FFVII - Walkthrough - 2.9 100 Leagues Under the Sea

Items in This Area
Contain materia (if you didn't get it already), Guide Book, God's Hand, Battle Trumpet, Scimitar, Leviathan Scales (it's a Key Item, but since you don't have to get it, I'm listing it up here.)

Back at the airship, prepare a new team and take control of the Highwind. You can buy goods that weren't available before back in Mideel, and you'll want to get the Contain materia orb at some point. To get it, climb up the slope on the west side of town to where the hyperactive kid is running around. If you didn't get the Contain materia in Mideel the first time, then, talk to his White Chocobo and pick the first option (make sure you have at least one Mimett Green on you). When a list of six options appear, pick the fifth one from the top ("scratch behind it's ears"). The chocobo will then reveal the Contain materia, which you can take.

Furthermore, if you went into each store in Mideel and talked to the hyperactive kid in each one, he will now be selling all the items that you could normally buy there! However, if you didn't go into any of the shops, or only talked to him in one shop or two shops, then he will only be selling items from those stores or will be selling nothing at all.

Also, at this point in the game, the man who lost his keys will appear outside Midgar City, enabling you to get the Sector 5 Key, among other things. You might want to take some time now to breed Chocobos, do some shopping, or maybe have some fun at the Gold Saucer (since you can now get in with Cloud in your party).

Also, there is an extra scene new to the US release--return to Nibelheim and go down into the library in the Shinra Mansion. Examine the tanks in the back of the room for a flashback.

Whenever you're ready to proceed with the game, head to Junon Town for the third Huge Materia quest (you can't do the fourth one until later). Head into the center of Junon, and go down the main road (you'll see a scene with Cloud inspecting the damage that the Weapon inflicted on the town earlier). Keep walking until you arrive at the gray underpassage where a commander is drilling his men. He will order his men to run away when he sees you. Continue down the passage until you see a door labeled '1' against the left wall. Enter it, and you'll find yourself in an elevator. Two guards in here will attack you; dispatch them and let the lady take you down to the bottom of the elevator shaft.

When you step out, you'll be attacked by more Shinra soldiers. Ignore the dog and go down the slope, then through the door. In the next room, head down the set of stairs until you reach another door. Past it is yet another set of stairs, and at the bottom is a Save Point. Go through the door here to reach a second lift which takes you to the bottom of the sea floor. The area is shaped like a huge glass tube. If you go north to the second screen (in front of the Mako reactor), and fight enemies, you'll eventually meet up with the Ghost Ship. 'Morph' it into the Guide Book; you'll need that item later.

Head north until you reach the underwater tunnel, and follow it until you arrive at the Mako plant. Inside, examine the red light on the far wall to pump water out of the chamber. Step outside and you'll find yourself in a huge undersea dock where several submarines are sitting. Go along the walkway--it leads to a hall with a Save Point. Walk north from here to arrive at a room filled with guards.

If you talk to the guard who's walking around, he'll attack you. You'll then fight the two other guards by the opening in a second battle. If you don't talk to the walking guard, then all three will ambush you. However, if you let yourself get ambushed, you won't have to fight the second set of soldiers by the other opening. Decide what you want to do (fun, isn't it?) and fight the guards accordingly. Then go through the opening to your right to find a chamber full of machinery. Cloud will automatically stop in front of one of the machines as you walk past it. When you can control him again, head to the right to see the Red Huge Materia being loaded onto a Shinra submarine. Reno of the Turks is here, and he'll summon a mechanical freak to take you out while he makes a hasty retreat.

Carry Armor
LV 45 HP 24000 MP 200 Weak Against Lightning
Left Arm
LV 45 HP 10000 MP 100 Weak Against Lightning
Right Arm
LV 45 HP 10000 MP 200 Weak Against
This boss is composed of three parts. It can imprison two of your characters in his arms, and they recieve 1/3 the amount of damage that it receives from your attacks. However, since it has three parts, if you're making an attack that hits more than once, your ally gets struck twice or even three times! Furthermore, if the third character is killed while the other two are imprisoned, the battle is instantly lost. Destroying it's arms should be your top priority, but the arms rotate and switch sides when they are hit, so adjust your attacks accordingly. Summoning spells and enemy skills work well here. The boss' attacks are not so strong, but they come quickly. The worst one is the Lapis Laser that strikes all members for +1600 damage. BTW, the only way to free a character is to destroy the arm that's holding them, or have him or her die. This makes the Phoenix summon very useful if you just freed a friend and want to revive and attack at the same time. You'll get the God's Hand weapon when you kill it and both arms.

