FFVII - Walkthrough - 2.2 Icicle Inn

Items in This Area
X-Potion, Hero Drink, Vaccine, Turbo Ether, Mind Source, Safety Bit, Elixir, Added Cut materia

Go to the far end of town and talk to the man in purple standing near the trees. Pick the top option. Two Shinra members will show up, along with Elena (a Turk). After confronting Cloud, she will try to knock him out. To avoid her strike, press left, right, or up just after you see the transparent message box. If she does hit you, you'll wake up in one of the houses, but if she doesn't, then she'll roll right out of the town. It doesn't make a difference whether you get hit or not.

After that's done with, go to town entrance and check out the house that's just to your right. In the back room, there's a boy, a cat, and a snowboard. Talk to the boy and the cat will leave the room, enabling you to take the snowboard by examining it. You'll need it for the upcoming event. Now, go to the inn, head to the upper floor, and examine the window in the lower left-hand corner to get an X-Potion. You can also check out the bar beneath the main room (look for a door near the reception area). Now, leave and enter the house on the far right (near the snowman). Take the items in the back room (an Hero Drink and a Vaccine), then examine the map on the wall in the main room. You can examine it by choosing the top option, but before you leave, you'll want to choose the bottom option to take it.

Finally, go into the house on the left side of town, just to the right of the weapons shop. If Elena KO'd you, this is where you'll wake up :) If you go down the stairs and look by the windowsill, you can get another item (Turbo Ether). You can also take a look at the machinery on the ground floor to see a series of prerecorded videos dating back many years ago; they show Aeris' mother (Ifalna, a Cetra just like Aeris) and her father, a 'renegade' Shinra scientist named Gast. There are several videos, but watching them has no effect on the game itself, aside from cluing you in to Aeris' past. There's a device to the left that will allow more light into the room, but it doesn't have any purpose.

Before you leave the town, you may want to buy weapons, Hi-Potions and Tents at the shop. When you're ready to go, simply walk past the man in the back of town (the one near the trees), and the snowboard sequence will start up:

Your controls while using the snowboard are:

S Brake
X Jump
Pad Move left or right, down to brake
Start Pause/unpause
L1/R1    Quick turn to the left or right when used with control pad

Basically, you want to make your way through the mountains. You can collect balloons along the way, but I don't know what they do for you. There are also obstacles to crash into, like dead wood, pine trees, igloos, moogles, snowmen, rocks, ice boulders, and chocobos. I believe there are four different 'exit' paths; I'll take the left path twice and go from there in this FAQ.

My characters came to in a white forest. Did yours? From this point onward, you can press S to look at the map you took (but not in some screens), which shows where you need to go but not where you are. I spent hours trying to map this place out, only to discover that there's almost nothing of interest in this area. So, I've simply described each location and where it is on the map; getting there isn't much of a problem. Your ultimate goal, BTW, is to make it to the red check mark shown on the map.

The locations are listed below (I'm using my names for the :


(looks like a square at the bottom-center of the screen) Heading south from this area takes you back out to the World Map. If you return to Icicle Inn to heal yourself, you'll have to snowboard in here again.


(small opening just to the right of the ENTRANCE) You can hop across the ledges to the top of the screen, but in the next room, there's nothing to do but choose to fall/not fall down an icy chute that has no effect aside from ejecting you back into the world map. The entrance to this cave is hard to see; it's in the lower-right area of the T-junction screen. You can also get here by going right from the LAKE CAVE area.


(forest divided by Y-shaped paths) In the main forest screen, there's an item (Mind Source) at the foot of a tree near the upper left part of the screen. If this is where you landed after the snowboarding event, then it's just up and to the right of where you crashed.


(tail of plane sticking out to left of forest) Nothing here.


(cave in the middle of the central lake) On the surface of the frozen lake, near the shore, there is a green item (a Potion). Be sure to get it. Then head to the left to reach a screen full of ice floes. Here, you'll have to jump on the floating ice chunks to get across, but the chunks surrounding the one you're currently standing on will submerge or raise depending on how they looked when you arrived there. If you mess up and they are all submerged, you'll have to start all over. The key is to make sure that you're not jumping onto a floe when the ones surrounding it are all raised, or else they'll all submerge and you'll fall into the water. To get on the ice floats, choose the top option, then use the O button and the controller to jump around. Enter the cave in the next area, grab the item bag (it contains a Safety Bit accessory), and leave.


(pine tree up and right from the LAKE CAVE) Nothing here, either.


(northwest corner, left and below the STONE FACE) Go into the small cave entrance and grab the item in the northwest corner of the cavern (an Elixir), then go out the other entrance.


(above central lake, at mouth of river) There's nothing here.


(left of the red check mark) Nothing here. Seem familiar? The stone face has also appeared in Secret of Mana and FF5j.


(south and east of the check mark) You can touch the water on the lefthand bank if you want. In fact, you should, since you can't get the Alexander Materia any other way. (Keep reading for details.) Just maneuver yourself as close to the shore of the left lake as you can, and when an option appears, pick the top one.


(top of mountain east of the STEAMING LAKES) Once you reach the crossroads (da dum da da :)) head to the upper right corner of the screen to go off the map. In the next area, work your way up and to the left. When this screen repeats a second time, look for a Blue Materia (Added Cut) near the beginning of the screen, in the upper-right part of the path. This road takes you to the Steaming Lakes area, but if you try to back the way you came, you'll see that the screen has changed. Put another way, you couldn't have gotten the Materia unless you took this path since the 'switching' road isn't marked on the map.

If you're fast, you can reach the 'lost in the snowfield' section (the red checkmark) before anything bad happens. But if you waste your time in this area, you'll pass out. (This will still happen to you even if you reached the snowfield, but then returned to any part of the 'first area'. If that happens, go to the next section. If you made it to the snowfield area, then skip the first paragraph to find out where you are.

Personally, my suggestion is that you follow the example in the FAQ and take the left path twice so that you land in the Forest. From there, you can go right to the Lake Cave area, then continue right past the Mountain Cave area (the T-junction), and up into the Mountain Crossroads, where you can take the switching path to the Steaming Lakes, and then head left into the snowfield. Not only is this a fast way to get through this area, but it also lets you pick up all the items along the way and get the Alexander Materia later on (since you touched the lake on your way out).

Also, you'll start off at the bottom end of the snowfield when you first get there, so you can just head up to the cave to get the All materia (mentioned in the next section), then keep heading north to reach the old man's shack (if you're in need of healing and a Save Point). After talking with him, you can go to the Stone Face Area, head south to the Ice Boulders area where an Elixir is, then backtrack to the snowfield and go to the right in order to get the Alexander Materia before returning to the shack. Voila! You've just cleared out this _entire_ area in only a few minutes!

Remember, you _will_ pass out eventually if you return to the first area--there's nothing you can do about it, even if you've already gone to Holzoff's shack. If you don't want to waste too much time backtracking just run around in the same few areas until it happens, then leave the old man's shack and continue exploring. Why this still happens to you after clearing out this area doesn't seem to make much sense, as it's more of a nuisance than anything else, but there's not much you can do about it. If you return to the first area after falling unconscious and wait around there again, you'll pass out a second time. In fact, this will always happen to you, so get moving!

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