FFVII - Characters - Aeris Gainsborough

Aeris Aeris Gainsborough
Age: 22
Height: 163cm | 5'4
Birthdate: February 7
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Flower Seller
Weapon: Rods and Staves

Though a part of the FF7 love triangle consisting of Cloud, Tifa and herself, her kind and gentle spirit makes more concerned with the well-being of the people around her than her own. She has been raised in Midgar by her adopted mother, and for unknown reasons, Shinra’s goons, the Turks, have been after her almost her entire life.

Her strengths lie solely within the use of magic and materia, and her healing and status-improving limits are among the most useful in the game.

Ultimate Weapon

Aeris does not have an ultimate weapon like the rest of the party, in the sense that her Princess Guard only has 7 unlinked materia slots and normal growth rate. It is found in the clock puzzle in the Ancient Temple, behind door no. IIII. The Princess Guard doubles attack power when one ally is knocked down, and triples it when two are down. See the rest of Aeris' weapons here.

Lv4 Limit Break

Aeris' level 4 limit break is a bit tricky to get, but it’s well worth it. Before going to the Ancient Temple, go to the Western Continent, get the buggy and drive the buggy into Costa del Sol. Go down to the port and pay the sailor 100 gil to be a stowaway. Once you arrive in Junon, exit the city (take the air taxi to avoid the long walk), and you’ll be driving the buggy. Drive the buggy over the shallows near the river that is near the Mithril Mine. On the other side, you’ll find a cave where a man is sleeping. Talk to him. He will give you the Mithril if the the last to digits of your battles fought match (i.e. 522 battles, 199, 77, etc.). Then, take the Mithril back to the weapon seller near Gongaga. Give it to him, and you’ll have a choice of opening the safe at the bottom floor or the one up the stairs. Choose the latter to get Aeris’ limit, the Great Gospel (the other contains a Gold Armlet). This is among the best limits in the game, as it grants invincibility (or Peerless as the game calls it) for a short time, along with reviving any fallen allies and restoring the Hp and Mp of all party members. It is tricky to get, but it’s well worth it. Note that the weapon seller will not appear before you are going to the Ancient Temple.