FFVII - Characters - Vincent Valentine

Vincent Vincent Valentine
Age: 27
Height: 184cm | 6'0
Birthdate: October 13
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: None (former Turk)
Weapon: Gun

Formerly an employee of Shinra, he saw the errors of their ways and broke all his connections with them. The horrible things he saw made him hide in dark clothing and a mysterious personality. This past is why he decided to aid Cloud and his party in their struggle against Shinra.

In battle he is one to be feared. With powerful weapons, great magic capabilities and awesome limits (he transforms into various beasts, and you loose control of him for the remainder of the battle), he is amongst the best characters in the game.

Ultimate Weapon

To acquire his Death Penalty, visit Lucrecia's Cave in disc 2 (with the submarine or a green, black or gold chocobo), and then again in disc 3. The Death Penalty will be waiting on the altar along with his level 4 limit break, Chaos. The Death Penalty increases in power the more enemies you kill. Note that all enemies killed by Vincent is counted, not only those after he acquires the Death Penalty. See the rest of Vincent's weapons here.

Lv4 Limit Break

His ultimate limit, Chaos, is gotten the same place as his Death Penalty. When he uses it, he turns into a powerful demon.

Getting Vincent

Vincent can be found in the basement of the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim. You can pick him up the first time you visit with Cloud and co., or anytime after that.

The first step in getting Vincent is to unlock the safe in the room above the greenhouse on the second floor. To do this, there are four clues left throughout the mansion corresponding to the four numbers you need to enter for the combination lock. The clues can be found on the note about Vincent that's been left on the first floor.

Dial (1)
Clue: The lid of the box with the most oxygen. Head to the upper floor and to the left side of the mansion. Next to the room with the safe is a small round conservatory with loads of plants in. If you recall back to your Biology lessons you will remember that oxygen is a product of photosynthesis. Clever hmm? After opening the treasure chest inside, click again on its lid to reveal the first instruction: (1) Right 36.

Dial (2)
Clue: Behind the ivories short of tea and ray. On the ground floor of the mansion, take the left hand door. The piano can be played but you will notice that the keys for 'te' and 're' (as in 'do re mi') cause no note to be played. On the topside of the piano written on the floor is: (2) Left 10.

Dial (3)
Clue: The creak in the floor near the chair on the second floor... then to the left five steps, up nine steps, left two steps, and up six steps. Go to the upper floor, to the front right of the mansion, and just through the door is a chair. Click in front of it and you will hear the creak from which to follow directions. Just count Cloud's steps as he walks to arrive at a point in the corridor outside, then face the left wall and read: (3) Right 59.

Dial (4)
Clue: Where the beggar?! This had me puzzled for ages. Although there are only three clues given, the parchment says that four follow... so if you move the cursor down to below "dial 3", it will highlight a blank space. Click on this space and all will become clear... it's in invisible ink! Cunning. (4) Right 97.

In short, the combination to the safe is: Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97.

Let me guess, you spent ages looking for the combination, but you just can't open that blasted safe? Right then, the thing to remember is it operates like a real safe, the combination can only be tackled in twenty seconds and you must not pass the specified number otherwise you've blown it. Let me explain; this means pressing right on the D-Pad to 36 and not to overpass to 37. Press the circle to enter 36. Now press left on the D-Pad until the number reaches 10 and no lower. The last two digits are both right turns, stick to the same rules and you'll soon have the basement key and Odin.

For opening the safe you get the summon materia, Odin, and a key to the basement in the mansion, quite essential to getting Vincent. You'll now have to fight a little boss called 'the lost number'.

LOST NUMBER: Level 35       HP 7000        MP:300
This guy can give you lots of trouble if your levels are too low. The main thing to remember about this battle is that it will happen in two stages: after you take off about half his HP (3500), he'll split into either his physical or magical side. If the last attack you've used to push him over this limit was a magic spell, he'll revert to the 'magic' side and use only very strong magical attacks for the remainder of the battle, while being resistant to magical attacks and weak against physical attacks. The reverse happens if you use a physical attack to send him over the limit. If your levels are low as mentioned already, it can kill you in one hit at this stage. Which side you want to end up fighting depends on your party's strengths.

The basement key you got from the safe is needed to open a door below the mansion. Go to the spiral stair case ( the one hidden behind a wall, where a Shinra soldier said that Sephiroth 'disappeared' ) and head towards the library. In the long, dark purple coloured passage which leads to the library, there is a door that your new found key will now open. Now you are in the crypt, move to the base of the central coffin and open it with the circle. When Vincent awakens, do some talking:

1) Talk about Sephiroth
He will not be in the mood, and when he goes back into his coffin, open it again and ask:

2) Who are you?
You will call him a name and he will go back to sleep again in his coffin. Leave the room, and Vincent is yours!

A worthy addition and personally I prefer Vincent to Yuffie, the thing that sticks out the most about him though is his awesome Limit Breaks where he turns into demons, heals himself to 9999 and is in berserk for the rest of the battle. Definately the best limit breaks of the game, next to Cloud's Omnislash. If only he had his own sub-quest!!