FFVII - DoC Script - Ch2: Showdown in the Wastes

[Reeve and Vincent are in a truck, traveling from Kalm to Edge]

Vincent: Reeve. Who were those men?
Reeve: Deepground soldiers.
Vincent: Deepground?
Reeve: Yes. The shadow of the Shinra Company, constructed by the former president and completely hidden from the rest of the world.
Vincent: Constructed?
Reeve: His goal was to create an army of superhuman warriors--not once letting morality interfere.
Reeve: The man you met earlier, Azul, is also a member of Deepground. But, he belongs to an elite unit known as the Tsviets.
Reeve: The whole organization was kept a secret. That is why there is so little information on them. However, it's nothing like I expected.
Vincent: Not even a person in your position was informed?
Reeve: No. Other than the president himself, the only people who knew of Deepground's existence were most likely Heidegger, Scarlet, and the head of biochemical research, Hojo.
Reeve: After the president's death, the transfer of power to his son was carried out so quickly, I doubt Rufus was ever briefed on the project.
Reeve: As for me, I was told the information was on a need to know basis. And as an official in charge of urban development, I guess I wasn't on their list.
Reeve: All the intel we currently have on Deepground was only discovered recently when we came across some of Scarlet's old files.
Reeve: [sighs] Vincent. Have you heard of the mass disappearance that occurred recently in Junon?
Vincent: I remember the report saying that 20 or 30 people suddenly vanished.
Reeve: That's what the report would like you to believe.
Reeve: It was determined internally that if the truth was leaked, they wouldn't be able to contain the inevitable panic.
Reeve: The actual number of people that went missing that day was 1200. 1200 people simply vanished without a single trace.
Reeve: The WRO conducted a private investigation but we came up empty-handed. Except for the rumors.
Reeve: Since the Junon disappearances, people in Edge have been on edge.
Reeve: They say that night after night you can hear screams coming from the direction of Midgar.
Reeve: Could it be the wind? Let me ask you, does the wind sound like a thousand wailing souls?
[Awkward pause in the conversation]
Reeve: Listen. Can you hear them? The cries?
[Some scattered voices can be heard in the distant background]
WRO Member: Commissioner! A rogue transmission is being broadcast on all wavelengths!

[Vincent and Reeve look at the tv screen. A man is sitting in a throne. As he speaks the camera shows him from different angles]

Guy: At last. The time has come to cleanse this world.
Guy: The pure will be "spared" for the cause, while the tainted will be hunted down and exterminated.
Guy: They shall be slashed, strangled, and slaughtered. Beaten, stabbed, and crushed. Garroted and impaled. Shot and executed without mercy.
Guy: The time has come to cleanse this world.
[He laughs rather villainously; the transmission cuts out]

Reeve: Where could that signal have...?
[The truck rumbles]
Reeve: What was that?
[He opens the back of the truck, just as a beast jumps up towards him; Vincent shoots it]
Reeve: Guard hounds!
Vincent: I'll take care of your pet problem. Just keep driving.
Reeve: Vincent! Use this!
[A machine gun turret w/ accompanying seat emerges from the floor of the truck. Vincent sits in it. Eventually the truck crashes; Vincent gets out]

Vincent: Are you alright?
Reeve: I'll be fine. But that's more than I can say for the engine.
Reeve: Vincent. If possible, I want you to continue on to Edge. That transmission we just saw troubles me.
Reeve: Once I have repaired the Shadowfox, I'll need to return to headquarters.
Reeve: A WRO squad has already been dispatched to Edge. Join them and help liberate the city.
Vincent: I guess I have no choice.

[Vincent makes his way through the wasteland, killing Guard hounds and a boss, Crimson Hound. A little after, Deepground soldiers on hoverbikes attack him, and they get easily dispatched]

[Vincent has reached Edge; a rather grey and depressing town, currently in the midst of a rainstorm. It was here that Rosso slaughtered the WRO squad]

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