FFVI - Walkthrough - Narshe

Mines of Narshe

BOSS: Whelk

BOSS 1: Whelk
HP 1600 MP 1000 Weakness Fire
Have Terra use TekMissile and the other two use anything else. Don't shoot the shell and you won't get attacked.

After fighting Whelk you come to the frozen Esper. You'll go into a fight sequence where Biggs and Wedge get blown away leaving Terra.

Arvis' House


Items: Search the clock for an Elixir

Terra wakes up back in Narshe where a man removes the slave crown. Terra can't remember anything. The Imperial guards come and Terra is forced to escape thru the back door of the house and run back to the mines.


Party: Terra Locke
Chests: Fenix Down, Sleeping Bag (note that if you wait until the World of Ruin to get these, they'll have changed to a Pod Bracelet and an Elixir)
BOSS: Marshal

Additional items: You can take Mog's Mithril Shld and Mithril Pike.

After entering the mines, Terra walks a little and is spotted by the guards: she is cornered and the floor gives way, leading to a flashback where Terra remembers some stuff.

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The scene shifts back to Arvis' House where Locke is introduced. Locke finds Terra and the guards find them both. Moogles come and offer to help. Three Moogles (Kupek, Kupop, Kumama) form a group with Locke plus there are two other groups with four Moogles each (Mog, Kuku, Kutan, Kupan and Kushu, Kurin, Kuru, Kamog). You can control each of the groups, the object is to stop the guards from reaching Terra and defeating the commander. Before defeating the commander switch to the party Mog is in and remove his shield and pike (Locke can use the shield and the pike can be used by Edgar who you'll get shortly), after all Mog won't be needing them for quite a while and by then you'll be able to equip him with other stuff.

BOSS 1: Marshal
HP 420 MP 150 Weakness Poison, Fire
Kill the Lobos then just keep attacking him. Make sure you use a group that's not low on HP.

After defeating the commander, Locke grabs Terra and takes off through the mines. He comes to a switch and pulls it, opening a secret passage. Remember where this passage is, you'll need it later. You are now outside Narshe. You can't enter the main part of town but you can enter the classroom.


Party: Terra Locke
Points of interest: A bucket of recovery water (recovers hps and mps) A save spot
Chests: Monster-in-a-box, Sleeping Bag, Tonic
Items: Search a pot for Tincture

Besides getting the stuff in the chests and the pot, the classroom is basically there to tell you stuff about the game: how to do this and where to do that, most of which is in the instruction book.

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