FFVI - Walkthrough - WoR Part 1

Solitary Island

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You wake up as Celes on a small island. It seems you and Cid are the only ones there. Leave the house and go south to the beach. Catch the fish and return to Cid. You can save Cid from dying by feeding him the fast-moving fish or kill him by feeding him the slow-moving fish (or just not feeding him). If Cid dies then Celes will go throw herself off a cliff, else Cid will just show her the raft and the following about the seagull won't happen. The seagull will nurse her back to health. Return to the house and read the letter next to the bed. Follow its instructions by going down the stairway hidden in the lefthand wall. There you'll find a raft. Examine it and you're on your way to Albrook. Note: Don't forget to equip yourself.



A man was here looking for his friends. He said he was going north, to Tzen. Ok, so go to Tzen.


Chests (in house): 2 Monster-in-a-box(Pm Stalker), Magicite, Drainer, HyperWrist, Tincture, Pearl Rod, Heal Rod
Espers: Sraphim (if you didn't buy it in the World of Balance)

ScreenshotAs you walk up the stairs to enter the town, the "Light of Judgment" hits the town. Go to the back of town to where Sabin is holding up a house. If you don't have a Jewel Ring go to the Relic Shop and buy one. Equip it and enter the house. You have 6 minutes to save the kid and get out. So save the kid and the get as many treasures as you can leaving yourself enough time to get out. Avoid two chests: the one next to the stairs going down and the one to the left of the kid. When you get out safely, Sabin will join you. If you didn't buy the Sraphim Esper in the World of Balance, you can now for 10 GP. Leave town and go to the far east to Mobliz.


Items: Check barrel next to far left house for Fenix Down
BOSS: Phunbaba
Espers: Fenrir

Go into the house the kid enters and then down stairs and you will find Terra. After the flashback, leave the cave and Phunbaba attacks the village. Terra tries fighting it but is defeated easily. It's up to Celes and Sabin.

BOSS 23: Phunbaba
HP 28000 MP 10000 Weakness Poison
Don't use lightning attacks (Bolt spells, Ramuh, etc.) as they heal him. Use Phantom Esper to make you invisible and Sraphim to cure if needed. Have Celes use spells and have Sabin use the Suplex blitz. He'll run away when his HP is low.

After scaring it away Terra won't go with you but a kid will give you the Esper Fenrir. Now leave town and head northwest to Nikeah.


Enter the Cafe and talk to everyone. Go out and follow the thieves onto the ship. Now go back into town and talk to Gerad (across from the Armor Shop). Follow him. You're now on your way to South Figaro.

South Figaro

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Items: if you didn't get the items in the barrels and boxes in the World of Balance, then search them now to get: Fenix Down, Elixir, Tent, Remedy, X-Potion

Go to the Cafe. Go into the door marked Inn and straight through to Gerad's room. After talking to Gerad (AKA Edgar) the thieves will leave town. When you're done shopping head west to the Cave of Figaro.

Cave of Figaro

Chests: Hero Ring, Ether, X-Potion (if you haven't gotten them yet)

As you enter you'll find Sigfried. He says to wait there but don't listen to him. There is nothing new in this part of the cave since the lst time you were here so just keep going until you reach the thieves. Follow their example and jump onto the turtle. This part of the cave is new to you but all the chests have been looted already, however in the second section you can go up to where you'll find Siegfried messing around with a chest and when you approach he runs off. If you continue going you'll reach the basement of Figaro Castle.

Basement of Figaro Castle

Chests: Gravity Rod, Crystal Helm, Ether, X-Potion, Regal Crown
Item: Search statue in treasure room for Soul Sabre
BOSS: Tentacles

Go up the stairs and then continue straight down the other stairs. Keep going down and eventually you'll reach a room with 3 doors and 4 chests. The right door is where you enter this room, the left door leads upstairs to a chest and the middles door leads to Edgar (er... Gerad). Talk to Gerad and he'll finally admit he's Edgar. He then joins your party, just in time to fight 4 Tentacles.

BOSS 24: Tentacles
Top Left
HP 4000 MP 500 Weakness None
Bottom Left
HP 6000 MP 700 Weakness Fire
Top Right
HP 5000 MP 600 Weakness None
Bottom Right
HP 7000 MP 800 Weakness Ice, Water
Don't use Ice spells on the bottom left tentacle or fire spells on the bottom right one or bolt spells on the top left one. Have Edgar use Drill, Celes attack, and Sabin attack the bottom right one and then use Fire Dance when it's dead. If you have attack Espers use them. Also use spells that correspond to the weakness of a tentacle (example: use fire on the bottom left one).

When you've beat it, go into the back room and search the statue in the center of the room for Soul Sabre. Now turn around and back track your way out of the castle. As you're going up the stairs the old guy near the exit will bring the castle to the surface. You can go upstairs and do some shopping. When you're ready to go return to the old man and have him take you to Kohlingen.

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Enter the Inn/Cafe. Here you'll find Setzer, who'll join your party. When you're ready, head west to Darill's Tomb.

Darill's Tomb

Chests: Crystal Mail, Czarina Gown, Exp.Egg, Genji Helmet, Man Eater, Monster-in-a-box(Presenter)
Additional items: Presenter gives you Dragon Claw
BOSS: Dullahan

ScreenshotGo down to Basement 2. First go left and down. Grab the chest and go north thru the doorway. Press the switch in the turtle pond. Then go back to the room with the stairs going up and the chest in the middle. Walk down until all you can see is your head, then walk right, through the wall. Go up to the treasure chest when you can't go any further and you can get Exp.Egg. Return the way you came, go up the stairs, and then go north through the door and then east as far as you can. Go up thru the door and examine the gravestone. Go up and press the switch and then go south and grab the treasure. Return north and then go west and south thru the indentation. Jump on the turtle and it'll take you across the water. When you get off press the switch then go south. Examine the four gravestones:


Now go north past the room with the turtle on your right and into the big room where you started Basement 2. Go west and north thru the door. Examine the gravestone and carve in the following order:


"The World Is Square" backwards. This tells you where the Exp.Egg is (just in case you didn't read above ;) Now return to the room with the turtle on your right and hop on it. You're now in a room with a save spot and 2 chests. The left one is a monster-in-a-box. Defeat the Presenter and you get Dragon Claw. Once you get the treasures go up and examine the big statue. This will cause Dullahan to attack.

BOSS 25: Dullahan
HP 23450 MP 1721 Weakness Fire
Use fire spells and the Esper Ifrit if you have it equipped. Have Celes Runic, Sabin Suplex, Setzer attack or Slot/GP Rain, and Edgar use Chainsaw or Drill.

After you defeat it a passage will open up in the back, enter it and you've got yourself a new airship. Now you can go get Sabin his most powerful Blitz at Duncan's House (it's where 5 trees make a plus (+) sign just below some mountains. His house is the center tree).

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