FFVII - DoC Script - Ch9: An Empire in Ruins

[Vincent makes his way through the familiar (though largely destroyed) lobby of the Shinra Tower, eventually finding the President's entrance to Deepground. He ventures further, eventually encountering... another Black Widow! Boss fight vs. Black Widow TW. Easily dispatched]

[Vincent continues on, eventually realizing he's a bit lost. He phones someone, but a "beep beep beep" implies the user is unavailable (as a result of Shelke's confrontation with Nero). He then receives a phone call]

Tifa: Hey, I got through!
Vincent: Tifa?
Barret: Wha? You got through!? Yo! Vincent! You still alive!?
Tifa: Of course he is, we're talking to him, aren't we? And do you really have to shout right next to my ear?
Barret: [laughs] Sorry 'bout that, Tifa!
Tifa: I apologize, Vincent. Here's Cloud.
Cloud: Vincent?
Vincent: Cloud. It's been a while.
[Camera does the fade-out/fade-in thing]
Vincent: Cid's airship?
Cloud: We lost contact about 15 minutes ago.
Cloud: I don't think we have to worry, though. Those two should be fine.
Vincent: Yeah. And what about you?
Cloud: What do you think?
Tifa: Right! You can count on us!
Barret: When I'm through, there won't be a single sucka standing!
Vincent: Right.
Cloud: And as for you...
[Vincent interjects]
Vincent: Don't worry. Leave Deepground to me.
Cloud: Can you hold on a second?
Cloud: Tifa.
Tifa: Got it!
Tifa: Vincent, I'm sending you a map of the Shinra Building.
[Vincent receives the map]
Tifa: Deepground is below the complex. Take an elevator as far down as you can.
Tifa: Good lu--
Barret: Give 'em hell, Vincent!
Tifa: Barret, I thought I told you to--
Cloud: Don't go getting yourself killed, now.
[They hang up; Vincent does the same, and moves on]

[So Vincent keeps going through the sprawling underground complex - this chapter is pretty thin on story. Eventually though, Vincent arrives at a large elevator that will lead him to the Deepground complex. And standing on this elevator is... Azul!]

Azul: So Rosso didn't survive.
[Azul looks up and goes "Ohhh". Energy is emanating from Vincent's body]
Azul: Something inside you wants out.
Azul: Its stench is so very familiar.
[Azul has a hearty laugh]
Azul: Come, Vincent! Show me your rage!
Azul: Now, let the killing begin!
[He picks up his huge gun; the elevator begins to descend, as the Boss Battle vs. Neo Azul commences. After the battle, the gun is on the ground; Azul laughs]
Azul: This is how a battle should be. Don't you think so?
Azul: Now feel my true strength. Feel the wrath of Azul the Cerulean!

[Azul transforms into the beast from WRO HQ. Boss fight vs. Arch Azul, He gets defeated... but he's still in beast form after the battle! He charges forward and slaps Vincent, who hits the elevator's side railing hard]
Azul: Stand! This isn't over yet.
[Vincent stands]
Azul: Good. Now come and fight.
[Vincent zips in and punches Azul hard in his chest area. Bright light emanates from it]
Azul: Why you!
[A huge explosion blinds the screen. When the smoke clears, Chaos is standing there, and Azul is back in human mode]
Azul: Chaos?
[Chaos is holding Azul's gun. He launches it forward , and it pierces through Azul's stomach]
Azul: It looks like you were more a beast than I.
Azul: Very well. I'll see you again, Vincent... in hell!
[Chaos powers up, and shoots forward an energy blast that send Azul crashing through the railing, and off the elevator]
Azul: Hail Weiss!
[He tumbles down the endless abyss while laughing maniacally. Chaos roars; we see Nero has been watching this saga from above]
Nero: So that is Chaos. Intriguing.
Nero: "Soul wrought of terra corrupt."
Nero: Perhaps I should simply let him live out his destiny of destruction.
[Nero vanishes, but as he does he drops a cellphone. Chaos turns and looks at it]
Lucrecia: I'm so sorry.

[Flashback; Vincent is inside the regenerative tube in Shinra Manor while Lucrecia looks over him]
Lucrecia: Vincent. Just a little longer. Then I can let you out.
[She turns around, then collapses on her knees]
Lucrecia: What's wrong with me lately? Maybe I've been working too hard.
[we see Hojo, and he gives off a "Hah!"]
Hojo: I thought I heard a rat down here.
Hojo: And just what do you think you're doing with my failed experiment?
Lucrecia: Get out of my lab!
Hojo: Silence! I'm the one giving orders here!
[He approaches Lucrecia, and notices the computer screen behind her... then he goes "Ha ha ha"]
Hojo: Omega? And Chaos?
[He turns to Vincent and laughs again]
Hojo: I see. Another experiment? You're using this fine specimen to finish your thesis, aren't you, Doctor?
Lucrecia: No. You're wrong!
Hojo: Am I? Once a scientist, always a scientist, I must say.
Hojo: How happy this fellow must be. Helping his beloved even after he's begun rotting away.
[Hojo laughs maniacally again as he walks away; Lucrecia buries her face in her hands and begins to cry]
Lucrecia: no. This is no experiment. It's...

[Scene changes back to the president. Vincent is sprawled on his back]
Vincent: Chaos. Lucrecia used me to... Lucrecia...
Vincent: So this pain is...
[He slowly stands up, walks over to the dropped cell phone, and looks at it]
Vincent: Shelke?
[The elevator begins to rumble; it's reached the bottom]
Vincent: Deepground. Shinra's dark secret.
Vincent: Three years of hell below and now a world of hell above.
Vincent: The path to darkness opens once more.
[A large door opens, and we get a glimpse of the inside; a Mako Reactor with a "00" emblazoned on it; and a massive, sprawling underground city]

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