FFVI - Walkthrough - Sabin's Scenario

Hut (Gau's father's house)

Enter the hut just east of where you start. Quickly talk to the guy on the Chocobo. He sells lots of stuff. Next talk to Shadow and he'll join you. Go east a bit then south until you come to a bridge. This is the Imperial camp.

Imperial Camp


Your group hides and overhears the plans to storm Doma Castle.

Doma Castle

BOSS: Leader

Screenshot Screenshot
BOSS 7: Leader
HP 456 MP 20 Weakness None
Have Cyan use Swdtech 1 a couple of times.

Imperial Camp

Chest: Star Pendant, Monster-in-a-box(Telstar), MithrilGlove,BarrierRing

Screenshot In the left tent there is a chest. Kicking it brings the dogs, which you have to fight, and hitting it brings a sentry which you fool by meowing. Inside is a Star Pendant. There's a little bit of story about Kefka poisoning Doma and you decide to try and stop him. After the first time you chase him, instead of talking to him, explore the camp for more treasures. You fight and chase him around for a bit but are stopped by some soldiers. While fighting them, Kefka poisons Doma. After showing a bunch of soldiers die of poison in Doma Castle you control Cyan. Go to the throne room. After the King dies go to the room east of the throne room. Cyan's family dies. Scene cuts back to the Imperial Camp where Cyan joins Sabin and Shadow. Escape the camp. After leaving the camp go south to the forest.

Phantom Forest

Points of interest: after the first stretch of forest you go up, the pond right in front of you is a recovery spring.

At the end of the forest you'll come to the Phantom train. If you haven't done Terra, Edgar, and Banon's scenerio yet, then Shadow will leave you somewhere in the Forest.

Phantom train

Chests: Earrings, Monster-in-a-box(Specter), 2 Fenix Downs, Sniper Sight
BOSS: Ghost train

Screenshot Caboose: Upon enter the train go right to find the caboose. Talk to the ghost and you can have him join you (if you use its POSSESS command, and it works, you'll lose it). Also in the caboose is a guy who'll tell you about the train, and a save spot.

Car 1 & 2: In the first two cars there are a bunch of ghosts. These ghosts will either try to join you, attack you, or sell you stuff (Item Shop). The rest of the ghosts in the train will do the same things.

Car 3: Upon entering a ghost comes and blocks the door behind you. You have to kill the ghost to leave. Once back out, climb to the top of the car and you'll jump across to the next car and then again to car 5.

Car 5: Enter the car and pull the switch to detach the rear cars. Pull it again to open the wall up so you can continue.

Car 6: Sit at the center table and the ghost will serve you (this replenishes your stats). After sitting down the first time sit down again with different members at the head of your party to see different sequences (For instance, Shadow will get up and feed Interceptor).

Car 7: 1st room: Siegfried attacks as you approach the chest. After defeating him, he grabs the contents of the chest and runs.

Car 8: 2nd room: four chests. After car 8 your ghost companion leaves.

Car 9: save spot.

Screenshot Screenshot

Engine: Pull the 1st and 3rd switches on the inside then go out and pull the switch on the smoke stack. The Ghost train now attacks.

After showing the people of Doma enter the train you are on the other side of the Phantom Forest. Go to the mountain pass to the east.

BOSS 8: Ghost train
HP 1900 MP 350 Weakness Lightning, Fire, Pearl
Have Sabin use AuraBolt, Shadow throw Shuriken, and Cyan use SwdTech 3. You can also kill it by using a Revivify.

After showing the people of Doma enter the train you are on the other side of the Phantom Forest. Go to the mountain pass to the east.

Barren Falls

Screenshot Screenshot

Here Shadow leaves the party (if he hasn't already). Jump off the edge of the cliff. You have to fight Piranha and a Rizopas as you fall.

The Veldt


After landing you awake to find Gau standing next to you. He runs when you speak to him. Until you have Dried Meat just attack Gau if you meet him. Go east to the town of Mobliz.


Items: search the clock in the messenger's house for Elixir
Additional items: You can get a Tintinabar here


Buy at least one Dried Meat at the item shop. Talk to the injured lad from Maranda. After talking to him you can send a message to his girlfriend at the messenger's house. It costs 500 GP. You can sleep in the bed at the back of the Relic Shop so no need to spend money at the Inn. After talking to the Relic Shop keeper go back to the injured lad, another letter has arrived. For another 500 GP you can send a record for the injured lad. Talk to the Relic Shop keeper again, return to the lad for another letter, send a Tonic for another 500 GP, talk to the Relic Shop keeper, etc. Keep doing this and eventually the injured lad will reward you with a Tintinabar for all your help. Now leave town and go find Gau.

The Veldt

When you see Gau use Dried Meat on him and he'll join you. Once you have Gau and have advance his Rage skills as much as you want, go to the cave in Crescent Mountain.

Crescent Mountain



Additional items: Exploring the cave Gau will find a Tonic for you By taking Gau around inside the cave he'll find stuff. On the little platform to the left of the entrance he'll find Tonic. On the platform at the top left part of the cave Gau will pretend to have found something. Sabin will walk over and Gau will scare him, causing him to lose his pouch with 500 GP in it. Finally at the end of the cave he'll find his treasure, a diving suit helmet. After you jump in you'll be in the "Serpent's trench."

Serpent's trench Chests: X-Potion, Green Beret

There are spots in the trench where you can pick a direction. The following table shows what directions do what:

                        /          \
		LEFT                   RIGHT
               /    \                    |
            LEFT   RIGHT               CAVE 1
             |       |                /      \  
            OUT    CAVE 2          LEFT     RIGHT
                     |              |         |
                    OUT            OUT      CAVE 2

As you can see taking two lefts is the fastest way out but taking two rights will get you all the treasure. Anyway you go you come out of the trench at Nikeah.


Items: check the clock in the Inn for Elixir

Besides the Elixir in the Inn, there really isn't much here. Go back to the guy on the boat and hop aboard. End of Scenerio.

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