FFVII - Walkthrough - 2.10 Underwater Adventure

Items in This Area
Huge Materia (listed here because you don't have to get it), Heaven's Cloud, Escort Guard, Conformer, Double Cut materia, Megalixir x2, Elixir, Spirit Lance, Outsider, Highwind Manual, Hades materia, Key to Ancients (listed here because you don't have to get it just yet), Oritsuru, Steal as well materia

This section outlines a series of side-quests and optional events. While some have to be done at a certain point, the others are listed here only because you now have a submarine and can explore the ocean. You can skip this section and go on to 4.11 for the final Huge Materia Quest if you'd rather do the things in here at a later point.

The controls for either submarine (gray or red) are as follows:

X Submerge/Ascend
O Propel forward - (doesn't work in overhead view)
Pad Move in any direction - (raise or lower while underwater)
L1/R1 Turn to the left or right
L2/R2    Switch from side/overhead view - (doesn't work while underwater)
Start Show/enlarge/hide map - (cannot enlarge map while underwater)
Select Same as Start

The submarine can cross deep water, but not shallows. If you can't get by an area while skimming the sea, try submerging and looking for a passage. If you can't get over a rock wall while submerged, try ascending and looking for another way around. Also, the sub can only land at docks such as the one near Junon Town. BTW, the mini-game at the Gold Saucer also becomes available once you have a submarine.

If you sunk the red submarine, then get in your submarine and look at the map. Head to the chain of small islands southeast from the weaponsmith's house (the guy who lived near the Gold Saucer). Submerge and you'll find the red submarine. Should you touch it, Cloud will retrieve the Huge Materia from the wrecked submarine. If you failed to sink it earlier, then it won't be here. Note that you can wait and pick up the Huge Materia in Disc 3 if you'd rather not get it right now.

Next, return to the Junon Town dock and go west until you reach a jutting peninsula (or go north from where the red submarine was, assuming you sunk it). Go around the penninsula and head south until you reach land (you'll be in a little bay, near a dock, and you should be able to see the Golden Saucer from where you are). Descend and you'll find a wrecked plane lying on the sea floor. It's the prototype Shinra air carrier 'Gelinka'. Touch it to board the sunken plane.

Inside the plane, go down the ladder. Run to the left to find a Save Point and a treasure chest (inside is the Heaven's Cloud sword). Enter the northern door (the one with the Shinra emblem on it) and head east along the walkway. There's a green chest here with an Escort Guard in it. Go down the incline to the lowest level of this room and head to the upper-left corner. Hidden by a pipe is another green chest; inside it is Yuffie's Ultimate Weapon, the Conformer. Now to all the way to the upper-right corner and search the wall for a hard to see yellow materia (Double Cut). Finally, return to the entrance and go north and then east across the beams. This leads to the final chest which has a Megalixir inside of it.

Return to the main room and go through the door on the left wall. In the adjoining chamber are Reno and Rude of the Turks, who will talk to you briefly before attacking your party.

LV 42 HP 15000 MP 230 Weak Against
LV 49 HP 20000 MP 280 Weak Against
Rude (the bald guy) can cast Ice 2 and Fire 2, while Reno will attack you with his Neo Turks' Light Ray attack. They also have the nasty ability to confuse you, which can be a serious problem if the confused member has a Double Cut or Slash All materia equipped. Once you inflict enough damage on one of them, that person will leave. If you kill Reno, then Rude will simply stand around until you lower his HP to zero. Since this battle is tougher than it might seem, Haste your characters and use your best attacking and summon spells. If he's learned it, Cloud's B3/1 should be used whenever possible. You'll get an Elixir when the battle is concluded.

With the Turks out of the way, go through the northern door. A chest sitting near the entrance contains a Megalixir, and if you continue along the walkway and go all the way to the right, you'll find another chest with a Spirit Lance inside. Go down the stairs to the lower area; near the bottom of the screen are two chests; one to the left and one to the right. The left one has an Outsider gun in it, and the right one contains Cid's Level 4 Limit Break Manual (Highwind). Before leaving, look by the wrecked helicopter for a shimmering red sphere (it's lying between the body of the helicopter and one of the broken, detached parts next to it). It's the Hades materia, so pick it up and then head back to your submarine. You don't need to return to the wrecked plane again, although you can fight the monsters here and transform them into various '-Source' items (you can also do this to several of the monsters in the Mideel Area). Considering this game's difficulty (the lack of, that is), you shouldn't have to do this, though.

Once you're in the submarine, look at your map. Just south and east of the southeastern tip of the Northern Continent are three islands in a sort of a curving pattern. If you can't quite tell where you are, just go along the coast of the Northern Continent until you reach an area surrounded by shallows where there are three islands (you should be near snowy ground with patches of grass, in addition to a large mountain). Submerge the submarine and look for an underwater tunnel around here (guide the submarine into the dead-end and turn around; you should see it as you're moving). The short tunnel leads to a twisted, spiky object which you will take (it's called the Key to Ancients; Bugenhagen asks you to find it later on when you return to the Ancient City in section 4.12).

Finally, get back in your airship and fly to Wutai on the Westernmost Continent. Go up into the Dachao Statue area, and head along the path until you reach the path that heads north. Follow it past the statue's head until you reach another crossroads with a cave entrance nearby. Enter the cave. Try to walk into the first fire-pit twice and Cloud will use the Leviathan Scales (a double-mistranslation; the game calls it 'Water God Scales' in this part which is correct) on the fires each time, exposing a green chest which contains a Oritsuru (a shuriken for Yuffie). Explore the rest of the cave until you find a second fire-pit. Press against it to douse it with the Leviathan Scales. This allows you to take the blue materia lying on the floor (Steal as well).

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