FFVII - DoC Script - Ch7: The Shera

[Camera panes around the bridge of the airship; various personnel rattle off different statistics; we next see the engine room, where people make similar comments. The airship is all charged up & ready to go!]

[Cid spots Vincent and leaves the wheel to talk to him]
Cid: Hey! Vincent! Long time.
WRO Member: Captain!
[Cid quickly returns to the wheel]
Cid: Sorry 'bout that.
Cid: As much as I'd like to sit down and reminisce 'bout old times, you'll have to take a rain check. Why don't you have a look around my bird until the meeting?

[Vincent makes his way around the airship, The Shera, first encountering Yuffie]

Yuffie: [heaving, like she's about to throw up] Man, I hate airships. I knew I shouldn't have had eggs for breakfast.
Yuffie: Sorry Vince. I don't feel like talking much.

[Eventually Vincent arrives at a computer lab, where Shelke is working at a computer and Shalua remains inside her regenerative tube]

Shelke: After the assault begins, the headquarters' facilities will no longer be available.
Shelke: And to think, just a few days ago, I was the one who was in there.
Shelke: No, forget I said anything.
Vincent: What are you working on?
Shelke: I'm in the process of modifying this equipment so I can perform an SND--a synaptic net dive.
Vincent: Synaptic net dive?
Shelke: My specialty within the Tsviets.
Shelke: While retaining consciousness, I project an image of myself into a virtual reality called a network.
Shelke: I can also use this ability to negotiate with data on the subconscious planes of sentient life forms.
Shelke: However, this often involves a great risk to my own sanity.
Shelke: For Shinra, the success of the SND project was crucial for their next step in...
Shelke: I'm sorry. I seem to have gotten off-track. Simply put, I'm creating a personal network terminal within the airship's main control console.
[Vincent backs up slightly]
Shelke: What?
Vincent: Nothing. You just remind me of your sister.

[Vincent leaves. In another room, he encounters Reeve, sitting down]

Reeve: Thanks to Shelke's half of the data, I have been able to make more sense of the report.
Reeve: But I still require more time to piece together the fragments. I will give you all a detailed briefing at the meeting.

[Once all three individuals have been talked to, the scene changes; everyone's on the bridge. It's meeting time!]

Cid: Alright. Our old buddies and the remaining WRO squads will lead the ground assault...

[Scene change; a lone truck is driving through the Wastelands. Barret is at the helm, with Tifa in the passenger seat]
Tifa: I see it!
[The rear of the truck opens up. Cloud is sitting on his motorcycle; he puts his driving goggles on]
Cloud: Time to go, Fenrir.
[He drives out of the truck, and then ahead of it; Cloud is leading the way]
Barret: Awright!
Tifa: Yeah!
[As the camera pans out, we see the truck is just one of over a dozen, and the entire convoy is on a direct course to Midgar]

[Back to the meeting; Yuffie is holding a bag of ice to her forehead]
Yuffie: ...while we launch our attack from the air.
Cid: Right. So Reeve, you ready?
Reeve: Yes.

[Scene changes to show Shelke about to put on her VR helmet again; Cait Sith is in the room with her.]
Cait Sith: Alright. Take it away, Shelke!
[She puts it on and lies back in her chair]
Shelke: Very well.
Shelke: Data fragment link... successful. Commencing synaptic net dive in 3, 2, 1 ...
[She begins the dive. On the bridge, Cid, Vincent, Reeve and Yuffie are exposed to a hologram of the universe]
Cid: What the? Are we in...?
Yuffie: What? What?
[A distinct female voice-over recites Reeve's report]
Girl: Just as we return to the planet when our lifelight has faded, the planet returns to the cosmos when her time has come.
Girl: Anything that has definite shape will one day cease to exist. The same is true for this world.
[The quartet are exposed to an image of a trio of meteors striking the planet, spreading a wave of fire over it]

Girl: Before she takes her final breath, the pure Lifestreams that flow freely beneath her crust will be brought together into one by Omega--the ultimate lifeform. His purpose: to gather all life, sentient and non, and lead it into the sea of stars, where it will embark on a fabulous journey along a road untraveled.
[The lifestreams, which had been gathering at one point, blast off into the universe]
Girl: However, when Omega has lifted the life from this planet, all that will remain will be an empty shell destined to die silently in the limitless void of space.
[The barren, lifeless world, begins to crack, then fall apart - very similar to Bugenhagen's demonstration of a lifeless planet from the original game]

