FFVII - DoC Script - Ch5: Manor of Despair

[Vincent lands in the sewer system. He makes his way forward, and it becomes clear that he's not alone... as a Sahagin jumps in front of him!]

Vincent: Looks like I'm not the only one here.

[Vincent clears the sewers, and exits them, arriving in some storage area beneath the basement of the Shinra Manor. He gets in an elevator and, arms crossed, has a flashback to when he first met Lucrecia]

Vincent: Vincent Valentine reporting for duty, ma'am. I have been assigned your protection.
[Lucrecia gasps]
Lucrecia: No...
[Vincent is confused, goes "huh?"]
Lucrecia: Why would they send his...
Vincent: Excuse me?
Lucrecia: I apologize. This is the first time I have ever met anyone from the Turks.
Lucrecia: Lucrecia Crescent. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Valentine. [smiles]

[Scene change. Cait Sith is traversing deep, deep under Midgar in his attempt to determine what Deepground is up to]

Cait Sith: This has got to be the place.

[Cait Sith evades the patrolling DG soldiers, jumping to a new area. A container from Kalm, filled with human brings, travels across a railing]

Cait Sith: That's the same container I saw in Kalm!

[On to another screen; Cait Sith arrives at a large pool of green liquid. A container (still filled with people) falls from above into the greenness]

Cait Sith: What!?
Cait Sith: Good gracious me!

[Just as the container's about to fall in, a HUGE hand reaches out, grabs the container, and drags it under]

Cait Sith: What in the blazes is growing down there?
Guy: Usher of souls.
[Cait Sith turns around to see a being whose outfit has wings, brimming with dark energy]
Guy: My brother.

[The darkness dissipates from his face, revealing all but his eyes, nose and chin are bandaged]
Guy: Omega.
Cait Sith: It's Nero the Sable. Oh dear...
[Cait Sith gets engulfed by black energy, as we see a Moogle doll floating on the surface of the green liquid]

[Back to Vincent, who's now in the basement of the Shinra Manor. He opens a door to reveal he's in the library & laboratory portion of the Shinra Manor, where Sephiroth's rage was first felt 8 years earlier. A small materia rolls on the ground and lands at his feet. He reaches down and picks it up; it shines brightly. He turns around: Lucrecia is standing there!]

Vincent: Lucrecia!
Lucrecia: Vincent, right?
Lucrecia: Have you come to check up on me?
[She walks forward, right through him. Her hologram flickers. They both turn around to face each other again]
Lucrecia: Omega. His awakening is upon us.

[Screen fades to white; the scene changes to Lucrecia standing in the cave where she would later be interred in crystals]

Lucrecia: Soul wrought of terra corrupt, quelling impurity, purging the stream to beckon forth an ultimate fate. Behold mighty Chaos, Omega's squire to the lofty heavens.
Lucrecia: I came across this passage while studying the scriptures of the Ancients.
Lucrecia: The Chronicles of Yore.
Lucrecia: Omega. The end.
[She faces the crystals and stretches out her hands, and a ball of energy begins to form at them]
Lucrecia: Just as all other sentient beings, he too, is born of the Lifestream.
Lucrecia: However, his only purpose is to cleanse the planet of all things living and lead their immortal souls through the abyssal aether to a new beginning far, far beyond the neverending sea of stars.
[The ball of energy disappears]
Lucrecia: Just as life circulates through our planet, so too, does our planet through the universe. Or at least in theory.
[We see Lucrecia amidst a sea of stars; outer space, if you will]
Lucrecia: However, what I can be certain of is, if Omega awakens, then all life as we know it will end.
Lucrecia: And when Omega has embarked on his journey to the cosmos, our planet will wither and die.

[Back to the present, and the Lucrecia hologram]

Lucrecia: I will leave a copy of my records here for you, Vincent.
Lucrecia: Though I cannot imagine what help they might be, if any at all.
Lucrecia: Just remember...
[Lucrecia faces the ground]
Lucrecia: I am so sorry.
[She disappears, and so does the materia in his hand]
Vincent: Lucrecia.
[He eyes a computer disc on a nearby table; he picks it up]

[Gameplay continues; Vincent makes his way around the Shinra Manor, killing DG units and collecting any files on the Omega Report he can find. At one point he enters a door, falls to one knee - and it's flashback time!]

