FFVII - DoC Script - Ch11: Beginnings

[Vincent makes his way closer to the reactor; another group of Gargoyles attack him. As he continues on, it becomes increasingly apparent that Vincent is in the same area that Cait Sith originally ventured into many chapters ago]

[Vincent eventually gets to the bridge leading into the reactor. Before he can enter, though... a helicopter comes into view, with numerous Gargoyles sitting on it. Boss fight vs. Dragonfly PT. Easily defeated, like always]

[Vincent walks makes his way through the reactor. He walks into one room, and...]

Vincent: Yuffie.
[Yuffie jumps down from above]
Yuffie: You don't look too roughed up.
Vincent: Neither do you.
[They both look ahead]
Yuffie: In there, huh?
Vincent: Yeah. Come on.

[Vincent leads the way; Yuffie follows. They arrive at the centre of the reactor, and they both gasp]

Vincent: This is Weiss?
[Weiss is sitting on a throne amidst a sea of energy. He's slouched over]
Yuffie: It's--he's--it's dead?
Nero: But not for long.
[Nero approaches them from the rear]
Yuffie: Not for long?
Nero: A new life breathes inside him. Just as one does in you, Valentine.
[Yuffie goes "Huh?"; Vincent looks at Weiss, then back at Nero]
Vincent: That's what you're doing.
Yuffie: What's he doing? What's he doing? What's going on? I don't get it.
Nero: Soon, my dear brother will awaken.
Nero: It seems like an eternity since I was granted the knowledge of rebirth.
Vincent: Granted?
Yuffie: By who?
[Nero looks straight ahead; the ground begins to shake, as the energy around Weiss becomes brighter, more intense]

[We see that, outside the reactor, the pool of mako energy is also becoming brighter. Back inside with the trio...]

Vincent: What!?
Yuffie: Omega!?
[Yuffie raises her shuriken, and Vincent his gun, both aiming at Weiss... and turning their backs to Nero]
Nero: Stay away from my brother!
[Fires a beam of darkness that envelops the duo. Yuffie floats around in it for a moment, then grabs her head and screams.
Yuffie: No!

[A light shines in the darkness, and out comes Vincent! He grabs her, and jumps out of the darkness, back into the reactor - the room before the one where they encountered Weiss]
Vincent: You alright?
Yuffie: What the heck was that?
[The darkness vanishes, and Nero is standing there]
Nero: Oblivion perhaps. My darkness-- it can absorb as well as extract almost anything.
Nero: However, some things remain--things as black as the heart of a daemon.
Nero: The essence of death. Its ululations are like a lullaby.
Yuffie: How can you...
[Vincent turns around to face Nero]
Vincent: Yuffie, stay here.
Nero: Ah yes, you were invulnerable to the darkness.
[Nero stretches out his arms; the entire room plunges into darkness]
Nero: No one will take my brother away from me again.

[Vincent is transported to some bizarre realm, for a boss battle vs. Arachnero (Nero's adopted the form of a spider, kind of.) At the end of the battle, he plunges into a swirling lava pit below.... a stream of darkness shoots out, and Nero is back in his regular human form. Boss battle vs. Gorgonero; he gets defeated again]

[We're back in the room in the reactor. Nero clutches his stomach with one hand, and stumbles down the hallway to the room with Weiss]
Nero: Weiss.
[Vincent follows him down the hallway; upon re-entering the room Weiss was in, he is now standing!]
Nero: Weiss. My beloved brother. It is time.
[Weiss stands around for a moment, then laughs heartily]
Nero: Together at last. I won't leave you again. Never... Weiss...

