FFVII - Walkthrough - 2.12 Midgar Under Siege

Items in This Area
Rising Sun, Ultima Weapon, Elixir x3, Megalixir, Aegis Bracelet, Starlight Horn, Max Ray, Power Source x2, Guard Source, Magic Source, Mind Source x2, Speed Source, W-Item materia, Master Fist, Pile Banger, Grow Lance, Behimoth Horn, HP Shout, Ragnarok, Mystile, Missing Score

Get in the Highwind and return to Cosmo Canyon. Make your way up to the observatory and talk to Bugenhagen. Cloud will use the PHS system to call the rest of his friends up to Bugenhagen's home. They'll all talk about Sephiroth and Aeris, and then leave Cloud alone with Bugenhagen, who offers to keep the Huge Materia at his observatory for safekeeping. Touch any of the Huge Materia you have and pick the bottom option to return to the Highwind. Bugenhagen will accompany you. Pilot the Highwind back to the Northern Continent and land in the canyon where the Forgotten Capital is located. At the crossroads, take the left path and follow it into the chamber with the blue crystal that you couldn't do anything to earlier. Head right along the upper path and take the stairs up to the crystal. Bugenhagen will talk to Cloud and his friends. If you already got the Key to Ancients, Bugenhagen uses it to create a waterfall. If you didn't get it yet, he'll remain here in the Forgotten Capital until you find it and return to him with it.

Once the waterfall has been activated, walk towards the crystal a second time. Pictures of Aeris will be shown in the falling water while Bugen talks to your party. Now, leave the Forgotten Capital. As you do, Cait Sith calls on Cloud's phone and tells him that the Sister Ray in Junon Town has been reinstalled in Midgar City, and that it's going to be used to destroy the barrier around the crater (where Sephiroth's at). After seeing some more FMV, return to the Highwind. Just as you're about to board it, another Weapon monster shows up and starts advancing towards Midgar City. Since you can't attack it while in the Highwind, and you can't reach it using the submarine, wait until it reaches dry land, then try and touch it.

Diamond WEAPON
LV ?? HP 50000 MP 3000 Weak Against Lightning
First, cast Barrier on yourselves to reduce physical damage. Then cast Slow on the Diamond Weapon. The Diamond Weapon is normally immune to _any_ physical attack, so use magic: Bolt 3, Tornado, Break, and Ultima all work very well. Enemy Skills and Summons are okay to use, but you're better off with magic. The Diamond Weapon may become susceptible to physical attacks (it won't happen every time you fight it), use Limit Breaks, 4x-Cut, and other strong attacks. The Diamond Weapon's attacks are weak; it has a laser ray (700+ damage) and a foot stomp attack (1000+ damage). When the Diamond Weapon's HP are getting low, it will open it's chest cavity and prepare for the 'Countdown' attack. Unless you kill it in three rounds, it will perform a 'Diamond Flash' that does around 1500 to 3500 damage to all members, in addition to 'Silencing' them. It will keep doing the 'Countdown' and then 'Diamond Flash' until it dies. It seems as if it will automatically become vulnerable to physical attacks (items, thrown items, coins, attacking) once it's used the Diamond Flash at least once. Note that you can't drain MP from it if it makes itself susceptible to physical attacks (because it becomes immune to magic attacks). You can steal a Rising Sun from it during the battle.

Afterwards, you'll see the Sister Ray destroy the Diamond Weapon and the shield surrounding the crater, while the Weapon makes a last ditch attack against Midgar.

At this point in the game, if you return to the lake near Junon Town, the Ultimate Weapon will be hovering over the lake. You can battle the Ultimate Weapon by ramming into it while aboard the Highwind. However, it will fly away after fighting with you for awhile. From this point on, it will fly around the sky and make it's way to various random locations. It might seem as if you could just wait around for the Ultimate Weapon to show up here and there, but the beast will fly in circles unless you find it and ram into it repeatedly. After 4 or 5 tries, it will then head towards a new location and sit there until you attack again. After escaping a few more times, it will make a final stop at Cosmo Canyon (it does this after losing a certain amount of HP, so you may fight it several times or only twice, depending on how much damage you can inflict per battle. You can fight it to the death here (it's a pushover, so don't expect too much of a challenge), and when it dies, you get Cloud's Ultimate Weapon (the Ultima Weapon). Furthermore, it will create a crater when it crashes into the ground, wiping out several of the rock formations around Cosmo Canyon. However, you can now walk across the crater and go into the Ancient Forest! Normally, you can't reach this place unless you're using a colored Chocobo. If you don't want to fight the Ultimate Weapon now, you still fight it during Disc 3.