[Flashback: Vincent's inside the tube of liquid again, with Lucrecia looking at him; it's the exact same flashback as earlier. Scene cuts back to the present]

Vincent: This pain.
Rosso: Well, well. We meet again.
Rosso: This is perfect. I so wanted to see you, my love.
Vincent: Deepground. What are they attempting to do with Omega?
Rosso: I don't know. And to be honest, I don't care.
Vincent: What?
Rosso: But this is what Weiss desires.
Rosso: Hail Weiss.
Rosso: And what Weiss orders, we do. It is very simple.
Rosso: If he desires the awakening of Omega, then that is what all of Deepground desires.
Rosso: We could care less what happens to the planet.
Rosso: But all this matters little to me. It is not every day you are granted the chance to cleanse the world of all life.
Rosso: Just the thought sends a chill of excitement through my body.
Rosso: The Deepground soldiers were born and bred to kill.
Rosso: We were chained to a destiny of servitude.
Rosso: But then three years ago, we were freed from our chains--though waiting for us was darkness lit only by the faint glow of mako.
Rosso: And what do you think we did when we gained our freedom?
[Rosso laughs]
Rosso: We killed. That is how we were raised. That is all we knew.
Rosso: And so I bathed in the blood of a thousand soldiers.
Rosso: And I enjoyed it. I reveled in it.
Rosso: And when I finally stepped out of the abyss, I craved for more.
Rosso: You understand, right?
[Vincent points his gun at her]
Vincent: I don't think so.
Rosso: How can you say that, darling? We're one and the same.
[She speeds away; Vincent follows, temporarily being delayed by a robot firing explosives. He eventually reaches the entrance to the Shinra Manor, where the stairs lead to the second floor. Boss Battle vs. Black Widow (the aforementioned robot)]

[After the battle's conclusion, Vincent is standing around. Something is approaching fast from behind... he turns around, just as Rosso reaches him and jabs her hand directly into his chest. I mean, INTO. When she pulls it out, she's holding some uniquely-glowing materia... Vincent crouches on the ground]

Rosso: I'm sorry. Were you not expecting that?
[Vincent is on the ground, spasming. His eyes, and then his whole body, glow red. He transforms into Chaos, but is still unable to move, and transforms back into Vincent]
Rosso: So, you cannot control the beast without this.
Rosso: Well, there will be no need for it when I'm done with you.

[Rosso crouches down to finish off Vincent, but in runs some mysterious person with a big shuriken! The person flings the shuriken at Rosso, causing her to back away from Vincent. The shuriken spins around, and then it emits bright light, blinding Rosso... by the time the light dissipates, both the mysterious person and Vincent are gone]
Rosso: Wutai flea!
[Rosso runs out of the manor, looking around franticly but seeing nothing. She punches the ground, flinging rocks everywhere]
Rosso: If you manage to survive that wound, I'll make sure you don't survive the next one.
Rosso: But no matter. [She holds up the materia in her hand] The end is upon us.

[Flashback. Hojo is sitting at a table while Vincent talks to him. For the record, the game never actually says Hojo says these lines, but it's obviously him]

Vincent: Is it true?
Hojo: Is what true?
Vincent: That Lucrecia... That Dr. Crescent is to take part in this project?
Lucrecia: It's true. [She walks into the room]
Lucrecia: Why are you so surprised?
Vincent: But using your own child for an experiment?
[Hojo goes "Hah!]
Hojo: I don't know what you're implying, but both of us are scientists. We know what we are doing.
Hojo: You are the last person to have any word in this. Now leave us at once, boy!
Vincent: But...
Lucrecia: But what?
Lucrecia: If you have something to say, say it.
Vincent: Are you... Are you sure this is what you really want?
Lucrecia: Am I sure? Am I sure!? If this only concerns me, then yes, I am sure!
Vincent: I just...
[Vincent stares at the ground, and thinks the following]
Vincent: All I did was watch.
Vincent: I didn't even try to stop her.
Vincent: And then...
[Shot of Lucrecia walking... she begins to fall over and clutches her stomach in pain, as we see images of Jenova, the Holy materia falling down, and Sephiroth walking through the flames of Nibelheim - all images directly lifted from Advent Children. Screen fades to black]
Vincent: That was my sin.
Vincent: And this...
Vincent: This...
Vincent: Is my punishment.

[Flashback. Vincent is in the Shinra Manor laboratory, his vision is hazy. He looks at his hands, those of a Galian Beast. He lets out a blood-curdling scream]

[Scene change; Vincent is dreaming about sitting in Lucrecia's Cave, as he looks at her encased in her crystal tomb]
Vincent: I...
Vincent: I saw you again.
Vincent: It was the place we first met.
Vincent: But you were...
Vincent: No. I'm the one to blame.
Vincent: I couldn't stop you that day.
Vincent: I just...
[Lucrecia's disembodied voice returns]
Lucrecia: I...found...
Lucrecia: I gave... you...
Vincent: Lucrecia?
Lucrecia: I'm so sorry.

