FFVII - Characters - Barret Wallace

Barret Barret Wallace
Age: 35
Height: 197cm | 6'6
Birthdate: December 15
Birthplace: Corel Village
Occupation: AVALANCE Leader
Weapon: Gun Arm (Gattling Gun)

Barret moved to Midgar with his daughter Marlene several years ago, after an accident where his wife Myrna died. Once he arrived in Midgar, he saw the danger of Shinra's Mako reactors, and formed an underground resistance movement to stop them.

Barret’s strength stat is amongst the highest in the game, so if you use attacks more than magic, he’s a good choice. His limits are among the strongest in the game, as most of them have multiple hits, each dealing high damage.

Ultimate Weapon

Barretís ultimate weapon is acquired when you are heading up the Mako Gun in Midgar, right before you battle Hojo. Itís located in a chest in the final set of stairs. Note that Barret has to be in your party for it to appear. The weapon is called the Missing Score, and the more Ap the materia equipped on it has, the more powerful it is (i.e. an Ice materia with 20 000 Ap is better than one with 18 000 Ap). See the rest of Barret's weapons here.

Lv4 Limit Break

Barretís final limit is the Catastrophe, which is acquired in North Corel after you get the Huge Materia from the Corel reactor (or not, depending if you stop the train or not). In any case, get it from a lady with a hat in one of the buildings in the left part of town.