FFVII - DoC Script - Ch6: Deepground Strikes Back

[Vincent dispatches of the trio of machines (which look like Custom Sweepers from the original game) that derailed his truck. He proceeds through the wilderness, killing Guard Beasts, DG soldiers, and strange bug creatures along the way. He encounters a group of WRO Members and assists them; then, together with the WRO Members, they destroy a group of Helicopters intent on attacking WRO Headquarters]

[Vincent proceeds to get closer to headquarters, eventually overhearing a transmission involving WRO Members, as they shout "This is headquarters. We need backup!" followed by ""Get away!", "What is that thing!?" and various screams followed by a beast's roar]

[As he reaches the entrance to the headquarters, he's confronted by several DG soldiers... and another Black Widow. Boss battle vs. Black Widow II. Once it's defeated, he enters the headquarters... when Vincent had last been there 2 chapters ago it was in fine shape, but now it's a shell of what it once was; pretty much everything's destroyed. It's a surprise it's still standing; the ground is shredded and fires ravage the entire complex]

[In one hallway, two WRO members are firing handguns at... something. Suddenly a 3rd member flies through the air and hits the two of them. We see the beast that has torn apart the complex. It's... very beastly!]

Vincent: What the hell?
Shelke: Azul.
[Vincent turns around and sees Shelke & Shalua standing there. Azul storms towards them; Vincent fires but it has little to no effect. Shalua moves in to strike him, but gets knocked aside]
Vincent: Shalua!
[Azul knocks Vincent down. Shelke stands in front of Azul, looking at her fallen sister. To complete his trifecta, Azul smacks Shelke, sending her down. She dodges his second attempt, and pulls out a materia which momentarily paralyzes him]
Shelke: The extreme potency of this shield materia is comparable to that of your barrier field, Azul.
[He reverts to human form]
Azul: Shelke? Why do you stand in my way?
[She puts away the materia]
Shelke: I had to protect myself. You were trying to kill me.
Azul: Then now is the time.
[He takes a swipe at her and she backs away]
Azul: You are no longer required.
Shelke: No longer...?
Azul: You are no different from the others. Your weak body is nothing without mako.
Azul: Your only skill is collecting data from inside a virtual reality.
Azul: It makes me sick to even think of you as a member of the Tsviets.
Azul: Weiss has ordered your termination.
Shelke: Weiss!?
Azul: Your mission was to identify and locate the keeper of the Protomateria.
Azul: That is why we uploaded the doctor's data into your neural network.
Azul: But now we no longer need it. And we cannot let it fall into the hands of the WRO.
Azul: Your fate has been decided, Shelke. It is time for you to return to the planet.
[Shelke pulls out her materia, paralyzing him in its shield once more. Shalua grabs her hand]
Shalua: Vincent! Shelke! Let's get out of here!

[They run to the door; Shalua slams a button and it opens. Vincent's the first one out; Shelke tries to stay in the room]
Shelke: Let go of me!
Shalua: I don't think so. We have ten years to catch up on. I'm not going to let this end here--
[The door begins to close]
Vincent: Shalua!
[Shalua sticks her robotic arm between the closing doors]

Shelke: Why are you doing this?
Shalua: You can still get through. Go on.
[Shalua throws her through the opening]
Shalua: Shelke.
[Shelke looks back at her]
Shalua: I'm sorry I wasn't a better sister.
[We see Azul approaching her from the background, as the pressure of the doors destroys her arm]
Shalua: I'm sorry I let you suffer so long.
Shalua: Vincent. Take care of her, will you?
[Vincent is grabbing the door, but it's still gradually closing]
Vincent: Wait!
Shalua: Shelke.
Shalua: I'm glad I was able to find you.
Shalua: And remember, I'll always love you.
[The door closes. Vincent slams his hands on it]
Shelke: Why?
[We briefly see Azul's hand, then hear a loud thud. Beige liquid seeps under the door]
Shelke: Why did she...? Why?
Shelke: Shalua...
[We hear another loud thud on the door. Vincent grabs Shelke and runs]

[Scene change. Inside his thoroughly-destroyed office, Reeve is slumped on the ground, though still alive/conscious, just devastated at how easily the headquarters was destroyed. Vincent is by his side]
Reeve: I'm so ashamed.
Reeve: I am supposed to be a hero of the Jenova War.
Reeve: But look at me.
Vincent: Don't take all the blame.
Vincent: You're not thinking of giving up, are you?
Vincent: I used to be nothing but a stone in the river of time, but three years ago it was you and the others who taught me I had to move ahead.
Reeve: Vincent...
[Vincent walks away]

