FFVI - Walkthrough - Thamasa

Imperial Base Again

Chests: Cherub Down, X-Potion, 8000 GP, Ether, Cure Ring, Back Guard, 2 Elixirs, RunningShoes, 20000 GP, Wall Ring, 13000 GP
Items: Check the stove for Flame Sabre

Go the house and down the stairs. The door is now unlocked if you got that reward in Vector. Grab all the treasure (there is a hidden chest in the bottom righthand corner of the room). Now leave the base and go west to Tzen.


Espers: Sraphim

Talk to the guy hiding in the trees behind the Relic Shop. He'll sell you the Esper Sraphim for 3000 GP. If you get Sraphim now you'll be out 3000 GP but you'll have more time to have it equipped. If, however, you wait until the World of Ruin you can buy it from the same guy for a measly 10 GP.


Items: search box on right side of docks for Warp Stone

Go the dock and get on the boat. Talk to General Leo. After you're thru there, go to the Inn and take a nap. When you wake up return to the ship and talk to Leo and your on your way.


Items: Check the middle barrel by the item shop for Eyedrop. Check a barrel by the Relic shop for Soft. Check a barrel by the Elder's house for Echo Screen. Check a barrel by Strago's house for Green Cherry. Check left wall in the upstairs of Strago's house for Memento Ring

Once your ship lands, follow the light green path and then go out onto the peninsula to get to Thamasa. Notice the Inn costs a lot (1500 GP !!), after you talk to Strago, it'll only cost 1 GP (cool beans :). After talking to Strago, go to the Inn and take a nap. In the middle of the night Strago will come in and wake you up. His grand-daughter Relm is in a house that's on fire. Talk to Strago outside the burning house. He'll join you and you'll have to go in to save Relm.

Inside the Burning House

Chests: Fire Rod, Ice Rod
BOSS: FlameEater

Screenshot Screenshot

If you touch any of the roaming flames you'll be attacked by Balloons. I suggest you equip someone with Shiva. When you come to a choice of two doors pick the right one. You'll get attacked if you enter the left one. You'll now have a choice of two more doors. The right one has a chest in it. The left one leads you to two more doors. The right one has an Ice Rod, and the left leads upstairs. Once upstairs you'll meet the source of the flames - FlameEater.

BOSS 17: FlameEater
HP 8400 MP 480 Weakness Ice
Use Shiva or Maduin if you have them equipped. Also use Ice Rods and/or Ice spells if you have them. Have Locke and Terra attack, and Strago us his Aqua Rake lore.

After you defeat FlameEater you'll find Relm. After saving you, Shadow will split (yet again). Now, with Strago, go west along the mountains and you'll find your next destination - a cave.

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