FFVII - Walkthrough - 2.3 Lost in the Snow

Items in This Area
All Materia, Circlet, Alexander Materia

If you passed out:

You'll awake in the house of an old man named Holzoff. Go up the stairs and let the old man talk to you; choose the bottom option twice when he asks you two questions. When you wake up the next morning, check out the Save Point (since you probably haven't saved prior to entering the Icicle Inn). If you want to spend the night again, talk to the old man in the first room and choose the top choice. When you leave the shack, your friends will be waiting outside. Make a new party if you wish, (see below for directions) then head south. You may have noticed that you can talk to Holzoff from the ground floor even though he is above you :)

If you didn't pass out:

Go directly through the snowy field to the shack (head north) so that you won't pass out. There, you'll meet an old hermit named Holzoff. Talk to him, and when he asks you a question, answer any way you like. The second time he asks you a question, choose the bottom reply. You'll spend the night at his shack, and when you leave the next morning, your allies will be standing around outside. Choose either choice when an option appears. Then talk to any member and pick the top option to accept a party change or the bottom option to decline, if you want to change your members.

If you don't want to explore the snowfield any more, skip to section 4.4. After all, you can return here at any future point in the game, providing you have the Highwind. Otherwise, head south to leave the shack area.

Outside, you'll be in a large snowfield. Use the O button to set down spikes that you can use to track your location (since your direction changes when the wind picks up). If you want to explore the rest of that first area that you left/passed out in, head south. When you leave the first area from the Steaming Lakes exit, you'll see a rock formation with a cave entrance if you keep walking north. Inside, a Blue Materia (All) is lying near the tent.

If you head east, you'll go through some snowy areas, then arrive at a cave entrance. Talk to the purple lady inside to enter a battle, but only if you touched the water back at the Steaming Lakes.

LV 32 HP 4000 MP 160 Weak Against Fire
You can't Control or Morph her, but you can steal a Circlet during the battle. Her cold-based attacks (Cold Breath and Ice 2) are nothing to worry about, but be careful if she Fascinates (charms) one of your own members.

If you are victorious, she'll disappear and a Summon Materia (Alexander) will drop to the floor, so don't miss it. While you can use the map here, you can't reach this place normally from the first area. If you go right, then down the snowy path, you'll end up at the 'switching' crossroads in the first area, though (sort of like a one-way path).

Going west from the snowfield takes you to an alternate entrance to the first area. There's not that much to do there, anyway, unless you want a shortcut to the ICE BOULDERS area where an item is lying in a cave (refer to the previous section for more information).

If you're really having trouble navigating around, think of the snowfield like this:


So no matter how far you are along a boundary, you'll still enter that area when you hit it. The same applies to the corners -- you'll hit one boundary or the other, so going in a diagonal direction won't get you to a new place. Don't worry about finding an 'exact' spot to enter an area, just head in that direction. The only real landmark is the cave with the All materia, but if you head north from the Steaming Lakes exit, you're bound to spot it.

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