FFVII - Characters - Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie Yuffie Kisiragi
Age: 16
Height: 160cm | 5'3
Birthdate: November 20
Birthplace: Wutai
Occupation: Materia Hunter
Weapon: Various throwing objects

Yuffie has grown up on the story on how Shinra destroyed Wutai in the Wutai-Midgar War, and so she travels the world in search of materia that can help her in restoring Wutai to its former glory. Although she is young, she is a formidable fighter.

In battle Yuffie is amongst the best characters. Although her level 4 limit is downright bad, her 3.2 is great, since it hits a whopping 15 times. Also, since it’s a Llevel 3 limit, it takes far less damage to charge up the limit meter. Pair that with the fact that she is a great fighter, and you’ve got a winner combination.

Ultimate Weapon

Yuffie’s ultimate weapon is the Conformer, which is found in the cargo hold of the Gelnika. The chest is hidden behind a pipe up in the northeast corner, just walk up to that area and press X and you should find it. The Conformer grows more powerful as the level of your enemies increases. Thus, she is great against the harder enemies and bosses in the game. Tip: When morphing the enemies in the Gelnika for sources, use Yuffie. She’ll deal 9999 damage every time, thus easing your effort. See the rest of Yuffie's weapons here.

Lv4 Limit Break

You get her ultimate limit, the All Creation, after defeating her father Godo in the Wutai Pagoda. All Creation suffers from the fact that it only has one hit. Go with Doom of the Living instead.

Getting Yuffie

Yuffie can be found lurking in any of the forests in the world - fight enough battles in a forest and eventually you will encounter her. You can get Yuffie to join your party the first time you encounter a forest, which is on the other side of the Mythril Mines, before heading to Junon; however, she can join the party at any point during the game.

Once you encounter her, defeat her - this is not a difficult battle. After the battle, she'll be lying on the ground - go over and talk to her, but don't use the save point as this will cause her to leave. She'll try to trick you by asking questions, and if you answer incorrectly she will leave. So answer in the following way:

1) Not Interested.
2) ...petrified.
3) Wait a second!
4) ...that's right.
5) ...let's hurry on.

That's it, Yuffie should now join your team! I would now advise doing her little sub quest by going to the Wutai Temple and the rocks with faces (also in Wutai).