FFVII - DoC Script - Ch4: Headquarters under Siege

[Vincent is inside a tube of water, much like the previous scene, but in the present day. He wakes up and stares forward; Shalua is sitting at a desk in front of him]

Shalua: Well, look who's awake.
[Vincent looks around]
Shalua: Hold on. I'll release you.
[He gets released]
Vincent: Where am I?
Shalua: Safe inside the WRO headquarters.
Shalua: I carried you back here from Edge after you collapsed during your fight with Deepground.
Shalua: It seems like the beast inside you went a little wild back there. This happen often?
Vincent: Went wild? Do you mean Chaos?
Shalua: Chaos? Your body harbors the Chaos gene?
[Shalua begins to walk around as she talks]
Shalua: So that explains your relationship with Dr. Lucrecia Crescent.
Shalua: Were you the product of one of her experiments?
Vincent: Lucrecia's experiments? [He looks down]
Shalua: I apologize. That wasn't what I meant.
Vincent: Wait. Lucrecia was researching Chaos?
Shalua: [looks at him] Don't tell me you didn't know.
[She sits down at her computer and types in a few keys. Information appears on the screen]
Shalua: Crescent. Shinra class A scientist specializing in biotechnology.
Shalua: In her research thesis, "The Planet's Pulse," she refers to Chaos as one of the sentient xenoforms residing among us.
Shalua: However, the theories that she presented in her work were so abstract and complex...
[Vincent zones out as Shalua continues talking in the background. He hears Lucrecia's voice once again say "I'm so sorry.", followed by "Awaken."]
Shalua: Are you alright?
Vincent: Can I see that thesis?
Shalua: Unfortunately, no. On top of being obscure, it was never even submitted to the Shinra database. All I know is what I saw while going through the company's archives.
[Reeve walks in]
Reeve: Vincent! Have you recovered already?

[Scene change; the little girl who accompanied Azul in Kalm is typing on a computer. Azul approaches her from behind]
Azul: What is the status of our keeper?
Girl: His location remains unchanged since the confrontation. We can assume this is the WRO headquarters.
Azul: Good. Two birds with one stone.
[He walks away; she stands up, turns around and picks up an orange materia sitting on a nearby table, before leaving the room]

[Back to Reeve, Vincent and Shalua; apparently Vincent has recited his story to the other two]
Reeve: So Rosso the Crimson told you that Protomateria is the "key to controlling Omega"?
Vincent: Yeah.
Reeve: Any ideas?
Shalua: Soul wrought of terra corrupt, quelling impurity, purging the stream to beckon forth an ultimate fate. Behold mighty Chaos, Omega's squire to the lofty heavens.
Reeve: Where did you...?
Shalua: A passage from Dr. Crescent's thesis. But that's all I know. Unfortunately, I only saw a fragment of the document.
Shalua: However, Chaos... Omega... And... [she looks at Vincent] All seem to be connected to Dr. Crescent in some way. There's no other explanation.
Shalua: I think we'll need to gather more data on her to get anywhere.
[The computer screens surrounding them flash red & an alarm goes off]
Reeve: What now?

[Outside WRO headquarters, dozens of Deepground soldiers enter the building. Azul spots a video camera; a Deepground soldier shoots it down]

Shalua: Damn!

[She types a few keys, causing doors inside the complex to close. Vincent exits the room. Outside, we see a couple of Deepground soldiers standing around]

Azul: Move.

[They move out of the way. He approaches a steel door; on the other side are 3 WRO soldiers. He punches a big hole in it]

Azul: Painless.
Azul: Go.

[Deepground soldiers swarm into the complex. We next seen Vincent in a hallway, on his way to confronting them]

Reeve: Vincent! The enemy has breached the main gate! Hurry!

[Shalua looks at the video feed of the camera which was shot earlier. What's left of the video feed shows the little girl walking by. Shalua freaks out]

Shalua: What?
Shalua: It couldn't be...

[Gameplay time. Vincent works his way through the floors of the WRO building, taking out various Deepground units. Eventually he reaches a WRO member who alerts him of the threat to Reeve]

WRO Member: Mr. Valentine! A sizable enemy unit is headed straight for the command center. Please, sir, you have to help the commissioner!

[Oh no, Reeve! Vincent races to the command center, where he encounters...]

Cait Sith: Take that!
[A Deepground soldier gets thrown out. Cait Sith walks out of the room, followed by Reeve, their actions synchronized]
Reeve: Don't worry. I'll be fine here.
Reeve: But Vincent. The Tsviets... Azul is still on the loose. [Reeve and Cait Sith walk back into the room]

[Gameplay continues; Vincent backtracks, and notices Azul on the ground floor; he makes his way there, and then through some hallways, until he gets to a large room. As he's walking, we can see a cloaked person following him. Shalua, who's also in the room, spots the hidden being and pulls her gun]

