must I...

If you sing the wrong part you'll get kicked out of the opera house. Re-enter and the director will let you try again. You only get four tries to get it right before it's game over. Once you get it right, keep talking to the guy who comes out. Then when he disappears grab the flowers then go up to the platform on the top floor. If you take too much time doing any of this you'll get kicked out again and will have to start over from the beginning of the singing part again.

ScreenshotTake Locke and read the letter in the dressing room. Now return to the balcony and talk to Impressario. Once Ultros shows himself on the girders with a 4 ton weight poised over Celes' head, you'll have 5 minutes to get to him. First you have to go northeast where you'll find a guy who tells you to pull the far right switch, do this then return to Impressario and go to the northwest side of the balcony where you'll find your way onto the girders. Navigate the girders and make it to Ultros.

BOSS 11: Ultros
HP 2550 MP 500 Weakness Lightning, Fire
Have someone equipped with the Ramuh Esper and have them use it. Then have Locke attack, Edgar use Chainsaw or Drill, Sabin AuraBolt, Cyan use SwdTech 1, and Gau ????. One attack from Ramuh and one Chainsaw attack from Edgar should be enough to finish him.

When you're done Setzer will come and grab Celes. After some convincing (with a nice double-headed coin) Setzer will take you to your next destination in his airship. (For more about the airship, see ON THE AIRSHIP).

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