[Weiss looks at him, and then jabs his hand through Nero's stomach!]
Nero: Weiss?
Weiss: I'm finished with you.
[Weiss launches him across the room; he lands near where Vincent's standing; Weiss laughs again, and jumps forward; Vincent begins firing at him, but they bounce right off Weiss' body]
Weiss: Your weapons are useless.
Weiss: My body is one with Omega. Just as yours is with Chaos.
Weiss: The difference being, Chaos is nothing more than a pawn whereas Omega is the ultimate Weapon that will lead this planet's soul to the stars.
Weiss: There is nothing that can destroy me. Nothing.
[He laughs... not as much as before though]
Weiss: Vincent Valentine. And so we meet again.
Vincent: What?
Weiss: Still in the dark?
Weiss: Three years ago, while I was still running about looking for Sephiroth, I took it upon myself to distribute my data-- [points to his head] my mind, my knowledge, my inner being, across the worldwide network.
Weiss: And even though my body had died, and the world had been left in ruin, I survived in a virtual reality.
Weiss: When the network was restored, the scattered data regrouped and I was reborn.
Weiss: A neo-Reunion, you could say.
Vincent: You...
[Weiss laughs, but his voice begins to morph to someone else's entirely]
Weiss: That's right, boy. It's me.
Weiss: Hojo!
[An image of Hojo appears beside Weiss, moving as he does. We hear Weiss and Hojo speaking in unison]
Weiss: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Let us do this right.
Weiss: Hello, Vincent. How long has it been? Three years?
Hojo: You know, when I first read it, I thought that woman's thesis was utter nonsense.
Hojo: I couldn't believe some fabled beast from legend past had anything to do with your survival.
Hojo: However, three years ago when you transformed into Chaos right before my eyes, I must say I was shocked.
Hojo: Who would have thought her theory was actually valid?
Hojo: And so I began thinking. If Chaos exists, then so too must Omega.
Hojo: And if you could become one, then maybe I could become the other to traverse the cosmos in a blaze of glory!
Hojo: It was the chance of a lifetime.
Hojo: But there was a problem. Only a strong shell could hold back Omega's might.
Hojo: And it could not be just anyone.
Hojo: You see boy, the reason you were able to play such a perfect host for Chaos was because my experiments had endowed you with a nearly indestructible body.
Hojo: Thanks to me, you are standing here today.

[Hojo laughs]
Hojo: Now, where was I?
Hojo: I attempted to perfect my body for Omega by injecting myself with Jenova's cells. However, that didn't go as I had planned.
Hojo: I failed to consider the fact that the cells might try to take over my mind and eat away at my soul.
Hojo: And so, as a safety measure, I came up with a brilliant plan to transmit my neurodata across the worldwide network.
Hojo: However, after completing this, I realized I still required a durable body. And that's when I remembered Deepground--home to the most powerful beings on this planet.
Hojo: I even found a willing assistant in the lad Nero here to help carry out my so-called rebirth.
[We see Nero's lying on the ground, dead]
Hojo: Though never did he expect I would take control of his "beloved" brother's mind.
[Hojo superimposes his image onto Weiss' body, and emits another maniacal laugh]
Hojo: And thus, with a new body, I began my final experiment.
Hojo: If the Chaos within you was born of a tainted Lifestream, then the almighty Omega would be born of a pure one.
[The camera cuts out to the pool of mako below the reactor]
Hojo: So I had my minions gather up the "uncontaminated" to create a stream of refined mako, thus awakening Omega inside me.
Hojo: Genius, I tell you. Pure genius. Pure genius.
[Back inside the reactor]
Hojo: Only a scientist of my caliber is worthy to become one with Omega and leave this planet for the stars!
Vincent: Hojo, I've heard enough.

[Vincent points his gun at him and fires; the image of Hojo disappears; we see 3 bullets fired from Cerberus approaching Weiss; he pulls out his two swords which had been strapped to his back, and deflects them away. Vincent continues to fire and Weiss deflects some more. When Vincent goes to reload his gun, Weiss lowers one sword - there's a gun barrel on the inside edge of the sword, which he fires a bullet at Vincent, who dodges out of the way. Eventually he gets close enough to Vincent and kicks him down]

Hojo: You're getting old, Vincent Valentine.
[Hojo/Weiss laugh]
Hojo: You just can't leave me alone, can you? Now, sit right there. I want you to see this.
[Weiss turns around]
Weiss: And once I have absorbed the Lifestream...
[The mako energy glows]
Vincent: Wait.
[Vincent stands up]
Vincent: This isn't over.
Hojo: So eager to die, are we?
Hojo: Very well. I wanted to test out this body before I began my journey, anyway.

