FFVII - DoC Script - Ch10: Shinra's Dark Secret

[Vincent proceeds forward a bit; in the distance he notices a bunch of Gargoyles fly up to him. For a long time, Vincent makes his way throughout the Deepground complex/city, with no story developments; just a lot of dungeon crawling]

[Eventually, something of note happens; a whirlpool of black energy suddenly appears behind Vincent! He tries to run away, but it engulfs him; he's surrounded by darkness, and it completely swallows him. Somewhere in the darkness, a small blip of light appears and gets larger. A girl's voice is heard]

Girl: No. Don't let Chaos control you.
Girl: You cannot be contained by his darkness because a part of you was born from it.
Girl: Find yourself. Regain control.
[The darkness disappears from around Vincent; we see him jump out of the darkness cocoon that had enveloped him]

[Scene change; somewhere else in the darkness that Vincent had just escaped from, we see Shelke, encased in a blue ball of energy (most likely generated by her Shield materia]

Shelke: As old as he is, and still acting like a helpless child.
Shelke: I can see why Lucrecia had such a difficult time.
[Cracks begin to form in the Shield]
Shelke: I don't know why I'm doing this.
Shelke: I will die when my magic runs out, anyway.
Girl: Is this...?
[Shelke looks up and gasps]

[Scene change; we see the "girl" was Lucrecia. It's another flashback; it's a flashback to when she first discovered the cave that would later be known as "Lucrecia's Cave"; the crystal formation is there as well]

Lucrecia: Is this the place you spoke of?
[An older man is standing beside Lucrecia. His clothes slightly resemble Vincent's current attire, though they're almost entirely black]
Man: Yes. Deep within this grotto is where Chaos is destined to awake.
[Lucrecia runs towards the crystals & giggles]
Man: Wait!
Lucrecia: Come on, Dr. Valentine!
[Dr. Grimoire Valentine goes "heh"]
Grimoire: The fountain isn't going anywhere.

[Scene change; we're in the laboratory of Shinra Manor, Grimoire is standing by Lucrecia's side as she works on the computer; a ball of dark energy appears to be festering inside one of the regenerative tubes]
Grimoire: Don't you think you are taking things a little too quickly?
Lucrecia: And why not? All those people at Shinra who laughed at my thesis... I have to prove them wrong!
Grimoire: Rushing into matters will get you nowhere, Doctor.
[Grimoire looks at the black ball of energy and goes "Hmm?" The black ball soon expands, filling the tube. Lucrecia gets up from her computer, as the energy cracks the tube]
Grimoire: Look out!
[Grimoire shoves Lucrecia out of the way, as the dark energy hits him in his right hand/arm. Lucrecia gets up and rushes to his side]
Lucrecia: Are you alright, Dr. Valentine?
Grimoire: I'll be fine.
Grimoire: I'll be...

[Scene change; no idea where we are now (the background is black), but Grimoire is on his back and Lucrecia is by his side. His eyes are closed and green particles are floating upward from his body]
Lucrecia: Dr. Valentine!
Grimoire: Tell my son that I'm sorry.
[Lucrecia shakes her head]
Lucrecia: Dr. Valentine! Dr. Valentine!
[He looks at her, as the green particle-evaporation quickens]
Grimoire: My time has come to return to the Lifestream.
[He disappears]
Lucrecia: No!
Lucrecia: No! Come back! Why did you have to fade away!? Why did you...
[The camera pans out and we see Shelke is observing a crying Lucrecia]
Shelke: It's alright. He simply returned to the planet.

[Scene change; still clearly a flashback, someone is crying over a cross draped with flowers, though we don't see who... we just see the cross]
Girl: Stop crying, Shelke.
Shelke: But... But...
Girl: It's alright. Mom just returned to the planet. We'll see her again.
Shelke: We will?
[She turns around, and we see the Girl in question is a younger Shalua]
Shelke: (Is this...?)
Shalua: Of course we will.
Shelke: (No... Shalua?)
Shalua: Mom said everything in this world flows around in a circle. That means she'll come back someday.
[The younger Shelke stops crying]
Shalua: Mom wouldn't lie to us, right?
Shelke: Right.
Shalua: Right.

[Back to the present, Shelke is still dreaming or hallucinating]
Shelke: Shalua...
[Shalua appears beside her]
Shalua: Shelke.
Shalua: Is it alright for me to return to the planet?
Shelke: No...
[Shalua looks at her]
Shelke: Not yet. There's still so much I...
[Shalua pets her hair]
Shalua: Don't worry. We'll see each other again.

[We see Shelke is still inside her cracked Shield; she wakes up]
Shelke: A dream?
Shelke: No... Data interference.
[One teardrop rolls down her cheek; then another on the other cheek. She wipes the first one away]
Shelke: I didn't think I had any tears left.

[Back to Vincent, who's staring at the swirling dark energy he escaped from. He turns around and continues on: gameplay resumes, and he continues through Deepground's complex. Eventually he reaches a gateway, which puts him one step closer to Mako Reactor 0. But plumes of dark energy are scattered about, which can only mean...]