[Back on the Shera's bridge; the universal light show has ended, and the female voice-overs are replaced by Shelke voice-overs]
Shelke: Omega is the same type of life form as the Weapons we encountered three years ago.
Shelke: The planet gave birth to these creatures to protect itself just as the planet will ultimately give birth to the final Weapon, Omega, when the end of the world is imminent.
Shelke: In essence, Omega is an elaborate safety mechanism designed solely to maintain and protect the flow of life.
Shelke: Normally, Omega poses no threat to us. It only manifests when the planet has detected something that may cause her danger.
Reeve: However, Deepground is attempting to awaken the beast early. Thus the kidnappings.
[Brief scene change; Cait Sith puts on the VR helmet, then waves to Shelke. She nods at him. The screen is black, and we hear the screams & cries of many people]
Cait Sith: Good gracious me!
[Scene changes back to the bridge]
Reeve: By slaughtering thousands of innocent souls, they are creating a pure Lifestream in order to trick the planet into thinking the "end" is near.
Cid: Why, those conniving...!
Cid: I don't know what this Weiss character is tryin', but he's crazy if he thinks we're gonna let him get away with it.
Reeve: Right.
Reeve: Omega is being revived deep beneath Midgar in Mako Reactor 0.
Reeve: To increase the output of Reactor 0, all the other reactors have been tied into its mainframe.
Reeve: Our objective is to destroy 1 through 8 and slow the reanimation process.
Reeve: Mission details for each squad will be relayed separately.
Cid: Alright. We've still got some time before the big show.
Cid: You got anything needs tending to, do it.

[Back to gameplay; Vincent talks to Cid, who's back at the wheel of The Shera]
Cid: Vince, don't worry about the reactors. We'll take care of them.
Cid: You work on those four wackos.
Cid: I don't like letting you have all the fun, but you know I can't leave my baby here alone.
Cid: Cloud and the others will be shutting down the power, and there's no way we're lettin' Yuffie go down there by herself.
Cid: Sorry buddy. Looks like from here on out it's Vince versus the Tsviets.
[Cid faces Vincent, and puts his hand on Vincent's shoulder]
Cid: We're counting on you, old pal.
[Optional dialogue, but I'm including it anyways. If you talk to Cid again...]
Cid: Yeah, but just look at Cait... I mean, Reeve. When the hell did he become so important?
Cid: All this you see around you--everything here--he put up the gil for it.
Cid: 'Course that's on the condition that I help him save the world.
Cid: What I want to know is where he got that kind of cash.
[Talking to Cid AGAIN, even more optional]
Cid: When all this is over, how about we grab a couple of cold ones. Just like the good ol' days, huh?
Cid: Even Shera's been worried about you, and you know how she gets.

[Back to the laboratory to talk with Shelke]
Shelke: So tired...
Shelke: Vincent Valentine.
Vincent: What?
Shelke: This feeling. Is this what you meant by doing something for someone you care about?
Vincent: It seems so.
Shelke: Dr. Crescent's data has begun defragmenting within my mind.
Shelke: I can see many different images.
Shelke: Images she experienced with you.
Shelke: Interference... Recovery... So tired... [She falls asleep]

[And back to the room where Reeve is sitting]
Vincent: So, no costume today?
Reeve: [laughs] Headquarters was pretty much destroyed by the Deepground forces.
Reeve: But I was able to salvage a few things.
[A Cait Sith approaches them]
Cait Sith: Number 6, ready for action!
[Talking to Reeve again, some more optional dialogue]
Vincent: Tell me, Reeve. Who's backing your operation?
Cait Sith: Oh, that.
[Reeve laughs a bit]
Reeve: Actually, I'm not sure. I have only met with a representative.
Reeve: However, the WRO is crucial for this planet's survival.
Reeve: I'm not concerned with the reasons this person has for helping us, as long as he continues writing the checks.
Reeve: Though, I have a feeling it is probably someone who believes he is in debt to the planet.

[And another convo with a still-heaving, still-airsick Yuffie]
Yuffie: Did you hear? They attacked Wutai as well.
Yuffie: Thanks to my dad and the Wusheng, things didn't turn out as bad as they could have, but... But I'm worried about my old man. He's not as young as he used to be.
Yuffie: He's gonna have a heart attack one of these days, if not give me one!
[Talking to Yuffie again, optional dialogue]
Yuffie: Now, if I was there, dad wouldn't even have to put down his mai tai.
Yuffie: What? What?
[Another optional convo...]
Yuffie: I could take out Deepground with one hand tied behind my back! [Starts to punch the air... then heaves]

[Vincent approaches a lower area of The Shera. He clutches at his heart, which begins to beat louder, and he hears a beast's roar... he looks at his hand as he begins to glow red. He's now in Chaos mode. He claws at a wall, and is about to go kill some people when...]
Lucrecia: Vincent.
[He turns around and sees Lucrecia standing there. He reaches out to her with his right hand. His arm glows, and he returns to being Vincent... the hallucination disappears]
Vincent: What's happening?
[He looks at his hands]
Vincent: A dream?
[He turns his head & notices the clawing of the wall. He gasps... and clutches at his heart once again, as it beats louder]
Vincent: Am I losing control?
[Shelke is standing behind him... she walks away]

[Back on the bridge, the camera's on Cid]
Cid: Okay dogs, it's time!
Cid: All hands to battle stations!