With the Carry Armor out of the way, head to the left to find a chest with the Battle Trumpet inside it. Then go back to the right and run along the pier until you reach the gray submarine. Open the chest by the stairs to get the Scimitar. To the left of that chest is a chest holding a Key Item: the Leviathan Scales. You'll need it later so be sure to pick it up. Go up the stairs to find a bunch of soldiers running around in place (ha!) who will fight you. Cloud will then enter the submarine and be ambushed by three soldiers. You may win a set of 'Shinra Beta' armor from the guards, but it's not that great. Anyway, there's a Save Point here, and when you're done using it, head through the northern door to reach the bridge of the submarine.

Here, you'll meet two guards and their scared-as-hell commander. You can either choose the bottom option and let them live, or you can pick the top option and kill them. You can steal the 'Shinra Alpha' (_very_ strong armor) from the captain if you choose to fight. Whatever your choice is, examine the captain's seat when you're able to and you'll be given three options. Pick the second one to climb into the chair. From there, pick the top option to see a description of the sub controls, or the bottom option to start up the sub and enter the submarine mini-game (explained below).

Your controls on the submarine are:

S Shoot torpedoes (only when you're near an enemy craft)
X Backward thrust
T Forward thrust
Pad Move left/right or descend/raise
R1 Switch between close-up or bird's eye view
R2 Switch between near, overhead, or cockpit view
Start    Pause; show control screen

The walls of the ocean floor are shown in blue, and there are diamond- shaped mines that are invisible until you get close. You can tell how far they are from the floor by the red columns beneath them. The purpose of this 'mini-game' is to destroy the the main Shinra sub (red) in the time allotted, although you can kill some of the ten yellow submarines if you want to. During the mission, the following warnings will appear:

WARNING When an enemy sub is approaching
ALERT When an enemy sub is firing
MINE You are about to run into a mine
CONFLICT    The sub cannot move because you are steering it against/along a rock face

The sub game plays much faster than it did in the Japanese version, and the control isn't as sloppy as before (it still takes getting used to).

You lose the game if one of two things happen; time runs out (you have 10 minutes to destroy the submarine), or if your life bar (which is represented by the red/green bar at the bottom of the screen) is depleted as a result of being hit by missiles, crashing into the walls or floor once too often, or ramming another sub. If you win, then the submarine you're in is automatically piloted to shore. If you mess up, your characters will jettison themselves from the sub. Either way, you'll learn that a Huge Materia is being transported from the Junon Airport. You can go there (it's the same place where the Highwind was docked) to see some FMV of the plane taking off, or not (it's optional).

At this point in the game, you have two options available to you. You can either sneak back into Junon and get yourself another submarine, or you can go to Rocket Town and do the fourth and final Huge Materia quest. If you already have a submarine, then you can do some underwater exploring or do the last Huge Materia quest (refer to section 4.10 for the former and section 4.11 for the latter). If you need to get a second submarine, then keep reading.

Go back into the main part of Junon Town and work your way back to the gray hallway, down the elevator with the woman, and to the room with the guards, a dog, and the sloping floor. Beat the guards and examine the dog. When he moves aside, follow him and examine him again. Choose the top option, and you'll enter the red Shinra submarine. When the guards show up, choose the top option to let them go, or the bottom option to fight them. In the cockpit room, choose the top option to save the commander, or the bottom option to fight him and his men. Either way, you still get to pilot the sub. Note that if you got the gray sub, you can't go through here and get the red sub.

New to the US version is the 'Weapon' scenario--you can now fight the Emerald Weapon underwater, and meet and trade with the man in the upper- right house in Kalm Town. Refer to section 6.5 for details.

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