FFVI - Walkthrough - Zozo


Chests: Tincture, Chain Saw, Tonic, ThiefGlove, FireKnuckle, RunningShoes, X-Potion
Items: check a pot in the far left building for Tincture and another pot for Potion
BOSS: Dadaluma
Espers: Ramuh, Stray, Siren, Kirin

ScreenshotIn the building marked Inn, there is a clock you are supposed to reset. The correct time is 6:10:50. Setting the clock will open a secret passage where a chest containing a Chain Saw is. The building marked as Armor Shop has a chest with a Tonic. Go to the building marked as the Relic Shop. Go up as far as you can and you'll find a chest with the ThiefGlove. From there go back down to the floor with the doorless doorway (just below the guy jumping from window to window). Push over against the window and you'll jump across. Keep going up, jumping from building to building where need be, and eventually you'll reach Terra. Before you reach Terra you'll have to be fight Dadaluma.

BOSS 10: Dadaluma
HP 3270 MP 1005 Weakness Poison
Have the following characters use these methods:
Locke - attack
Edgar - Chainsaw or Drill
Sabin - AuraBolt
Celes - attack
Cyan - SwdTech 1
Gau - ????

Screenshot Screenshot

After reaching Terra you'll get 4 Espers: Ramuh, Stray, Siren, and Kirin. There are also two chests on each side of this room. Once your done go down and talk to one of your other three companions that just arrived. Everyone goes back down the building and you find yourself back at the entrance of Zozo where your party will break up into two groups: one consists of Celes, Locke, and two others of your choice. Shadow splits again so you can't choose him. This group is the one you'll control to get to your next destination. The other two companions will return to Narshe. Next stop: Jidoor again.


Go to the big house at the far north of town. Here you'll find the director of the Opera. As he leaves he drops a letter. Read it and you find out about Setzer, the wandering gambler who owns an airship (which you need). From Jidoor go south to the Opera House (taking a Chocobo makes the trip much faster).

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