[Scene change: The sun is setting, as Azul, Nero and Rosso stand on the outskirts of Midgar]
Azul: A simultaneous attack from land and air.
Azul: I think they may be serious this time.
Rosso: They had better be. I've been so bored lately.
Nero: His awakening is near. Let tonight be the final chapter.

[Back in the Shera's hangar, as the WRO troops prepare for battle. Yuffie's there with them. Cid's voice blares over the intercom]
Cid: Listen up, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once!
Cid: If any more of you are killed by those punks, I'll drag you back from hell and kill you again!
Cid: You really want to piss off those SOBs, then why not try stayin' alive!
Cid: That's what this war's all about!
Cid: If you live, everybody behind you lives. If you die, they die!
Cid: You got that? Now go kick some Deepground ass!
[Yuffie & Everyone else cheers]

[Scene change; Shelke talks to Vincent; Reeve is by their side]
Shelke: Vincent Valentine. [hands him a phone]
Vincent: What's this?
Shelke: Your phone. I retrieved it in Kalm.
Shelke: I've modified it slightly. Just dial #VIN to contact my personal terminal directly.
Shelke: From this workstation, I can perform a synaptic net dive into almost any network system in Midgar.
Shelke: I may also be able to help guide you into Deepground.
[Vincent looks at Reeve; he crosses his arms]
Shelke: It's not what you think.
Shelke: By monitoring your movement, Dr. Crescent's data fragments are restored within me.
Shelke: I'm simply providing this service for my own benefit.
Vincent: I didn't say anything.
Shelke: I... Anyway... my resources here are limited. Do not expect too much.
Vincent: I'm counting on you, Shelke.
Shelke: I... It's just I've never actually been "counted on" by anyone before.
Shelke: Never mind.
Reeve: Well then, can I "count on" you to keep an eye on the airship while we're away as well?
[Shelke gasps]
Reeve: I have already witnessed your strength and skill once.
Reeve: This is war, and we have to be ready for anything. Your assistance would be of great help.
Shelke: My assistance?
Reeve: Exactly.
WRO Member: Commissioner!
Reeve: Excuse me. Vincent, I will see you again before deployment. And Shelke remember, I'm counting on you.
[Reeve leaves; a few moments later, Vincent looks at Shelke and leaves too]
Shelke: Fighting for...
[She shakes her head]
Shelke: No, I have no one to fight for. No one at all.
[She walks away]

[Oh man, it's FMV time. Cid punches one hand into his palm, all dramatic-like]
Cid: This is it!
Cid: Go!
[The fleet of airships approach Midgar. Deepground is ready for them, as an array of helicopters, black widows, and hundreds of soldiers prepare to fire on them. A group of Heavy Armored soldiers launch a barrage of missiles, hitting a couple of airships; an airship returns fire, taking out several black widows. Gunfire and missiles fill the air; the bottom of an airship opens up, as a robotic female voice announces "Hatch open. Prepare for drop." Elsewhere, Shelke jumps into her chair and puts her helmet on]
Yuffie: See you boys later!
[Yuffie and the other soldiers dive out of the airship on hoverboard-type devices]
Yuffie: Going down!
[Cut back to Shelke, who's monitoring the developments]
Shelke: Advance squad away. Secondary squad, prepare for drop.

[The air battle rages on, as the fleet of trucks (and Cloud on his motorcycle) approach the city, while being heavily fired upon. Cloud leads the way]

Tifa: Barret!
[Barret responds with a "Yo!" Cloud holds his sword in his right hand, while a stream of missiles fire from the top of Barret's truck, destroying all in their path. Cloud rides through the resulting firestorm. High above the action, Rosso sees Cloud approach. She giggles to herself, and jumps down. Cloud looks up in time to see Rosso, weapon unfurled, about to perform an epic spinning attack on him]

[A large explosion occurs at his motorcycle, and we next see Cloud and Rosso gliding through the air, both attempting to strike the other. The clash of their weapons results in a large energy shockwave]

[Elsewhere, Azul (with his large gun/rocket launcher in tow) fires into the air. The blast hits an airship. Which loses control and..]
Cid: What the!?
[...collides with the Shera. A fire breaks out in the hatch area; Vincent and the WRO members dive out on their hoverboards just in time]

Shelke: Transmission with bay 9 lost. Damage to the Shera minimal.
Cid: Damn! They're gonna pay for that!

[A helicopter fires at Vincent; a few key gunshots causes it to explode. Vincent continues to glide down as he continues to be fired upon. After some more acrobatic moves, he successfully lands inside Midgar, starting at the Shinra Tower]

[Gameplay resumes; the sun has set and the sky is showing signs of twilight. The war still rages on around him. He sees a train in front of him; his phone rings & he answers]
Shelke: What do you think you're doing?
Shelke: You have landed several klicks off your target destination.
Shelke: However, considering the location of the enemy, this could work to your advantage.
Shelke: Head for the central complex and locate a means of reaching the top level.
Shelke: You will only be able to enter Deepground from the upper platform.
Shelke: I'll contact you again. Shelke out.

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