[Boss battle vs. Weiss the Immaculate. Unlike all the bosses before this, Vincent gets his ASS KICKED. We next see Weiss standing over Vincent's body]

Weiss: That wasn't much of a test.
[Vincent begins to glow]
Weiss: Chaos.
[Vincent jumps forward; Weiss, standing perfectly still, punches him & sends him flying back]
Weiss: You already tried that, Vincent.
[Camera cuts to Shelke inside her regenerative tube]
Shelke: Vincent.

[Back in the reactor, Vincent is on the ground, glowing sporadically. He stands up. Vincent and Weiss look at him; an image of Lucrecia also appears near Vincent; Shelke speaks through her, but we also hear Lucrecia's voice overlapping]

Shelke: Vincent. You cannot defeat this enemy by simply trying to overpower him.
Shelke: Take control. Don't let Chaos rule you.
Shelke: You must rule Chaos.
Shelke: You can do it!
Hojo: Enough of this charade!
Shelke: Please, Vincent.
[She disappears]
Hojo: It looks like our Dr. Crescent has a friend.
Hojo: But she won't help you now, Vincent Valentine.
[Weiss fires an energy beam at Vincent; he deflects it with his hand, and begins to glow red. Hojo is shocked]
Hojo: Why you!
[A demi-sphere of energy appears around Vincent and Weiss/Hojo]
Hojo: Utilizing the Protomateria to draw forth Chaos while maintaining your human form!?

[Weiss runs forward, the barrier is gone]
Weiss: Interesting. Let's see what you are capable of.
[Weiss attempts to slash & stab Vincent repeatedly, who gracefully dodges all his blows, while continuing to glow red. Eventually Vincent jumps backwards]
Weiss: But even with the power of Chaos, you won't be able to stop me--stop Omega.
Vincent: Hojo.
[Hojo goes "Huh?"]
Vincent: I said I've heard enough.
Hojo: What!?
Vincent: It's time to end this. Right here. Right now.
Hojo: You insignificant fool!

[Boss battle vs. Weiss Empowered. This time it's for real - and this time, Vincent wins. Weiss is sent flying into a wall. Weiss is easy unconscious or dead; Hojo's image appears]
Hojo: Why!? Why is Omega's power fading? Why?
Voice: Weiss.
Hojo: What is going on?
[Nero ascends from a hole of darkness in the ground. He's got more darkness floating around him than before]
Nero: Weiss.
Hojo: Impossible!
[We're shown a clip of Weiss/Hojo killing Nero - or so we thought]
Hojo: Get out of me!
Hojo: Omega's host must be pure!
Hojo: Why do you think I had you create mako untainted by Jenova!?
Hojo: If a filthy being like you infected it...
Nero: Silence.
Hojo: What?
Nero: Silence! I'm speaking with my brother.
Hojo: You're what?
Nero: Dear Weiss...
Weiss: Nero.
Hojo: No!
[Nero crouches, and puts his hands on Weiss' shoulders]

Nero: Let us become one. Let us come together, so that none may ever tear us apart.
[Nero hugs him]
Weiss: Yes. Let us... Let us go join him.
Nero: Weiss...
[Nero begins to disappear]
Weiss: Nero...
Hojo: No! Stop it! You can't! This is my body now!
[Hojo disappears; Weiss stands up and begins to walk towards his throne]
Hojo: No!

[Vincent is just standing around]
Girl: Vincent!
[He turns around, in runs Yuffie]
Yuffie: We did it!
[The mako energy surrounding Weiss' altar blasts up; a stray blast heads towards Yuffie and Vincent; he pushes her out of the way, and it hits him]
Yuffie: Vincent!

