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Final Fantasy X Script Welcome to the Final Fantasy X Script, yet another massive project undertaken by Martin, member of Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart and lover of Final Fantasy X.

Want to remember a certain part in the game? Need a character's history for your fanfic? Or simply never played the game and want to see what all the hype is about? This is definitely the place to be, with a fully-comprehensive, near-complete Final Fantasy X script at your disposal!

Like my Final Fantasy IX script, the text will be set up as so:

"Hi everybody!"

Even though there aren't quotations around the dialogue as was the case in FFIX, it looks alot better that way and helps to seperate several lines of text. For example, if Tidus says several lines consecutively, each line will be shown like the following:

"Zidane burned the ham again?"
"Geez...can't he cook?"
"I guess I'll have to handle it now..."

Other things that occur in the game, such as character actions, FMV's, and whatnot will be described within [ ] brackets.

"It's cooking time!"
[Tidus stuffs the ham into a tray and puts it into the oven]

As well, at several points during the game, Tidus looks back on an event and reflects on it. In the game, the text is italicized, as it will be in the script.

"Despite the ham being burnt, it still tasted great with mustard."

Another thing to notice is that the start of some lines won't be in capital letters. This occurs every so often, because the next line is just a continuation of what the person was saying, but they're seperated when it comes to my script. So don't be surprised if you see something like this, for instance:

"What we need to do"
"is figure out what to do next."

If the language being spoken is Al Bhed (you'll be able to tell if it is), the text will be normal; sometimes, Al Bhed is mixed with some english words. In that case, the English words will be bolded (they appear in a red font in the game). Underneath all lines in Al Bhed will be a fully-translated, English line, so you'll be able to understand what they're saying. Example:

"Fryd ec drec?"
("What is this?")

There are three main reasons I'm making this script. One, it's nice to have a reference to look back on if you need quotes, character information, or several other game aspects. You basically have somewhere to look and you don't need to go load up a save point and play that part in the game again. Two, there's alot of FF fans who, unfortunately, may never get the chance to play FFX for some time, due to lacking a PS2 and/or the money to buy one. This will help them experience the game, at least somewhat. And lastly, but most importantly, alot of people read my FFIX Script and sent me lots of e-mails telling me how thankful they were for it, and how much they enjoyed it! Whenever I saw one of those e-mails, it really made my day. In other words, if you enjoy this script, and even if you don't, don't hesitate to send me any e-mails! martinffwa@gmail.com. Questions, comments, opinions, criticism, it's all good.

The script will be split into 3 main parts, comprising the beginning, middle, and ending of the game. As well, an Extra section will feature some optional sidequests and dialogue which helps explain more things about the game, the characters, and so forth.

So, without further ado, the script awaits!

Script Part 1

Part 1.1 - Zanarkand
Part 1.2 - Ruins
Part 1.3 - Besaid
Part 1.4 - Kilika
Part 1.5 - S.S. Winno
Part 1.6 - Luca
Part 1.7 - Mi'ihen Highroad
Part 1.8 - Operation Mi'ihen

Script Part 2

Part 2.1 - Djose Temple
Part 2.2 - Moonflow
Part 2.3 - Guadosalam
Part 2.4 - Thunder Plains
Part 2.5 - Macalania Woods
Part 2.6 - Lake Macalania
Part 2.7 - Macalania Temple
Part 2.8 - Home
Part 2.9 - Raid on Bevelle

Script Part 3

Part 3.1 - Escape from Bevelle
Part 3.2 - Calm Lands
Part 3.3 - Mount Gagazet
Part 3.4 - Zanarkand
Part 3.5 - Highbridge
Part 3.6 - Sin
Part 3.7 - Final Battle & Ending

Script Extras

Extras - Omega Ruins
Extras - Maechen
Extras - Jecht Spheres
Extras - Temples
Extras - Village of the Cactuars

Script Copyright Martin and Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart (FFWA.org) 2002; not to be reproduced or distributed without expressed written consent.

Screenshots: The GIA.

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