FFVII - DoC Script - Prologue: Meteorfall

[A portion of Meteor sticks itself through the smoke and clouds above Midgar. Rescue workers are evacuating the city and carting off the dead amidst harsh Meteor-generated winds]

Yuffie: Come on! Hurry up!
Yuffie: And try not to drop anybody this time!
Yuffie: Report!
Guy: Evac complete. All injured have been moved to the transports.
Yuffie: Okay! Let's get outta here!
Yuffie: Just remember to keep on guard until you're clear of the red zone!
Yuffie: We're all done here. How about you?
[Vincent approaches the base of the Sister Ray]
Vincent: Finished.
Vincent: But Yuffie, I want you to check the mako cannon.
Yuffie: But we already...
[She looks up at the cannon, holding an electronic device which scans for life signs]
Yuffie: What the...?
[The screen of the device flashes "Detected Life Signs 01"]
Vincent: Just as I thought.
Yuffie: Hold on! Hold on! This is crazy.
Yuffie: There's no way anybody could be up there. No.
Vincent: Yuffie. Rendezvous with Cloud and the others.
Vincent: It looks like I still have some work to do.
[Vincent hangs up]
Yuffie: Hey, whoa!
[She lowers the phone and looks up at the cannon]
Yuffie: Vincent.
Yuffie: Get out of there! I have a bad feeling about this!

[Vincent runs up to the top of the cannon, reaching the area where the group fought and defeated Hojo in the original game. Bright white light surrounds Vincent as the camera panes around to reveal... Hojo, slumped over the controls of the cannon, not moving. Vincent stares at him with utter hatred, and pulls out his tripled-barreled gun, Cerberus. Just as he's about to fire, a stray lightning bolt strikes the gun, distracting him. When he looks back up, Hojo isn't there. Unsure whether it was a hallucination or not, Vincent is given no time to ponder as a secondary explosion occurs nearby]

Yuffie: Vincent!
[She approaches on some sort of hoverbike. Vincent jumps on and they fly away. On the computer screen that Hojo had previously been near, the words "start" and "fragment program" appear, flashing]

["Three years later" flashes on the screen]

[Vincent is sitting in Lucrecia's cave, facing down. He looks up to see Lucrecia, encased in crystals with her eyes closed and hands placed on her chest. Vincent thinks the following lines]

Vincent: So...
Vincent: We meet again...
Vincent: Lucrecia.
[Some strange, subtle fluctuations appear around her. The screen fades to black]
Lucrecia: I'm so sorry.

[Vincent opens his eyes; he's in a room in Kalm]
Vincent: Why?
Vincent: I'm the one who should apologize.

[A noise in the background signals the start of a television news program. We see Vincent's cell phone with a message to Vincent, from Reeve, stating "Meet me in Kalm. We need to talk." An anchorman begins the news story]

Anchorman: Three weeks ago our crew left for Midgar.
Anchorwoman: However, the group's whereabouts still remain unknown. What really happened down there?
Anchorman: Tonight, for the first time, we bring you the final transmission received...
[Footage appears on the television screen; beneath it is the text "A television crew and 38 members of an investigation team are believed missing". The Anchorman and woman describe how, for the past three years, a door had remained sealed but was now being opened; a door leading to an area beneath the Shinra building, another of the company's secrets revealed recently. They note that there is evidence that "thousands of people had once been transported here"]

[While the Anchorwoman continues to jabber on, Vincent looks out his window, up at the moon. The people in Kalm appear to be celebrating something; fireworks explode in the sky, and the streets are bustling with human activity and balloons. People are dancing. It's a very happy and festive time... and we cut back to Vincent, sitting in his solitary room. Suddenly he jerks his head to look outside once more - a missile of some sort has been launched at a building, exploding amidst the screams of frightened citizens in the streets. One guy exclaims "What the heck was that?!" A trio of helicopters fly overhead. With the aid of bungee cord-like devices, several soldiers drop out, detach, and run amongst the crowd, opening fire]

[Another batch of helicopters arrive, carrying large containers. Some bizarre dog-like mutant creature runs towards someone and bites their chest, dragging him away. Vincent is shown standing in his window, as a helicopter descends directly in front of him and fires a missile. His room explodes into flames as he jumps in the air and fires at the helicopter repeatedly, destroying it. We're shown one of the soldiers ordering a little girl clutching a teddy bear to "get in there!", "there" being one of the aforementioned containers. People are being herded into containers as the city burns around them. Vincent is pissed off]

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