[FMV: Outside Midgar, the war has lessened. Suddenly, the mako reactors spring to life. Far above Shinra Tower, three strands of mako energy coalesce, forming a large green ball. Eight smaller energy tentacles eject themselves from the ball, stabbing into the eight reactors. An object begins to form and take shape... it's Omega!]

[The strands of energy are still attached to him. Inside his body, Vincent transforms to Chaos, and breaks through Omega, flying high into the air. He dives down to attack him, but is prevented from doing so by some sort of invisible energy forcefield]

[Shelke is outside of her tube in the depths of the Deepground complex]
Shelke: Omega has awoken.
Shelke: And Chaos has been drawn out of the shadows to serve as a counterbalance.
Shelke: Or so it would seem.
Shelke: However...
[Shelke walks over to a chair and sits in it. A machine above her moves into place]
Shelke: In theory, the souls that exist inside Omega should act as a type of virtual network.
Shelke: It wouldn't be impossible, but maybe I could...
Shelke: Vincent, be grateful that I not only uploaded Lucrecia's thoughts, but her wishes and dreams as well.
[Her eyes shines orange]
Shelke: Uplink successful. Now commencing SND.

[FMV: An image of Shelke appears in the air above Midgar, and dives into Omega. Strands of black energy hold her in place; she reaches forward]
Shelke: Just a little more...

[She stops struggling. In front of her is a woman robed in white; the bright glow prevents us from seeing who it is. The strands of black energy disappear]
Girl: Here...[is holding a materia]

[Back outside Omega now; a ball of energy bursts forth from the top of Omega's head. Black strands of energy reach it and attempt to hold it, but it breaks free. At the centre of the energy ball, we see Shelke; the energy reaches & goes through Chaos; except for Shelke, who pushes the materia into Chaos' chest]

Girl: Take this...
Girl: Vincent.
[He sees her; Shelke now has the appearance of Lucrecia, looking absolutely stunning & robed in white; the black strand from Omega grabs her and pulls her back in, and the top of his head reforms itself. Chaos lets out a mighty roar]

[Flashback. Vincent, as a Turk, is in the regenerative tube in Shinra Manor]
Lucrecia: No. It's still not enough. I have to hurry or the tissue will continue to decay.
[Scene change; Hojo is now in the room]
Hojo: I see. Another experiment?
Hojo: You're using this fine specimen to...
Lucrecia: No!
Lucrecia: You're wrong! You're wrong! You're wrong!
Lucrecia: I...!
Lucrecia: Experiment?
[Random words appear quickly on a black screen. The last phrase shown is "Never Again."]

[Another scene change. Hojo is standing over Vincent's body, holding a gun in his hand; Lucrecia walks into the room with her hand on her stomach. Hojo continues to laugh maniacally]
Lucrecia: Hojo. What have you...?
Vincent: Lucrecia.
[He looks at Lucrecia; she puts her hands over her mouth. The screen goes black]
Lucrecia: You had his eyes.
Lucrecia: I didn't...
Lucrecia: I didn't want to remember.
Lucrecia: I pushed you away, but...
Lucrecia: Now I realize... I never wanted to lose you.

[Lucrecia in on her knees, tears dripping from her eyes]
Lucrecia: Not again.
Lucrecia: Not today.
[She manages to stand up, and looks at Vincent inside the regenerative tube]
Lucrecia: Vincent, did you know that your eyes are exactly like your father's?
[Screen fades to black]
Lucrecia: I've done it.
Lucrecia: Born of the Lifestream. Bringing all together. Stopping the imminent decay of tissue.
Lucrecia: But instead...
[Shot of Chaos raging inside the tube]
Lucrecia: born was... the chaos that took him... away from me.
[Chaos is slamming against the tube. Lucrecia is scared]