Anyway, pilot the Highwind back to the crater when you're ready. Before you can explore it further, Reeve (y'know, the guy who controls Cait Sith) reveals that Hojo (one of the members of the Jenova Project) is planning to use the Sister Ray again, even though the results could be catastrophic considering how much energy it used up last time. So you have to get back into Midgar City and stop Hojo beforehand.

When you're ready to raid Midgar City, fly the Highwind straight towards it, as if you were going to ram into it. Cloud and his allies will gather together on the airship's deck. You can now choose the top option to assemble a new party, or the bottom option to leap off the ship and parachute into the city. When you can move, follow your friend to an alleyway where your pals are waiting. There's also a Save Point here. Talk to whoever is by the wooden panel and they'll open it to reveal a ladder leading down into the depths of Midgar City. At the bottom of the ladder, go along the metal passage and down the slope. Go up the the next slope and when you reach the wall, head left to find a chest containing an Elixir, and then run to the right to find a chest with a Megalixir inside of it.

Make your way back to the area with the ladder and take the stairs down to an area with a ladder. If you climb down the ladder, you'll reach a long walkway; head west and then go north to arrive at another ladder. Climb up it and you'll have access to the green chest you saw earlier; it contains an Aegis Bracelet. Climb back down to the long walkway and run to the right. The floor will give way and you'll be deposited on a lower walkway. Head left, jump on top of the pipe, and then ascend the ladder. When you arrive at another ladder, climb up it, too.

Eventually you'll arrive at a path just below the one you were walking around on earlier. Walk along it until you reach a chute; walk into it and you'll be deposited in a new area. Check out the green chest to the left (there's a Starlight Horn inside it). Then go to the right and open the chest that's near the ladder (it contains an Elixir). Climb down the ladder and press against the right lip of the platform in order to jump down to the chute labled '42'. Enter the chute, and when you arrive at the other end, head left and then go up the ladder. At the top, you'll find a chest to the left; there's a Max Ray inside it. Retrace your steps until you're back at the other area, press left to jump off the chute and back onto the platform, and then climb up the ladder and go up the stairs to your left (it's right next to the chute labled '12').

At the top of the stairs is a Save Point. To the right of it is a crawlway. Make you way along it and you'll arrive in an underground tunnel system. Climb down to the floor and head south. While many of the passages here split off in two directions, one direction will always end in a blocked door, so keep going south. As you keep going, you'll run into your friends (remember, who you meet up with depends on who is and isn't in your group). After heading south for a couple of screens, you'll find a treasure chest lying against the left wall of one of those 'split-passage' areas I mentioned earlier. Inside it is a Power Source. At the next split-passage area that you come across, there is a treasure chest in the area between the doorways. There's a Guard Source inside it. Keep going south, and when you reach the next split-passage area, there will be two chests lying in the area between the doorways. The one to the left has a Magic Source inside it, and the one to the right contains a Mind Source. If you go south from here, you'll arrive at a dead end. In the left corner of this area is a Save Point, and in the right corner there is a yellow materia (W-Item). Note that you can use the W-Item materia to duplicate items (refer to Section 8). If you press against the wall, you'll discover that you can't go any further.

So, go all the way back to the first area (where the ladder was). Try to head to the north and guess who shows up! It's the remaining Turks, and they're here for a final showdown with Cloud and his friends. If you completed Yuffie's sub-quest (saved Elena from Corneo in Wutai), then the Turks will make an offer: fight them or part and go your seperate ways. If you haven't done this optional quest, then you have no choice but to fight them.

LV ?? HP 30000 MP ?? Weak Against
LV 50 HP 25000 MP 200 Weak Against
LV 51 HP 28000 MP 250 Weak Against
Elena is healed by lightning attacks, Reno by ice attacks, and Rude by fire attacks. Rude has a punch attack that hits one character for 2000 points of damage, Elena can throw a firebomb that inflicts 500 to 600 points of damage (in addition to a Amulet attack), and Reno uses a spark attack which will cause 800 HPs worth of damage. They all have more attacks than these; but I'm listing the ones the seem to use most often. Alone, they aren't much, but with all three of them fighting together, this becomes one of the toughest battles in game. Barrier and Haste your allies, then use spells like Ultima and Tornado to soften the Turks up i3n addition to Limit Breaks. Try to save Phoenix until you really need it, since it will revive your members but heal Rude. All three Turks will escape once you've defeated them in battle. You'll get an Elixir when the battle is over.

