FFVI - Walkthrough - Vector


Items: Search the clock in the Cafe for Elixir Pot in weapon shop has Tincture. Search barrel next to the Inn for Potion

From Albrook head north past Vector and on up to the town of Tzen. (Going to Tzen and Maranda is not mandatory, you can go directly to Vector).


Nothing here but some info and some decent weapons and armor. From here go southwest to Maranda.


Items: Search box to left of entrance of town for Revivify. Search box on right side of town for Remedy.

The house in the top right corner is the house of the girl you were sending stuff to for that injured lad. Next stop Vector.


ScreenshotThe Inn says it free but sometimes when you're sleeping the keeper will steal 1000 GP. In the skinny house there is an old woman asking if you pledge allegance to the Empire. Answer "no" and two guards attack you. When you beat them and talk to the woman again she'll heal you. Don't talk to any of the guards or you'll be attacked and sent back to the entrance. If you go north to the Imperial Castle you'll get attacked by Guardian. Run from it. To the right of the Inn there is a guy hiding behind a box. Talk to him. Notice where he moves to. When he distracts the guards go to that spot and push on the box. Now go north and you'll be at the MagiTek Factory.

MagiTek Factory

Chests: Flame Sabre, Tincture, X-Potion, ThunderBlade, Remedy, Zephyr Cape, Blizzard, DragoonBoots, Tent, Gold Helmet,Gold Shld,Gold Armor, Break Blade
BOSS: Ifrit, Shiva, Number 024, Number 128, Cranes
Espers: Ifrit, Shiva, Unicorn, Maduin, Shoat, Phantom, Carbunkl, Bismark

ScreenshotGo down the stairs and go to where the little hook is moving back and forth. Push A to jump onto it. Get the chest and the jump back across. Now go right and enter the second little pipe that is to the right of the stairs. Grab the chest then climb back thru the pipe and enter the first pipe. Grab the treasure and go across the conveyer belt for another two treasures. Now get on the conveyer belt to go down a level. Down here you'll find 5 chests: one on the left side, one on the right side, one through a door just to the left of where you entered, one at the bottom (you can see it when you go down on from where you entered but you have to go around and underneath to get it), and one in a small room to the east of the room with the gold helmet in it. On the right wall there is a spot where you can go between two walls to enter a pipe which leads to 2 more chests.

When you're ready step onto the conveyer belt to the right of where the last belt dropped you off. You'll see Kefka push a couple of Espers onto a conveyer belt. When you can move, follow the Espers. Go over and talk to the Esper on the left. You'll now have to fight Ifrit and Shiva. They'll give you their powers as magicite when you defeat them.

Screenshot Screenshot
BOSS 12: Ifrit
HP 3300 MP 600 Weakness Ice
BOSS 13: Shiva
HP 3000 MP 500 Weakness Fire
If you have them, use Ice spells on Ifrit and Fire spells on Shiva. Also have Locke attack, Edgar use Chainsaw, Sabin Pummel on Ifrit and Fire Dance on Shiva, Celes attack, Cyan use SwdTech 1, and Gau ????. Cure as needed.

Now, entering the left door you'll find a save spot. The right door is the way out. After you go up a bunch of stairs you'll come to a hall with the Esper holding tanks in them. There is a hidden chest in this room. Go to the far left end of the hall. Now go down next to the holding tank and search around. You'll find the Break Blade.

After the hall you'll reach the exit with Number 024 blocking it.

BOSS 14: Number 024
HP 4777 MP 777 Weakness Varies
Have Edgar use Chainsaw or Drill, Sabin Suplex, Cyan use SwdTech 1, Gau use Hazer, and the others attack.

After you beat Number 024 you'll enter a room with Espers floating in tanks. Go to the far north wall and press the switch. You'll get the Espers: Unicorn, Maduin, Shoat, Phantom, Carbunkl, and Bismark.

Kefka comes out and Celes zaps herself, Kefka, and his guards away. Follow Cid. Talk to Cid. Ride the rails. At the end of the mine cart ride you'll have to fight Number 128.

BOSS 15: Number 128
HP 3276 MP 810 Weakness None
Concentrate on the body because if the body dies the whole thing dies. Have Locke attack, Edgar use Drill, Sabin AuraBolt, Cyan use SwdTech 1, and Gau ????.

ScreenshotYou'll now be back in town. Follow the rails and you'll be back in the main part of town where Setzer will come and get you. As you attempt to get away in the airship you'll be attacked by 2 Cranes.

BOSS 16: Cranes
HP 2300 (R)/
1800 (L)
MP 447 Weakness Lightning, Water
Use lightning spells on the right crane if you have them but don't use them on the left crane (they heal it). Have Setzer either attack or use Slot, Locke attack, Edgar use Drill, Sabin AuraBolt, Cyan use SwdTech 1, and Gau ????.

Once you defeat the cranes, you'll go back to Zozo automatically.

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