Shalua: Don't move.
[The cloaked being... is that little girl. She uncloaks and walks up to Shalua, who's still pointing a gun at her]
Girl: Very perceptive of you.
Shalua: I knew it.
[They look at it each other]
Shalua: Shelke.
Shelke: I have no acquaintances in the WRO.
Shalua: We've both changed so much. No, you haven't changed at all. Not in ten years.
[Shelke gasps]
Shalua: Shelke. It's me. Shalua.
[Shelke turns away]
Shalua: I've been searching for you for so long.
[Shelke takes out her weapon, a pair of lightsabre-ish things with a tube connecting from one part of her wrist armor to another, and points one of the sabres at Shalua]
Shelke: Don't take another step.
Shalua: Shelke?
Shelke: It doesn't matter who I am or who you are. My current mission as a Deepground soldier is all that is relevant.
Shalua: Even though ten years have passed, you're still Shelke, my only sister!
[Shelke lowers and disables her weapon]
Shelke: Ten years. Has it been that long?
Shelke: The day they came to take me away, I was told I had potential.
Shelke: But those words were nothing but a precursor to a decade of suffering.
Shelke: They manipulated my mind until I was a shadow of my original self.
Shelke: The pain. The fear. For ten years I lived in a hell far deeper than any you could imagine.
Shelke: But look at me. I should be 19 this year.
Shelke: If I don't receive my daily dose of mako, this body wouldn't last a day.
Shelke: However, I don't consider myself the least bit unfortunate.
Shelke: Except that for so long I held on to a foolish thread of hope that someday, someone would come to save me.
Shalua: [sobbing, as she falls to her knees] I'm sorry, Shelke. I'm so sorry.
Shelke: It's time to put the past behind us. [turns on her weapon]
Reeve: Stop this!
Shelke: Reeve Tuesti.
Reeve: So you are Shalua's younger sister.
Shelke: Excellent. Now I can terminate both of you at once.
Reeve: Look at her. That's the price Shalua has paid fighting Shinra for the past ten years.
Reeve: She has given more than her arm, more than her eye. She has put her life on the line time and time again. All to find her lost sister.
Reeve: More than half her organs have been reconstructed.
Reeve: Not a day goes by when Shalua doesn't suffer the pain of a hundred souls.
Reeve: But still, she...
Shelke: Enough. I've... I've heard enough.
[She prepares her weapon; Vincent pulls out his gun]
Reeve: Stop!
[Reeve shoots at a sprinkler on the ceiling, which sets it off. Shelke moves forward to attack Shalua; Vincent runs to her side. Shelke stops her attack just in time]
Reeve: Vincent!
[The three of them leave the room as the sprinkler stops. Reeve reaches into his pocket]
Reeve: Use these.
[Vincent takes what was given to him and re-enters the room]
Shalua: Shelke? Shelke!
Reeve: Don't worry. The bullets will only sedate her. Let Vincent handle this.

[Vincent and Shelke square off. Boss fight vs. Shelke the Transparent. After the fight, she's unconscious from the sedation bullets]

Shalua: Shelke!
[Shalua runs to her side and cradles her in her arms. Reeve and Vincent walk away]

[Gameplay. Vincent backtracks, but shortly thereafter stops; he turns around, as Azul comes crashing down through the ceiling]

Azul: We meet again.
Azul: Answer me this. Do you know why you even exist?
[Vincent stares at him. Azul smirks]
Azul: Just as I thought. Ignorant to your own destiny.
Azul: Very well. I'll show you what you really are.
[Vincent shoots at him, but it does nothing; a shield appears in front of Azul]
Azul: You think that toy can penetrate my armor?
Azul: Enough of the games, Vincent. Give me the Protomateria.
Reeve: Vincent! Over here!
[Vincent fires at Azul a few more times before running away]
Azul: You can't run!

[Vincent and Reeve are running away; Azul is hot on their trail]
Reeve: Vincent!
[Vincent looks at him and nods. They enter a large room; Vincent walks over to an extremely large gun/rocket launcher on the ground, picks it up & fires it at Azul. The explosion sends Vincent and Reeve backwards]
Vincent: You shouldn't leave those things lying around.
[Reeve laughs; Vincent looks at Azul, who's still standing, albeit shieldless, and now HE'S holding the gun/rocket launcher. He's also laughing menacingly]
Azul: Well done. You have broken through my barrier.
Vincent: This ends here. Leave him to me. [Reeve leaves]
Azul: Long has it been since I faced a worthy opponent!

[Boss fight vs. Azul the Cerulean. At the end of the fight, Vincent is standing in front of Azul, whose gun/rocket launcher is now on the ground]

Azul: You may think this is the end, but...
[He falls down]

[Vincent is walking through the WRO HQ's lobby. Reeve approaches him]

Reeve: Where are you...
Vincent: Nibelheim
Reeve: Wait. Shinra Manor? But that is where...
Reeve: Understood.
Reeve: However, be on your guard. We have reports of Deepground units deployed in that area.
Reeve: If you wish to enter the manor in one piece, I suggest you use the sewer system extending from the old mako reactor.
Vincent: Sewer? How appropriate is that?
[Vincent walks away]
Reeve: Now, as for me and my feline companion...
Reeve: It is time we found out what Deepground is truly up to.

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