FFVII - DoC Script - Ch8: Midgar Assault

[Vincent makes his way through the area, eventually encountering WRO Members]
WRO Member: Mr. Valentine!
WRO Member: We missed our landing point.
WRO Member: This looks like the old sector 7 slums. The Train Graveyard.
Vincent: Yes it does.
WRO Member: Sir, I've received a radio transmission reporting the remaining air squads have reached the upper level plates and joined the ground forces.
Vincent: Fine.
[Vincent begins to walk away... the WRO Member turns to face him]
WRO Member: Sir...
[He turns around]
WRO Member: Requesting permission to accompany you until we have reached the complex!
Vincent: Do as you wish.
WRO Member: Sir! Thank you, sir!

[Vincent encounters another WRO Member, cowering behind a crate]
WRO Member: I was just taking a breather.
[Vincent walks away]
WRO Member: Sir! Let me join you!
Vincent: Just don't get in my way.
[Vincent and the WRO Members continue through the Train Graveyard. At one point, a female WRO Member is crouched, gun ready, peering around a corner]
WRO Member: You know, I was born in Midgar.
WRO Member: My brother and I used to play here all the time. My mom didn't approve, though.
WRO Member: After she died, my brother joined a Shinra resistance group, but was killed when the plate fell and...
WRO Member: I can't believe this place is still here.
[A different WRO Member runs up to them]
WRO Member: Lieutenant! Soldiers!
[The gameplay continues; eventually you run into a WRO Commander]
WRO Member: Commander!
[The Commander then speaks to you]
WRO Member: Vincent Valentine! Thank you for your assistance!
WRO Member: To reach the central complex, you must proceed through this maze of decommissioned train cars.
WRO Member: However, I have received reports that beyond the graveyard are some of the enemy's most powerful defenses.
Vincent: Alright. I'll see what I can do.
WRO Member: Wait! I can't let you go without backup!
Vincent: No.
Vincent: You heard what Cid said. Your job is to live. If you come with me, chances are you'll all die.
WRO Member: Understood. I'll remain here until the current situation has improved. [salutes] Good luck, sir.

[Continuing on some more, until he finds yet another WRO Member, this time injured. The Member pulls his gun on Vincent, then lowers it]
WRO Member: Vincent Valentine.
[Camera fades out, then fades back in]
Vincent: There's no way out of here?
WRO Member: None. I looked all over, but I found nothing. It looks like we're both stuck in here.
[Vincent thinks for a moment, then pulls out his phone and calls someone, the 'someone' obviously being...]
Vincent: Shelke.
Shelke: Vincent Valentine?
[Camera does the fade out & fade in thing from before]
Shelke: The only way out of the graveyard is through a nearby underground passage.
Vincent: Where?
Shelke: I'm uploading the location now.
Shelke: Also, up ahead, Deepground has established a heavy line of defense.
Shelke: You probably won't even break a sweat, but I thought I would let you know.
[Vincent hangs up]

[He continues on, getting to another part of the Train Graveyard. His phone rings]
Shelke: Vincent Valentine.
Shelke: You've reached the central complex. Proceed up to reach the plate surface.
[she gasps]
Vincent: What's wrong?
Shelke: The approaching Deepground squa-- No, it's nothing. I'll contact you agai--
[DG soldiers with jetpacks fly in from above]
Shelke: Aerial troopers. Good luck, Vincent.
[Boss battle vs. Shrikes. Vincent easily takes them out, dispatching of the last one in a cutscene. ]

[Vincent makes his way through the complex, dispatching assorted soldiers and robots. Eventually he makes his way to the top, and there to greet him is... Rosso]
Rosso: Still alive, I see.
Rosso: And you call yourself human?
Vincent: More human than you.
Rosso: More human than I? [Laughs] Tell me something I don't already know, darling!
Rosso: I'm a Tsviet! I traded away my human weaknesses for power long ago.
Rosso: It is the path I've chosen.
Rosso: And the path I'll tread.
Rosso: Until I've sucked all life from this pitiful world!
Rosso: And I'm not going to let you get in the way.
Rosso: You've lived long enough, Vincent Valentine.
Rosso: And I'll make sure you don't come back this time by slicing you into pieces!
[She takes out her weapon. Boss battle vs. Rosso the Crimson. After you take off about a quarter of her health...]
Rosso: Do you know why they call me "the Crimson," darling?
Rosso: Let me show you!
[Boss battle vs. Bloodburst Rosso - way faster and tougher! Still a cakewalk for Vincent. After the fight she's on the ground]
Rosso: Someone stronger...
Rosso: than...
[She slowly gets up]
Rosso: Absurd...
Rosso: Absurd!
Rosso: Our time here together is done.
Rosso: But the mighty Azul awaits.
[She runs to the edge of the platform]
Rosso: I shall not grant you the pleasure of killing Rosso the Crimson.
Rosso: No one will ever stand above me!
[A beam of energy appears in her hand]
Rosso: No one! No one! No one!]
[After each "No one", she strikes the platform around her with the energy beam, forming the shape of a square. Her part of the platform begins to fall down, and she cackles maniacally as she falls to her death]

