FFVI - Walkthrough - The Imperial Palace

Vector re-visited - The Imperial Palace

Chests: Back Guard, X-Potion, Tincture, Gale Hairpin, Revivify
Points of interest: if you examine a toilet, you'll jump on it, squat, and flush :)
Additional items: It's possible to get a Tintinabar and Charm Bangle

Go north to the Imperial Castle (the Guardian isn't here now). Follow the guy who comes out to greet you on the stairs. Talk to Gestahl. He'll invite you to a banquet, but before dinner you have four minutes to talk to as many of the 24 soldiers in the castle as you can. The more you talk to the better your reward. Don't waste time getting treasures (you can get them later) and don't talk to Kefka (he rambles on forever). At the banquet: During the banquet you'll be given choices. Each choice is worth a certain amount of points. The point system is as follows:

Each guard talked to : 1 pt each (24 pts total)
Each guard fought : 4 pts each (20 pts total)
Who to toast?
To the Empire : 2 pts
To the Returners : 1 pt
To our hometowns : 5 pts
About Kefka?
Leave him in jail : 5 pts
Let him go : 1 pt
Execute him : 3 pts
About Doma?
What's done is done : 1 pt
That was inexcusable : 5 pts
Apologize again!! : 3 pts
About Celes?
Was she a spy? : 1 pt
Celes is one of us : 5 pts
We trust Celes : 3 pts
Any questions? : 2 pts each
(-10 pts if a question is asked twice)
About the Espers?
They've gone to far : 5 pts
You unleashed their power : 2 pts
Which question asked first? : 5 pts
Take a break : 5 pts
Anything you'd like me to say?
All I want is peace : 3 pts
The war is over : 5 pts
I'm sorry : 1 pt
Do me a favor?
Say yes the first time : 3pts

ScreenshotTowards the middle of the banquet Cid will ask if you want to take a break. If you answer yes you can walk around the room. The four sentries at Gestahl's sides will 'test your strength' if you talk to them. Return to the center seat when you're ready to continue the meal. Terra and Locke decide to head to Albrook. Before you go remember to go back for all the treasure you saw while talking to the soldiers. As you leave the banquet hall a sentry will approach you and reward you for talking the soldiers. You will now be rewarded based on the above point system as follows:

0-49 pts: Imperial troops withdraw from South Figaro
50-66 pts: Imperial troops withdraw from Doma
67-76 pts: The locked door in the house in the Imperial Base will be unlocked.
77-89 pts: You get Tintinabar.
90-93 pts: You get Charm Bangle.

When you're done in Vector, return to the Imperial Base if you got the reward that unlocks the treasure room. If not go to Tzen.

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