FFVII - Characters - Cait Sith

Cait Sith Cait Sith
Age: Not known
Height: 100cm | 3'3
Birthdate: Not known
Birthplace: Not known
Occupation: Fortune Teller
Weapon: Megaphones

Often people think that Cait Sith is an moogle, but in reality, he is the cat riding the giant moogle, which he magically brought to life. Working in an amusement park as an fortune teller, he has a mental virus that forces him to follow his clients to see if his predictions were true.

In battle, he’s pretty useless, as everything he does well, another character does better. The exception is his limit ”Slot” which outcome can heal the party, kill any enemy, eliminate the party and an variety of other effects.

Ultimate Weapon

Cait Sith’s ultimate weapon is the Hp Shout, which is found in a locker in the Shinra building. Note that you can only get it during your visit to Midgar in disc 2, in disc 1 Cloud says ”A megaphone…no need dragging this around”. The Hp Shout grows more powerful the closer Cait Sith is max out his Hp count (ie 6000 out of 8000 Hp is better than 6000 out of 9999 Hp). You can see the rest of Cait Sith's weapons here.

Lv4 Limit Break

He has no level 4 limit.