Nero: A pleasure to finally meet you, Vincent.
Vincent: Nero.
Nero: At first, I thought you nothing more than a nuisance. However, it seems I can no longer let you run about unchained. I must protect my beloved brother.
Vincent: Your brother?
Nero: Dear Weiss. Powerful Weiss. The only person who ever loved me. And the only person I will ever love.
Nero: However...
[Nero hangs his head]
Nero: [Sighs] But that is all forgotten. In a matter of moments, everything will change.
Vincent: What did you do with Shelke?
Nero: Shelke?
Nero: Ah yes, what did I do with her? I do recall running into the lass when I journeyed to the airship. A feisty one, she is.
Nero: The girl is inside me, lost like a little puppy.
[Vincent lifts his gun, Nero goes "Ah"]
Nero: So you wish to dance?

[Nero quickly draws both of his gun. You're thrown into a boss battle vs. Nero the Sable! A remarkably easy boss fight, too. Afterwards, Nero's on the ground; he gets up]

Nero: Impressive. Perhaps Azul and Rosso never stood a chance against the mighty Valentine.
Nero: But enough. I have other matters to attend to.
[Nero engulfs Vincent in darkness; the scene changes to Shelke, also in the darkness, with her cracked Shield-bubble losing strength]
Shelke: So this is the end.
[Someone is there; she looks up. It's Vincent!]
Vincent: I think you dropped this.
[Shows her her cellphone]
Vincent: Unless you find something appealing about this place, I suggest we leave.
Vincent: Let's go.
[She nods]

[Back on the battlefield, Nero is observing the darkness that he sent Vincent into. He begins to walk away, but out come Vincent & Shelke. Nero turns around]
Nero: I see.
Nero: Soul wrought of terra corrupt.
Nero: My darkness would have no control over you, would it?
Nero: So I must try a different dance.
Nero: How about...
[He generates a large cloud of darkness behind him, but is quickly distracted as a shuriken hits the ground near his feet. We see Yuffie high above, sporting her "mysterious ninja" garb from the Shinra Manor]
Yuffie: Even in a world where fear and despair reign over the heavens, you must never forget--where there is shadow, there is always light!
Yuffie: That's right!
Yuffie: Bask in my rays, evildoers!
Yuffie: Feel the radiance of Wutai Super Ninja, Yuffie Kisaragi!
Yuffie: Back and ready for action!
[Awkward silence]
Nero: My brother calls.
[He turns around and disappears in his darkness. Vincent looks at Shelke, who's sprawled on the ground]
Vincent: Are you alright?
Shelke: I...
Shelke: I don't know.
Shelke: Maybe I was dreaming.
Yuffie: Hey!
[Waves her hands]
Yuffie: Over here, guys!
[Trips due to the hand-waving; falls down hard. Vincent sighs]

[Scene change; inside some room of the Deepground complex. Apparently here they have regenerative tubes, because Shelke is presently in one. Yuffie is by Vincent's side.]
Vincent: Will you be alright?
Shelke: Yes.
Yuffie: Okay! Now, let me see if I've got this. You keep going, find Nero and Weiss, and smack 'em into next Tuesday.
Yuffie: And while you're cleaning house, I sneak into the reactor and shut her down.
[Yuffie twirls]
Yuffie: Sounds like a plan.
Yuffie: So, see ya around, Vince!
[She runs off. Vincent begins to walk away, but...]
Shelke: Vincent Valentine.
[He turns back to face her. The camera pans out, and we see a nearby computer terminal state "Discoverer" followed by "Grimoire Valentine"]

[Flashback. Vincent walks into the laboratory in Shinra Manor]
Vincent: Lucrecia? Hello?
Vincent: Anybody here?
[As he looks around, he sees a computer terminal that profile's Grimoire Valentine's Shinra bio]
Vincent: Father?
Lucrecia: Who's...!?
Vincent: Lucrecia. This file...
Lucrecia: It's none of your business.
Vincent: But it is. Why didn't you tell me you worked with my father?
[He reaches for her arm, she smacks his hand away]
Lucrecia: Stop it! Just stop it!
Vincent: Lucrecia...
[The background is now black; we only see Lucrecia and Vincent]
Lucrecia: I... It was all my fault.
[We see Lucrecia and Vincent are now holding hands. She's on the verge of sobbing]
Lucrecia: I didn't mean for your father to die. I couldn't... I'm so sorry.
[She starts to cry and runs away; Vincent just stands there]
Vincent: But I never blamed her. All I wanted was to see her smiling face.
Vincent: But after that day, the light left her heart.
[The camera pans away from Vincent. We see Lucrecia facing Hojo, as a light shines on him]
Hojo: So you've come to your senses and chosen me.
Lucrecia: Yes, doctor.
[She hugs him]
Vincent: However, if she is happy, then I don't mind.
[Fade out on Lucrecia and Hojo embracing, and Vincent standing around like the lonely sorry bastard he is]

[Back to the present; Shelke's wakes up inside the tube]
Shelke: Another dream?
[Vincent is standing in front of her]
Shelke: Vincent Valentine.
Shelke: Why are you fighting this battle?
Vincent: To destroy Deepground and stop Omega's return.
Vincent: It's time that an end is put to this madness. Or at least, that is what I tell myself.
Vincent: Though I'm not completely sure that's the reason.
Shelke: Not sure. Neither am I.
Shelke: But, Vincent... I don't want to see the world end. I just don't want there to be any more pain.

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