FFVII - Walkthrough - 2.8 Inside Cloud's Head

Items in This Area

Head back to the village on the Southern Continent where you left Tifa and Cloud behind (Mideel). When you talk to Tifa, the screen will start to shake. Go outside, and you'll be attacked by a huge black dragon, the second of four Weapons.

Ultimate WEAPON
LV ?? HP 10000 MP 400 Weak Against
This boss has only three attacks, Quake 2, the Ultima Beam, and a claw swipe. He's pretty easy to beat, so just keep summoning your best monsters and use physical attacks to deal out damage. After you've injured it enough or it runs out of MP (use Magic Hammer on it), it will fly away. You can absorb Ultima Beam attacks by equipping the Elemental materia plus any non-element materia, like Transform, Exit, etc.

The next scene with Tifa and Cloud is so funny! They're puffy and superdeformed, and well let's just say any sense of danger or surprise at this sudden attack is forgotten once you see their wide- eyed faces as they escape the crumbling village.

After Tifa and Cloud take a dive, you'll find yourself playing with Tifa, who's in a strange world filled with Cloud's memories. First, talk to the northmost Cloud. You'll head into his memories of the trip he took to that one town near the Jenova plant with Sephiroth. When Cloud shows up, speak to him again. When you reach the 'center' of Cloud's mind again, speak to the Cloud on the left. Once you're in control of Tifa, converse with the Cloud sitting on the steps to the right (near the 'kid' Cloud).

Then talk to the 'kid' Cloud and look in the window. When you can move Tifa, talk to the 'shadow' Cloud. Once you're back in Cloud's mind talk to the 'real' Cloud and go back to the town area again. Everything else unfolds by itself (you can go to the Main Menu during the burning of Nibelheim--again!) At the end, speak with Cloud one last time, and you'll return to the 'real' world.

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