FFVI - Walkthrough - Mt. Kolts

Sabin's Cabin

Items: search the bucket next to the stove for a Tonic
Points of interest: You can catch some Z's in any of the beds.

Mt. Kolts

Chests: Guardian,Atlas Armlet,2 Tents
BOSS: Vargas

The path is straight forward - at the end you will reach the boss Vargas.

BOSS 4: Vargas
HP 11600 MP 220 Weakness Poison
First of all you have to kill the Ipoohs. Have Terra cure, Locke fight, and Edgar use AutoCrossbow and when Sabin fights have him use Pummel to finish him off.

Screenshot Screenshot

After a bit of fighting with Vargas, Sabin will come. Vargas will blow the others away and Sabin will have to fight alone. Sabin joins you after Vargas is finished.

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