FFVII - Characters - Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Tifa Lockhart
Age: 20
Height: 167cm | 5'6
Birthdate: May 3
Birthplace: Nibelheim
Occupation: Owner, 7th Heaven
Weapon: Gloves

Though her childhood was almost one long tragedy, she is always positive, even when everyone around her sees no hope. Growing up with Cloud in a backwater village, she has had a crush on him since childhood. She is now a key member of AVALANCHE, which uses her bar 7th Heaven as a base for their operations.

In battle, her main strength is her limit, which can chain up to 7 attacks in one turn. This ability makes her an excellent fighter throughout the game. This limit is different from the others, as you spin a reel to decide its outcome: ”Hit” means the limit will hit, ”Great” means the limit will deal extra damage, and ”Miss” means it will miss. Note that ”Great” often is surrounded by several ”Miss” on each side, and so it might be better to aim for ”Hit”.

Ultimate Weapon

Tifa’s ultimate weapon is the Premium Heart, and it’s found in the Wall Market. Remember the building with a computer in it that fired upon you if you touched it? Not any more. Press X in front of it and you’ll get the Premium Heart. The weapon grows more powerful the bigger Tifa’s limit bar is. Unfortunately, this makes for a very unreliable weapon. See the rest of Tifa's weapons here.

Lv4 Limit Break

Her level 4 limit break is the Final Heaven, acquired by pressing, Square, Triangle, L1+Triangle, L1+Square, X, Square, Triangle, L1+X, O, X, Square, X while playing the piano in Tifa's house.