[Scene changed: Shalua is inside one of the regeneration tubes. Yuffie is keeping watch over her: Vincent walks in]
Yuffie: They say she won't wake up.
Yuffie: She suffered too much trauma to her head. Unless there's some kind of a miracle, she's not...
Yuffie: Vincent! You were there! Why couldn't you save her!?
[Vincent looks down]
Vincent: I'm sorry.
Yuffie: No.
Yuffie: I didn't mean to...
[Shelke walks in]
Shelke: She was a fool.
[Yuffie stands up, walks over to her and slaps her!]

Yuffie: You have no right to call her that!
Yuffie: You don't know what...!
[Vincent pulls Yuffie away from her]
Shelke: Why would she do something so...?
[Yuffie, about to cry, leaves the room]
Vincent: Before, when I asked Shalua what she was searching for, she answered "her reason to live."
Vincent: It was you, Shelke. You were her reason to live.
Shelke: So? I don't understand how someone could give her own life for that of another.
Shelke: Do you understand, Vincent Valentine?
Vincent: I can't answer for your sister. But...
Shelke: But?
Vincent: When a person has someone they care about that much, giving their life is sometimes the least they can do.
Vincent: And maybe that's what makes us human.
Shelke: Someone they care about...
Vincent: Although... it seems like there are alot of people around me who don't need a reason to risk their lives for that of another.
Shelke: And are you...
[She nearly falls down; Vincent catches her. They look into each other's eyes; Flashback time!]

[The screen is white]
Lucrecia: ...ent...
Lucrecia: Vincent...
Lucrecia: Vincent...
[Vincent is lying on a grassy field beneath a tree]
Lucrecia: Fall asleep here, and you might catch a cold.
[Vincent is startled]
Lucrecia: Why are you so surprised? Is my face that hideous?
Vincent: No. I didn't... I'm sorry.
Lucrecia: And how are you supposed to be my bodyguard if you're up here sleeping?
Vincent: The warm breeze... I was only going to rest my eyes for a minute.
Lucrecia: Well, I have to admit, the breeze is quite comfortable.
Lucrecia: However... I think you're in my seat.
[Vincent goes "Huh?"; Lucrecia pulls a picnic basket out from behind her back]
Lucrecia: Care to join me?
[Screen fades back to white]

[Back in the present, Vincent has his hands on Shelke's shoulders & they're looking at each other. She backs away]
Shelke: I'm sorry. [She walks away]
Shelke: Why are her data fragments responding?
[Reeve walks in]
Reeve: Vincent. I agree with you. This is not the time for us to give up.
Reeve: But I need to know something. Those data files you recovered from Shinra Manor-- are you sure there were not any more?
Vincent: I'm sure.
Reeve: I see.
Vincent: What's wrong?
Reeve: Well, the Omega Report... The file was incomplete.
Reeve: To make any sense out of it, we are going to require the other half.
Reeve: If possible, I wanted to know more about our foe before we launched the attack on Midgar.
[Shelke turns around]
Shelke: Are you speaking of Dr. Lucrecia Crescent's findings?
[Reeve gasps; he and Vincent look at her]
Reeve: Yes. But how did you...?
Shelke: A large quantity of her mnemonic data fragments has been uploaded into my neural network.
Shelke: It was my prime directive to use this data to locate and retrieve the Protomateria.
Shelke: However, not only was the data incomplete, but part of her consciousness began interfering with my own thought processes.
Shelke: It was believed that the missing fragments may have been the reason for this.
Shelke: I can attempt to upload the WRO's files on the Omega Report.
Shelke: By combining it with the data I possess, you may obtain a clearer picture of what you will be up against.
Shelke: And perhaps I can regain control of my mind.
[Yuffie's voice blares over the intercom]
Yuffie: Vincent! Reeve! You'd better get out here!

[Reeve and Vincent walk outside the HQ, approaching Yuffie, who's waving her hands in the air]
Yuffie: Cid!!! Hey!!! Over here!!!
[The airship zips into view, and begins to descend. It's accompanied by an entire fleet, numbering at least a dozen, of similar airships]
Yuffie: Wow!

[Cut to Cid manning the helm of his airship]
Cid: What the hell we waiting for!?
Cid: It's time to get up 'n go!
Cid: Come on get on board!
[Cid smirks]

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