Lucrecia: Stop...
Lucrecia: Stop!
[A bright light shines from the ground. She looks at Chaos, then the ground: a materia is lying there, glowing. Screen fades to black]
Lucrecia: This... The materia...
Lucrecia: I found... We found together.
[Lucrecia is shown furiously typing at her computer. The screen flashes red once, then again a few moments later]
Lucrecia: No!
[She turns around; only Vincent's there. She falls to her knees]
Lucrecia: What am I doing?
[We see the following scene from Vincent's viewpoint, inside his tube. Lucrecia is grabbing Hojo by his shoulders and shaking him]
Lucrecia: Give him back!
Lucrecia: Give my son back!
[She backs away]
Hojo: And how is your experiment proceeding?
Lucrecia: I don't know! I don't care!
[She cries, screen fades to black]
Lucrecia: Let me see him! Just once!
[Brief pause, and then...]
Lucrecia: I'm so sorry.
Lucrecia: I can't...
[We now see Lucrecia is sitting on the ground, back against a console outside of Vincent's tube]
Lucrecia: I'm sorry.
Lucrecia: I can't take it anymore.
Lucrecia: My body... My mind...
[Screen fades to black]
Lucrecia: Before I go...
[The following phrases flash on screen, one at a time]
Lucrecia: Jenova's cells... Vincent... Stored as data... Must leave... Thought... I loved... Record.. Memory copy... For him... It was wrong... Wait... Disperse... ...so sorry... Apply... ...but I... For... Fragment... Survive... Hope... who...?
[Scene changes back to the Manor; Vincent is all alone in his tube; a door behind him opens, but we don't see who stepped out (or in)]

[Another flashback; Shelke is standing around in a room in the Deepground complex. Nero is in front of her]
Shelke: Who is she?
Nero: Dr. Lucrecia Crescent.
Shelke: So I am to collect the data files-- the fragments she left within the network?
Nero: Correct. Then you are to use that data to find the Protomateria.
Nero: That is where he requires your assistance.
Shelke: He...?
[Screen fades to black]
Shelke: That information is unnecessary.
Shelke: Connect with her, Vincent. Connect with her heart.

[Dream/hallucination time: Vincent is sitting in her cave. An image of her descends and approaches him]
Lucrecia: Hello Vincent.
Lucrecia: Something's wrong...
Lucrecia: You see, this is me, but only in a sense.
Lucrecia: It is merely a reflection created with my remaining data.
Lucrecia: The real me crumbled away long ago.
Lucrecia: Vincent. Do you remember our place? Under that tree?
[Scene changes; they're under the tree. Vincent's sitting in the same position as he was in the cave]
Lucrecia: The warm breeze on our skin...
Lucrecia: I know that it no longer exists.
Lucrecia: Things fade with time, as do many things in this world.
Lucrecia: But there are some things that we cannot let disappear.
[She turns and faces him]
Lucrecia: I finally...
Lucrecia: I finally realized my true feelings.
Lucrecia: Even if you may never understand them.
[Vincent continues to sit there, looking down. He's been pretty much motionless the entire time. Lucrecia smiles and turns back around]
Lucrecia: Not that I mind, though.
Lucrecia: But...
Lucrecia: This isn't how it was supposed to be.
Lucrecia: I've made too many mistakes.
Lucrecia: And I've hurt you so, so much.
Lucrecia: Why did I do what I did?
Lucrecia: I'm so sorry.
[Screen fades to black]
Lucrecia: But I'm so happy you survived.
[Fade back in on the tree; Vincent is now standing up]
Vincent: Lucrecia!!!

[He closes his eyes. When he reopens them, he's flying in the air as Chaos; he dives to the ground. In the next scene, we see he's holding Shelke in his arms; apparently he went underground, got her, and brought her back to the surface. While he appears to be Chaos, he speaks like Vincent, though his voice is slightly distorted]

Shelke: You're late.
Vincent: Sorry about that.
[An image of Lucrecia appears above Shelke]
Shelke: Not that I mind, though.
Vincent: She... She was always like that.
Vincent: Only believing what she wanted to.
Shelke: So Vincent, why don't you try telling her that yourself?
Vincent: Maybe I will.
[He reaches out with his right arm. A gun materializes out of thin air]
Vincent: But before that, I have a story to end.
[He flies up]

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