[Vincent is walking, and picks up his phone]
Shelke: Vincent Valentine.
[We see Shelke is still sitting in her chair with the helmet on]
Shelke: The ground squads have not been able to penetrate the Deepground defenses.
Shelke: The mako reactors are still operating at full capacity.
Vincent: So it seems.
Shelke: What is your location?
Vincent: Shinra building... or what remains of it.
[The building's wrecked, and on fire]
Shelke: The same as it was three years ago.
Shelke: Though, after Meteorfall, there wasn't much left of Midgar at all.
Shelke: With the exception of Deepground.
Shelke: The passage to Deepground should be located within Shinra building.

Shelke: Search for the president's personal entrance.
Vincent: Alright.
[Vincent feels the pain in his chest again; he collapses the screen goes black, and we hear the howl of Chaos. It fades back in, and we see he's still Vincent, though he's dropped his phone on the ground]
Shelke: Is something wrong?
[A DG mutant dog runs up to Vincent from behind; Vincent punches it away, stands up, and growls]
Shelke: Vincent!
[He regains his composure; he still hasn't transformed]
Vincent: What's going on?
Vincent: Why is Chaos...? Why now?
[Scene changes back to Shelke]
Shelke: You really don't know, do you?
Shelke: The Protomateria helped you control Chaos. Now that you've lost it your mental state has become extremely unstable.
[Back to Vincent]
Vincent: Protmateria? Control Chaos?
Shelke: Yes. If you recall, you had it extracted from your chest by Rosso.

[Scene changes back to Shelke; while we see her lips move, it's Lucrecia's voice we hear]
Shelke: Chaos. While a part of you, the entity exists independently from the rest of your body.
Vincent: Shelke?
Shelke: Chaos. The harbinger of anarchy.
[Vincent turns around. He seems an image of Lucrecia, standing there]
Vincent: Lucrecia.
[She begins to walk toward him, and speaks in synch with Shelke]
Shelke/Lucrecia: Born before the planet dies, he shall gather together all life for Omega's journey to the sea of stars. That is Chaos. And he slumbers inside you.
[The camera pans away; we see Vincent is looking at nothing, and Lucrecia is just a hallucination]
Lucrecia: I'm so sorry.
Lucrecia: You must fight him. I don't want you to die... [She disappears]
Vincent: Lucrecia!
[Scene change back to Shelke]
Shelke: You must fight him.
Shelke: I don't want you to die.
[Her helmet malfunctions; sparks fly everywhere; she takes it off, while we see a red alarm blaring in the distance]

[Back to Cid at the helm of the Shera]
Cid: Hey! Engine room! What the hell's going on down there!?
Cid: Engine room! Dammit!
Shelke: What is wrong?
Cid: Don't have a damn clue. All of a sudden, engine levels began dropping like crazy.
Cid: We haven't taken any direct hits, so everything should be running like clockwork.
Shelke: I will go have a look.
Cid: Thanks. Counting on you.

[She nods, and sprints to the engine room. Upon entering, she sees clouds of black energy throughout the room. An engine or two is on fire]

Shelke: It can't be.
Nero: Fancy meeting you here, Shelke.
[She turns around to face him]
Shelke: You.
Nero: Quite unexpected.
Shelke: Why did you come here, Nero?
Nero: Why? I was short a few souls, and came to collect.
Shelke: What did you do with the crew?
Nero: [laughs] Need you ask? Look around. My mission is complete.
Shelke: Oh...
[She turns around and sees a motionless Cait Sith on the ground. She turns to face Nero once more, and... takes out her weapon!]
Nero: And what do we think we are doing?
Shelke: I donít really know.
Shelke: However, since coming here I have realized one thing--
Shelke: I don't want to let down anyone who's counting on me.
Nero: Pure nonsense.
Shelke: Nonsense? Perhaps.
[Her weapon turns on. She attempts to hit Nero repeatedly, but he dodges or parries all her blows. Eventually he steps back, and his wings shift and fire bullets at Shelke, who puts up a shield to stop them. A black portal appears behind Nero... and the camera fades to black]

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