FFVI - Walkthrough - Locke's Scenario

South Figaro

Chest: Hyperwrist, RunningShoes
Items: Check the clock you see when you first come out of the secret passage for an Elixir. Check a pail in the old man-who-wants-cider's house for Tonic
Additional items: Cider is located here (Rare item); Old Clock-Key is located here (Rare item)

ScreenshotFirst of all, DO NOT talk the guards in MagiTek armor (unless of course you have a death wish :) Oh, and don't forget to equip your stuff. Go to the Item shop and talk to the merchant next to the clock. This will start a fight. Use Locke's Steal command and you'll steal the clothes right off him. Dressed as a merchant, enter the house to the south of the Item Shop and go down stairs. The kid will only allow you to pass if your dresses as a merchant. Now go up onto the perimeter wall and talk to the green suited guard. Steal his clothes. Go towards the center of town where you'll find three guards (one guarding the door to the rich guy's house, one in MagiTek armor, and one guarding the path to the rest of the town). Talk to the bottom guards. Enter the Cafe and go downstairs. Steal the merchant's clothes. You'll also get Cider. Go back to the house with the kid and go upstairs. Talk to the old man at the desk. Go back down stairs and give the password ("Courage") to the kid. He'll open up a secret passage for you. Go to the upstairs of the house and into the first room. Walk behind the bookcase to find a stairway. Go all the way down and follow the hall. After you are asked about changing clothes (doesn't matter if you do), go straight down into the wall (there is a stairway there).

If you are wearing the merchant's clothes or your normal clothes you'll hide in the rafters. If you're wearing the soldier's uniform you stand next to the door and salute, and then when you rescue Celes she says something close to what Princess Liea said in Star Wars when Luke rescued her on the Death Star (replace soldier with Stormtrooper). After dropping from the rafters, enter the open door. Remove Celes' chains. Talk to the sleeping guard and take the clock key. The second door is a save spot and the third is where you want to go. Go to the clock in the far back and check it. Wind the clock to open a secret passage.

Secret Passage

Chests: Iron Armor, Heavy Shld, RegalCutlass, X-Potion, Ribbon, Ether, Earrings
BOSS: TunnlArmr

Screenshot In the secret passage there is a spot that you can push on the left wall to reach a stairway leading down to a X-Potion, a Ribbon, and and Ether. Once you make it out of the secret passage you'll be in a spot where all you need to do is leave the town. Go west to the Cave of Figaro. You've been here before, just go back out the way you came in. Don't forget the pond with the turtle is a recovery spring. As you are about to exit the cave, TunnelArmr attacks. Defeating TunnelArmr will end this scenario.

BOSS 6: TunnlArmr
HP 1300 MP 900 Weakness Lightning, Water
Have Locke attack and Celes use her RUNIC command.

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