After the battle, go north. When you reach the split passage area, go right. If Cid isn't in your current party, he'll show up here. Take the right path and at the next split passage, take the left path. You'll arrive at a blocked passage, but there's a ladder against the left wall that leads to the Shinra Headquarters. If Cait Sith is in your party, he'll talk to you. Otherwise, you'll see him hop out of the building. If you didn't read Turtle's Paradise Flyer No. 2 the first time around, you can check out the billboard at the back end of the first floor to read it now. Go up the stairs near the front and look for a door marked 'Accessories' near the other end of this floor. In the adjoining room, you can open two chests that a Shinra employee wouldn't let you examine earlier. The one to the right contains a Master Fist and the left one has a Pile Banger inside of it. Before leaving, go up to the 64th floor and look for the lockers (go north from the elevators). If you examine the left end of the row of lockers against the wall, you'll find the HP Shout (Cait Sith's Ultimate Weapon that you couldn't take earlier).

Other treasure in the Shinra Headquarters includes: if you put money into the health drink machines on floor 64, you can get a Speed Source and a Mind Source from them now, if you choose to hit them. On the floor with the 'three coupons' puzzle, you'll find a bag containing the Grow Lance in the room to the left of the entry hall. And a bag containing the 'Behimoth Horn' can be found on the stairwell you may have used when raiding the Shinra HQ (Tifa's method)--it's one screen above the level where you found an Elixir last time (the Elixir will still be their if you didn't get it then, BTW).

Return to the underground passages again. Go south past one split- passage room, and when you reach the second room, take the left path. You'll go outside. Walk towards the lefthand red beam to climb up it and jump onto the main street. Head north and a huge mechanical monster will appear from behind you; it's being controlled by Heidegger and Scarlet. After laughing in your face, they'll attack you.

Proud Clod
LV ?? HP 60000 MP ?? Weak Against
Jamar Armor
LV 62 HP 20000 MP 300 Weak Against
This mechanical monstrosity has two parts; a head and a chest area that you can aim your attacks at. The boss can only cause around 500-800 points of damage, but it can kneel and fire a ray from it's back (the Beam Cannon attack) that causes 1100 damage to all members. Even after disabling the Jamar Armor (it can use it's Materia Jammer attack to disable your Materia), you'll still have to keep attacking the main part if you want to kill it. Spells and summonings work nicely, and you shouldn't worry about your HP until the boss kneels and readies it's laser attack. You'll get the Ragnarok sword once the fight is over.

Once the machine explodes, it starts to rain. Head north. There are two chests near the entrance. The one closest to you has an Elixir in it, while the one that's further away contains a Mystile. Use the Save Point that's nearby if you want to, then climb up the ladders. If he's not in your party, Vincent will be on the lower landing. The second landing is normally empty, but if Barret is in your party, you will see a green chest there. Open it to get Barret's Ultimate Weapon, the Missing Score. If Barret's not in you party, you won't find anything on the landing, even if you search it thoroughly. Once you've climbed all the way to the top, run to the right. Sitting at the Mako Cannon's (Sister Ray's) controls is Hojo, who will attack your party when you talk to him. If Vincent's in your party, he'll trash talk Hojo for a moment beforehand.

LV 50 HP 13000 MP 250 Weak Against
Poodler Sample
LV 42 HP 10000 MP 200 Weak Against
Bad Rap Sample
LV 34 HP 11000 MP 120 Weak Against
Hellectic Hojo
LV 55 HP 26000 MP 200 Weak Against
Right Arm
LV 55 HP 5000 MP 300 Weak Against
Left Arm
LV 55 HP 24000 MP 400 Weak Against
Lifeform Hojo-Na
LV ?? HP ?? MP ?? Weak Against
Hojo can use his 'Capsule' power to summon the two 'Sample' monsters every time you kill them. So, concentrate on defeating Hojo instead of the lesser monsters. He'll then reappear as a huge monster with two independent arms (Helletic Hojo). Since Hojo can bring the arms back to life, aim your attacks at the main body of the boss. He may cast Confuse or Silence on you, so I hope you have some Ribbons equipped. The right arm will also inflict a lot of damage, so cast Barrier beforehand. In his final form, Hojo can cast Slow and employ a multiple-hit attack (Combo), which will poison whoever is hit by it. As long as you keep your HPs up, this battle is a cinch. You'll receive a Power Source once you've killed Hojo.

You'll return to the Highwind after killing the boss. There's a short sequence with Tifa and Cloud afterward, then the Highwind blasts off into the sky. Well, that's the end of this disc!

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