FFVII - Characters - Red XIII

Age: 48
Height: 120cm | 3'11
Birthdate: Not known
Birthplace: Cosmo Canyon
Occupation: None
Weapon: Combs

The last of an now extinct race, Red often feels lonely. Always serious, he is often the one who decides whatís in the partyís best interest. He adores and deeply respects his mentor Bugenhagen, which he often calls grandpa.

In battle he is an jack of all trades, who can be used in all aspects of an battle, but his limits arenít really that great, which makes him somewhat weaker later on in the game compared to Yuffie, Cid and Cloud.

Ultimate Weapon

Red XIIIís ultimate weapon is the Limited Moon, given to him at Bugenhagenís death bed. Go to Cosmo Canyon in disc 3 to get it. Like the Venus Gospel, it grows more powerful the closer Red XIIIís is to maxing out his Mp count. See the rest of Red XIII's weapons here.

Lv4 Limit Break

His Level 4 limit, the Cosmo Memory, is acquired in the safe in Nibelheim, along with the Odin materia and the Key to the Basement. Unfortunately itís pretty bad, as it only hits once. See Vincent's page for information on opening the safe.