FFVII - Walkthrough - 2.5 Junon Town Attacked!

Items in This Area
Enemy Skill materia, Chocobo Lure materia, Fourth Bracelet, Yoshiyuki (if you didn't get it the first time). Note that none of these items are actually found in Junon Town, but since I talk about them in this section, they're listed here.

When you come to, you'll find yourself incarcerated back in Junon Town. Without Cloud, you'll be taking control of Barret and Tifa for most of this section. As Tifa, talk to Barret. Rufus and Heidegger will show up. Now that you're in control of Barret, follow Tifa as the guards take her away (don't miss the Save Point), and prepare to execute her. Once Junon Town is attacked by the freed Weapon, one of the Shinra officials knocks out Scarlet. It's turns out to be none other than Cait Sith, who helps Barret fight the two soldiers who are guarding him. Why not make use of the new 'Exchange' materia option to fully equip Cait Sith before he joins you? :)

SOLDIER:1st (x2)
LV 34 HP 1300 MP 100 Weak Against
Physical attacks will do the trick here, although you can control them if you want. If this battle gives you trouble, you need to gain some levels at some point in the game.

Notice how the guard will run away and disappear after the battle? I guess that glitch went unnoticed...anyway, examine the door in the lower right corner of the screen and use the controller or the O button to make Barret try to pull it open. An FMV sequence follows in which the Sister Ray (the mako cannon) is readied and Junon Town prepares to engage the approaching Weapon. When it collides with the city, gas starts pumping into the chamber Tifa is trapped in. When you're in control of Barret, go and talk to Cait Sith. Then go out the door and when it closes, head right, then out the door. Outside, head down the road. If you got Yuffie, she'll be here masquerading as a newscaster; talk to her to make her join you, then continue to your left. Once the Weapon rises out of the water, continue to the left until you arrive at the Airport. Then, run to the center platform and examine the yellow box to be lifted to the upper level. From there, continue towards the airship by heading right.

When you're in control of Tifa again, you have to pick up the key on the ground so you can free yourself from the gas chamber. Your controls are:

S Move right arm
X Move feet
O   Move left arm
T Move Tifa's head

You'll need to press the buttons in this order: X, X, T, X+T, T+O, O. (Or, press X, X, T, X+T, T+S, S if you want to free her other hand instead...it makes no difference).

Pressing them has the following effect:

When you press X, Tifa will stretch out her legs. Pressing X a second time makes her drag the key towards her. Then press T to sit back in the chair. Then press T and X at the same time (you don't need to hold them, just press them), and she'll lift the key up with her feet and take hold of it with her teeth at the same time. After that, T+O together will make her free her arm using the key. Finally, press O so that she can grab the key and use it to release her other arm.

Feel free to take your time doing this since waiting around won't do anything to you (Tifa's invincible! Mwa, ha ha!!)

Examine the back of the room by the left side of the chair to shut off the gas, then examine the door. After the Weapon provides you with an exit, climb outside and work your way down the front of the tower (don't worry about the guards). When you reach the bottom, head toward the upper left corner of the screen (note that the SELECT cursor won't appear over your head as it did in the Japanese version). In the next screen, make your way down to the frontmost cylinder of the cannon (spelled 'Canon'!), then press up to go along the front of it and end up on the cannon barrel itself (this can be a little tricky). Just as you reach the edge of the cannon, Scarlet. She'll start slapping you, so press the O button to slap back (go Tifa, go)! If you're fast enough, you'll slap her to the floor after 5-6 good hits. If she gets in more slaps, you get knocked over. Despite the outcome of the 'fight', Tifa will still be rescued by Barret in the Highwind.

Once in the airship, head to the cockpit where you'll talk with Cid. When he finishes, talk to Red 13 and Cid again, then chat with the man piloting the airship. After that, go to the room marked 'Operations' and talk to the man there. He will let you assemble a new group with Tifa as the leader. From this point onward, you can return to this room and talk with the man to activate PHS, restore your HP and MP, or save your game. Now that you have a party, return to the cockpit and talk to the man again. Choose the top option, and you can control the Highwind! To pilot it, use these controls:

S When held, you can use the Pad to fly without changing the direction you're facing
X Press to land
O Move the Highwind in the direction you're facing
T Takes you inside the Highwind
Pad Press left/right to turn, up/down to rise or descend
Start Reveals/enlarges/hides the map
Select   Same as Start

Notice that your other vehicles (the Buggy and Cid's airplane) are gone for good. BTW, you enter the Highwind by pressing O when you're close to it (like other vehicles). To gain control of it again, just talk to the man at the wheel and pick the top option. At this point, you'll probably want to look around and go to various places. However, you can only land on _green, grassy_ ground, and nowhere else, which limits the areas you can explore (this doesn't include the canyon floor on the Northern Continent). There are two areas you can now reach with the Highwind. The first one is a cave with a sleeping man that's just beyond the mountain range near Midgar City (you can go here with the Buggy, but since you no longer have it, you'll have to use the Highwind). Also, there's a house to the east of Icicle Inn, you can talk to the green Chocobo inside to get a free Enemy Skill Materia, and the purple geezer who lives here (Chocobo Sage) will sell you various chocobo foods. Finally, if you return to the Chocobo Farm, you'll find a purple materia (Chocobo Lure) near the edge of the now-empty Chocobo pen. From now on, you can breed Chocobos here (refer to the 'Secrets and Strategies' section for details).

If you look, there's a lake near Junon now (I thought this didn't appear until Disc 3 *sheepish grin*) There's also a barrier surrounding the Crater, and of course, a huge meteor is hanging in the sky (the result of Sephiroth casting Meteo via the Black Materia). A lot of places now sell different items, among them Junon Town*, Fort Condor, Costa Del Sol, and Rocket Town. There's also some new treasure to be found in Rocket Town: there's a chest with a Fourth Bracelet in the store that sells accessories, in the back of the adjoining room. And if you didn't get the Yoshiyuki from the old man in Disc 1, you can get it now.

*  In very last area of Junon, there's a man standing out in the middle of the road. If you talk to him and choose the bottom option, nothing happens. But if you choose the top option, the Shinra helicopter lands and you're given another choice. Pick the top option and you can ride it back to the first area of Junon Town! If you choose the bottom option, you'll be flown back out to the World Map.

Finally, keep in mind that there are some things that Tifa can't do, like enter the Gold Saucer or play the piano in her house in Nibelheim. Ditto with Cid, who becomes the leader during the next section (keep reading).

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