FFVI - Walkthrough - Hills of Narshe

Hills of Narshe


You'll fight in 3 groups. You have to defeat Kefka before his troops reach Banon. Your best bet is probably to take out all the soldiers then you can keep trying Kefka until you beat him. Or you can make a party of four characters (with 2 and 1 in the other ones) and go straight for Kefka. If done right you can dodge all the soldiers and get to Kefka before they are even halfway to Banon.

BOSS 9: Kefka
HP 3000 MP 3000 Weakness None
The group you fight him with will determine how hard he is - those that can't do much damage will take longer to defeat him. Here is a strategy for each person:

Terra - cure or attack
Locke - attack
Edgar - AutoCrossbow
Sabin - AuraBolt
Celes - Runic
Cyan - SwdTech 1
Gau - Templar

Screenshot Screenshot

After the fight Terra will morph because of the Esper and fly away.

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