FFVII - Walkthrough - 2.11 Cid's Rocket

Items in This Area

Return to Rocket Town (it's beyond the mountains near the Gold Saucer). Go to the launch pad. It's swarming with Shinra soldiers! Make your way to the stairs leading up to the rocket and you'll be attacked by two soldiers. Deal with them and you'll be attacked by another pair of soldiers. At the top of the stairs, you'll fight two more soldiers and their captain. After killing them, Cid will show up and insist on joining if he's not already with you. After you've made a party, press X to continue playing, T to go to the Main Menu, or O to change your party's configuration (but Cloud and Cid cannot be removed from the current party). After you choose to continue playing, climb up the ladder and you'll face off with two Shinra soldiers and Rude of the Turks.

LV 42 HP 9000 MP 240 Weak Against
Attack Squad (x2)
LV 34 HP 1300 MP 100 Weak Against
Use physical attacks to kill the soldiers and injure Rude, especially if you've got the Double Cut and Slash-All materia equipped. Rude can use a jumping wave attack, but it only causes about 500 points of damage. He can also create a MBarrier which he usually casts when one or both of the soldiers are killed, and he can cast Bolt 2 and heal himself for about 1100 hit points. Despite all his powers, he's still easily beaten. If you kill Rude before finishing off the guards, you'll automatically win the battle. You may win an S-mine once you win the battle.

Go inside the rocket ship--you'll have to fight another battle, but it's easily won. Press O to open the northern door, then go into the main room, where Cid will talk to the workers. After the rocket lifts off, go to the right into the next room and climb up the ladder. Examine the Huge Materia in the next room and choose the top option. Cid will chat with Cloud and several numbered boxes will appear. When they do, punch in the following code, one press per message box:

First Message (1): O
Second Message (2): S
Third Message (3) X
Fourth Message (4): X

If you did it correctly, the glass tube will open and you can take the Huge Materia. If you mess up, you'll have 3 minutes to get the code right, and Cid will try to clue you in to the correct code. Should the timer reach zero, the Huge Materia is lowered into the ground.

Whether you got the Huge Materia or not, return to the entry room and climb down the ladder; when you get near the sparking tanks, they will explode. With a little help from Shera, you'll free Cid from under a piece of metal. Follow Shera into the next room (which turns out to be an escape capsule). You can go to your menu during the scene in which the people in front of the Shinra Building are looking at the Meteor ^^;. After a lengthy FMV sequence, you'll find yourself back in Highwind, and the Meteor hanging in the sky will now be much closer than it was before. Alternately, you can do this part (see the tanks explode) and then go back and get/not get the Huge Materia, or you can even do this part and then take the escape pod without even attempting to free the Huge Materia (which means you obviously won't get it).

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