FFVI - Walkthrough - Return to Narshe


You'll automatically be in Terra's room. A magicite will glow and Terra will remember. You now control Maduin, the Esper and Terra's father, in the Esper's world. This part is fairly straightforward. After the flashback you'll be in control of the airship. You can go where ever you want now. Narshe is your next destination.


Items: Gold Hairpin (if you don't get Mog)
Points of interest: New stuff in the weapon and armor shops

As you enter a guard will appear and take you to Banon. From here go to the house with the locked treasure chest. You'll find Lone Wolf the pickpocket. He escapes and the chest is empty. Follow him north to the mines. If you keep following you'll eventually reach him up where the Esper in ice is. He's holding a Moogle hostage. Just hold still for a bit and the Moogle will escape. Now you have a choice: go over and talk to the Moogle and he joins your party and Lone Wolf drops over the cliff, OR talk to Lone Wolf and you'll get Gold Hairpin and then both Lone Wolf and Mog drops over the cliff. Now return to town, do whatever shopping you want and go to the airship.

Getting Mog's Water Rondo Dance
Espers: Golem, Zoneseek

There are 3 different ways to get Mog's water rondo. For all of them you need Mog in your party (DUH! :). So, add Mog to your party and...

METHOD 1: return to Crescent Mountain. Enter and jump into the "Serpent trench". When you get out of the trench you'll be in Nikeah. Exit Nikeah (DO NOT GET ON THE SHIP!!) and go north (to make the long trip back to the airship a lot faster grab a Chocobo inside Nikeah). Keep going and you'll eventually reach the hut where Sabin's scenerio started. From here go back thru where the Imperial Base was, thru the Phantom Forest, jump off at Barren Falls, and finally you're back on the Veldt. Go get your airship and continue the game.

METHOD 2: This way is the longest but you can get almost all of Mog's dances doing it this way. Land your airship at the entrance to the Returner's hideout and jump on the raft on the Lete River. This time the raft will go the way Sabin went the first time and you'll end up near Gau's father's house. From here you have to go thru Sabin's scenerio and hop on the boat To South Figaro in Nikeah. Once in South Figaro it's kinda cool: the captain of the ship smuggles you into town in a treasure chest :) Now you have to go all the way thru Mt. Kolts again and you'll finally be to the point where you can retrieve the airship.

METHOD 3: This was is short and fast. Land the airship at Nikeah. Take a Chocobo from here and go to Baren Falls. Jump in and then go to the Serpent's trench which will take you back to Nikeah where the airship is waiting.

Once you have Mog's water rondo go to the Imperial Base next to the bridge to the east of Vector. The Auction House in Jidoor is now open making it possible to get Golem and Zoneseek now [see THE AUCTION HOUSE for more info].

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