[Vincent wakes up, in the real world, being transported in a truck. The mysterious person is sitting in front of him]
Person: Morning!
Vincent: Where...?
Vincent: Who are you?
Person: Well, I'm glad you asked! I am the champion of the earth and the sky. I am the conqueror of evil. The single white rose of Wutai.
[The person throws off their outfit to reveal...]
Yuffie: Yuffie Kisaragi!
[She stands up on a chair]
Yuffie: Feast your eyes on...
[She loses her balance and falls backwards, knocking her head into the wall, then clutching it and moaning "Owwww!"]

Vincent: So, where are we?
Yuffie: C'mon, aren't you at least a little concerned.
Vincent: Yuffie.
Vincent: It's been a while.
Vincent: How's your head?
Yuffie: You... could you at least pretend to be sympathetic!?
[Vincent tries to stand up, but clutches his chest. Yuffie rushes to his side]
Yuffie: Hey, take it easy. That was a big hole you had in your chest.
Vincent: A hole in my chest?
Yuffie: I seriously thought you were a goner, but then the wound healed itself right up.
Yuffie: You were always "different," but I guess that's why you're still breathing.
Vincent: Yuffie, what are you doing here?
Yuffie: Me? I'm just helping out Reeve and his gang.
Yuffie: I was poking around Nibelheim and I found you looking all corpselike in Shinra Manor. So I saved you.
Yuffie: Imagine that--me, saving the great Vincent Valentine. Do I get any thanks? [giggles]
Vincent: Thanks, Yuffie.
Yuffie: [shakes her hands while going "no no no!"] I didn't mean for you to take me so seriously.
Yuffie: Anyway...
Yuffie: Reeve wanted us to contact him as soon as you woke up.

[Scene change: The screen is black]
Reeve: Vincent has come to? Excellent.
[A tv screen flickers on; Reeve is standing there]
Reeve: I have some good news. Using you-know-who, I was able to infiltrate Midgar. However, what I saw wasn't the prettiest of pictures.
Reeve: Omega... I should have known.
Reeve: We cannot let them sacrifice the lives of any more people. Once we've gathered our forces, we'll launch a full offensive.
Reeve: Of course, we'll require the help of you two as well. Please hurry back to headquarters.
Reeve: Oh. I'm analyzing the data files you sent earlier. I should have results soon. Tuesti out.
[The transmission ends; Yuffie is sitting at the monitor]
Yuffie: There you have it. I don't know what's going down, but it sounds big.
Yuffie: I've been waiting a long time to get my hands on those Deepground punks.
Yuffie: They've had their way long enough. Now it's time to give them a taste of Pain a la Yuffie.
[Yuffie rambles on about how many of them she could take on, while Vincent just lies down]

[Scene change. Shelke is inside a tube of water in WRO headquarters]
Shelke: Where am I?
[She somehow manages to deactivate it and step out. She sees Shalua slouched over her computer terminal, sleeping. Elsewhere, we see a pair of WRO soldiers standing watch outside a room, where a still-unconscious Azul is lying down on a table of some sort. His eyes open up]
[Back to Shelke; she picks up her weapon, waking Shalua up]
Shalua: Shelke! How are you feeling?
[Shelke looks at her and sighs]
Shelke: You were a fool to let your enemy live. Now I'm going to kill you and return to Deepground.
Shalua: I don't think so. I have to admit, I wasn't myself back there. Seeing you for the first time in ten years left me in a spin.
Shalua: But I've had time to recover. And I'm not letting you get away. Not this time.
Shalua: There's no way I'm going to let you kill me, and there's no way I'm going to let you go back to Deepground.
Shelke: I don't recall needing your permission to do anything.
Shalua: And I don't remember you ever being able to win any of our fights, do you?
Shalua: How about it? You want to try your luck?

[We see a WRO soldier keeping watch outside Azul's room. He thinks he hears a noise, and goes closer to it... only to be blasted backwards, along with the door, as a giant beast's foot steps out. Elsewhere, a DG soldier snipes two WRO members. Another sniper snipes two more. A soldier breaks though the glass ceiling, sniping two more members. The complex is utterly overrun with DG soldiers, killing everything in sight]

Reeve: Understood. You may begin mobilization.
WRO Member: Commissioner!
Reeve: Officer!
[We hear a garbled scream in the background of the transmission]
Reeve: Deepground!?
[Reeve turns around and sees a Heavy Armor unit blasting a missile at him. The screen fades to white]

[Back to Shalua and Shelke; as they're about to throw down, "Emergency" begins blaring throughout the complex]
Shalua: They're back!? But why?
Shelke: They were waiting for Azul.
Shalua: Azul?
Shelke: His death was merely a prologue to the true terror.

[Scene change to Yuffie and Vincent, still sitting in the rear of the truck]
WRO Member: We'll be arriving shortly.
WRO Member: What the hell?
[The truck shakes; Yuffie falls down, rolls around and knocks her head on the wall (again), this time falling unconscious. Vincent jumps out of the truck]

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