FFVI - Walkthrough - Returner's Hideout

Returner's Hideout

Chests: Fenix Down (x2), Air Lancet, true Knight, Potion, White Cape
Items: Antidote, Tincture, Green Cherry, Piece of Paper (purpose ?).

ScreenshotAdditional items: You can either get a Genji Glove or a Gauntlet After entering, follow the guard to Banon's room. After talking to Banon talk to everyone and get everything (including the White Cape that is in a secret passage on the right side of the 'storage room'), then go out of the hideout where Banon will be waiting. First, tell him "no" then go back inside and the man in the 'storage room' will give you a Genji Glove. If you say "no" to Banon 3 times and you'll skip the part where everyone's at the table and one of the guards will give you a Genji Glove (if you didn't already get the one from the guy in the store room). If you go to Banon and tell him you will become there last ray of hope he will give you Gauntlet (if you haven't already gotten the Genji Glove from the guy in the store room). Locke will leave to scope out South Figaro after the Empire invades. Banon joins you and you head for the raft on the Lete River.

Lete River

ScreenshotIf Banon dies the game is over, so protect him. There are several save spots along the way, these spots are also the only places you can access the subscreen. Do whatever you need to before jumping back on the raft. Towards the end of the raft ride you reach Ultros the octopus and you have to fight him.

BOSS 5: Ultros
HP 300 MP 640 Weakness Lightning, Fire
Have Edgar use the AutoCrossbow, Sabin use the AuraBolt Blitz, Terra use the Fire spell, and Banon use Health.

ScreenshotAfter the fight, Sabin jumps in after Ultros and is swept down river.

The game now gives you a choice of three scenarios. One with Terra, Edgar and Banon, one with Locke, and the last one with Sabin. You can do these in any order you want, it doesn't matter what order you pick. However, if you do Terra, Edgar, and Banon's before Sabin's then Shadow will stay longer.

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