FFVII - Characters

Main Characters

Cloud Strife
Aeris Gainsborough
Barret Wallace
Tifa Lockhart
Cid Highwind
Cait Sith
Yuffie Kisaragi
Vincent Valentine

Shinra Corporation

The Shinra Corporation is ruthless and domineering in their expoitation of the planet's resources. They callously drain it of all makou, or life energy, with little regard for the well-being of either the citizens or the planet itself. Their monopolistic strategies have given them not only economic but political control of the floating city of Midgar. Midgar is fueled by makou reactors that drain the planet of its life energy - a process Avalanche wants stopped. Inside the city, life is clean and prosperous. Outside the city, life is squalid and poverty-stricken ... but Shinra's Public Relations department hides this discrepancy well. The following people hold key positions within Shinra's corporate hierarchy:

President Shinra: Founder and President of Shinra Corporation. Profit is his only concern; lives mean little to him, and nature is for exploitation. "Everything in this world is money!" he has shouted, "What do I care for the cries of the citizenry!"

Rufus Shinra: Vice President of Shinra Corporation He is the son of President Shinra, but is even more cruel and ruthless. He goes so far as to conspire against his own father to seize control of the company! He controls the city of Junon and its giant cannon. There, a banner reads, "Today's President of Shinra: Rufus"

Palmer: Head of Space Development Division. Careless and carefree, he is in charge of rocket development.

Scarlett: Head of Weapons Development Division. Her beauty hides the knowledge of the world's most destructive weapons.

Heidegger: Head of Public Maintenance and Order Division. He controls both the Turks and Soldier groups against Avalanche.

Hojo: Head of Chemistry Division. A gloomy, mad scientist who continuously conducts unusual experiments.

Reeve: Head of City Development Division. Built the city of Midgar through the orders of President Shinra.


Turks is an elite team put together by Heidegger. They take care of sensitive industrial espionage, abductions, and assasinations.

Tseng: Leader of Turks. Cool and collected, Tseng ensures the Turks team completes every task to perfection.

Elena: Member of Turks. Tseng's right hand woman ;). She is to be feared!

Rude: Member of Turks. Rude can bring any situation under control.

Reno: Member of Turks. Hot-headed and unpredictable. His combination attacks with Rude are nearly unstoppable


The largest and main force responsible for protecting the interests of the Shinra Corporation.

Other Characters

Bugenhagen: An old man who lives in Cosmo Canyon, specialises in observing the activity of the Planet.

Shera: Cid's wife, stubborn and always trying her best to aid Cid.

Lucrecia: Vincent's ex-lover. She was Sephiroth's mother.

Zack: Aerith's former boyfriend. An Ex-SOLDIER.

Dyne: Barett's pal a few years back in Corel, but both lost touch after that.

Ifalna: And Professor Gast The actual parents of Aerith.

Marlene: The cute little daugther of of Barett

Wedge, Jessie and Biggs: The other members of Avalanche.

Jenova: So called the 'crisis of the sky'. A creature that has lived for thousands of years.

Weapons: Gigantic creatures created by the Planet to destroy everything when the Planet is in danger.