FFVII - Walkthrough - 2.7 Fort Condor

Items in This Area
Phoenix materia

(Remember, you can do this before or after the North Corel Huge Materia quest; it's your choice).

Pop into the Highwind and fly back to the blue tower with the big gold bird on it (read section 3.12 if you don't remember where it was). Enter it, and climb to the top of the tower. Talk to the man in the room with the locked door. Choose the middle option, and you'll get to control another mini-battle. For instructions/strategies, please refer to the 'Having Fun' bit in section 7.6.

When you win, you can open the sealed door. On the rooftop is a red materia (Phoenix), and if you talk to the man in white wearing the large hat in the lower room, you get a Huge Materia. For a condor's baby, that bird sure looks like a Chocobo if you ask me....

If you fail the mini-battle, you're kicked out of Fort Condor and can never return. You can't get the Huge Materia or the Phoenix materia, either.

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