FFVI - Walkthrough - Esper Gathering

Gathering Place of the Espers

Chests: Heal Rod, X-Potion, Tabby Suit, Chocobo Suit
BOSS: Ultros

In the first room there are three exits. The left one and the top one lead to one another so the right one is the correct way to go. After a bit you'll reach three statues, the source of all magic. As you walk away from the statues your pal Ultros attacks.

BOSS 18: Ultros
HP 22000 MP 750 Weakness Fire, Lightning
Use your attacking Espers and any attack spells you might have (except water-based attacks like Bismark; Ice spells are ok though), otherwise just attack. When he gets weak Relm will join your party. Have her Sketch and you'll win.

If you kill Ultros with the Vanish/Doom technique Relm will still take credit for helping defeat him even though she had nothing to do with it. When you get to the room with the save spot step onto one of the squares on the floor. You'll fall down a level. The rightmost hole leads to a chest, the top left hole leads to another two chests, and the bottom left hole leads to the Espers.

Back in Thamasa

BOSS: (you fight against him with General Leo)

ScreenshotThis is almost like a fake ending: the Espers and the humans have reached an agreement and everyone is happy.... then Kefka shows up. You now have control of General Leo. If you try to leave town you'll be attacked by the invincible Guardian. Go and talk to Kefka, you'll have to fight him. It doesn't matter how you fight him, you're going to win (or so you think). You now have control of the airship again. If you re-enter Thamasa you'll find Strago's friend Gungho and you'll learn more about Hidon (who you can defeat later). When you're ready enter the airship. The island with the Sealed Gate on it will break off and float up into the sky. When you're ready go and find the floating continent. Pick a party of 3 and you're on your way.

Screenshot Screenshot

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