FFX - Script - Jecht Spheres

The following chronicles the "Jecht Spheres" subquest that you can do after defeating Spherimorph. There are 10 spheres spread out around the world: 8 are Jecht Spheres, 1 is an Auron Sphere, and 1 is a Braska Sphere. The Spheres can only be viewed once, and have no real value, besides letting you gain Auron's last two limit breaks; however, the spheres show the journey of Auron, Jecht, and Braska; how it started, and what happened along the way. Since there's no real order for the spheres except those at the start and those towards the end, I didn't worry about any sort of chronological order. The order in which I have them listed in is as follows:

(1) Auron's Sphere: The final meeting between Auron and Kinoc.
(2) Jecht's Sphere - Macalania Woods: Braska and Auron first meet Jecht; he becomes Braska's guardian.
(3) Jecht's Sphere - Macalania Woods (after Spherimorph), Part 1 of 2: Braska, Auron, and Jecht leave Bevelle.
(4) Jecht's Sphere - Luca: Jecht talks about Tidus and blitzball, and shows he's an emotional guy.
(5) Jecht's Sphere - Mi'ihen Highroad: A fiend is attacking chocobos...Braska, Jecht, and Auron to the rescue!
(6) Jecht's Sphere - Moonflow: The aftermath of Jecht attacking the shoopuf; he swears he'll never drink again.
(7) Jecht's Sphere - Thunder Plains: Jecht almost gets hit by a lightning bolt.
(8) Jecht's Sphere - S.S. Liki: The group realizes that their journey is almost done; they also talk about Zanarkand.
(9) Jecht's Sphere - Besaid: Braska asks Auron to bring Yuna to Besaid after he has defeated Sin; Auron accepts.
(10) Jecht's Sphere - Macalania Woods (after Spherimorph), Part 2 of 2: The trio is shown at Lake Macalania, and this sphere features Jecht's final words to Tidus.
(11) Braska's Sphere: Braska's final words to Yuna, recorded on Mount Gagazet.

NOTE: As you may have seen, I split the Jecht's Sphere that you get after beating Spherimorph into 2 parts. Since the first part happens near the start, and the second part happens near the end, I figured it was much better, chronologically-speaking, this way. If you want to read it all, complete and unterrupted, then go to the "Macalania Woods" section in Part 2 of the FFX Script.

Auron's Sphere

[Recorded...somewhere. We see a young Auron talking to another man, a warrior monk]

"Thanks for everything, Kinoc."

"I know I don't need to tell you this, but guard Lord Braska well."

"That, I will."
"And you'll be busy, too."
"I heard they made you second-in-command."

[Kinoc sighs and hangs his head]

"You know that promotion was meant for you."
"You were always the better one, even until the end."

"You make it sound as if I was going off to die or something."
"I will see you again."


"Well, then..."

"Going already?"
"You will tell me about Zanarkand when you return, won't you?"

[Auron smirks]


[Auron walks away. Kinoc turns to Auron, who's now off-screen, and nods at him. Kinoc turns off the sphere]

Jecht's Sphere - Macalania Woods

[The screen shows a room...somewhere...in Bevelle, most likely. A crusader does a salute to the sphere. Braska walks on-screen. The Crusader does the prayer gesture to him; the sphere turns. Braska is standing in front of a jail cell. Inside the cell...is Jecht]

"Who are you?"

"You are the one they call Jecht, the man from Zanarkand, are you not?"

"What of it?"

[Auron runs on-screen, standing beside Braska, meaning that someone else is holding the sphere]

"Watch your tongue, knave!"

[Braska turns his head slightly in Auron's direction, and nods. He then faces Jecht once more]

"My apologies. I am Braska, a summoner."
"I've come to take you from this place."

[Jecht stands up]

"Sounds sweet. What's the catch?"

[Braska laughs]

"That easy to see, was it?"
"I soon leave on a pilgrimage... to Zanarkand."


[Braska nods]

"I would like you to join us. It will be a dangerous trip."
"Yet, if we do reach Zanarkand..."
"my prayers will be answered, and you will be able to go home, we think."
"What say you?"

"Great, let's go!"

"So quick?"

"Anything to get outta here!"

"Then it's settled."

"But I must protest... This drunkard a guardian?"

"You want to step in here and say that?"

"What does it matter?"
"No one truly believes that I, a fallen summoner wed to an Al Bhed..."
"could possibly defeat Sin. This is what they say."
"No one expects us to succeed."

"Braska, sir..."

"Let's show them they're wrong."
"A fallen summoner, a man from Zanarkand..."
"and a warrior monk, doomed to obscurity for refusing the hand of the priest's daughter."
"What delightful irony it would be if we defeated Sin!"

"Stop gabbin' and get me outta here!"

[The sphere's turned off, then back on; they're in in a different room]

"Ahh... Free at last!"

"Now, Jecht..."
"I am in your hands until we reach Zanarkand."

"Right, right."
"So, what's a summer-ner, anyway?"

[The sphere turns off]

Jecht's Sphere - Macalania Woods (After Spherimorph), Part 1 of 2

"What are you taking?"

"Well, you said it was gonna be a long trip."
[We see Auron and Braska walking, with a large building in the background. Jecht is using the sphere like a videocamera]
"We'll be seeing a lot of neat things, right?"
"So I thought I'd record it all in this."
"To show to my wife and kid, you know."

"This is no pleasure cruise!"

"Hey, Braska."
"Ain't this supposed to be a grand occasion?"
"Where're the cheering fans? The crying women?"

"This is it."
"Too many goodbyes--people think twice about leaving."

"Hmm... If you say so."
"Well, it better be a lot more colorful when we come back."
"A parade for Braska, vanquisher of Sin!"

[Braska laughs]

"We should go. Day will break soon."

[The sphere gets turned off; the screen goes black]

Jecht's Sphere - Luca

[The screen shows a collection of boxes on a deck in Luca. A bird is sitting on one of them]

"Hey, Auron! Did you get that last match?"

[The sphere turns around; Jecht is there]

"But I don't understand why you wanted me to."
"Didn't you say you have blitzball in your Zanarkand?"

"Not a sportsman, are ya?"

"Working on your form?"

[Jecht turns to face Braska, who's still off-screen]

"My form don't need no work. I'm the great Jecht. It's for my kid."

[Jecht walks off-screen; Auron and the sphere moves left as well. We see Braska speaking to Jecht, face to face]

"Your son plays blitzball?"

"Yeah, and he wants to beat his old man bad."
"Once, I told him to give it up. He didn't speak to me for a week."
"Wonder what he's doing now."
"I hope he got bigger and put on some muscle."

[Jecht walks to his right, going off-screen. Auron and the sphere step forward, until he's beside Braska, so he can focus on Jecht. We can briefly hear Jecht sniffle, before he turns to face Auron and the sphere]

"Hey, what's the big idea! Stop shooting!"

[Auron goes "Hrm." and turns off the sphere]

Jecht's Sphere - Mi'ihen Highroad

[Outside of Rin's agency. Auron is holding the sphere, looking around]

"A giant fiend that attacks chocobos..."

"Hmph. What's it waiting for?"
"Hey! Come out and fight!"

[We see Jecht]

"I told you this was a waste of time."

"Hey, come on!"
"It's the right thing to do! Everyone's depending on us."
[Braska approaches Jecht]
"Besides, it's good practice."

"I guess you're right."
"Well, then..."

[Suddenly, the screen goes white. We see that the sphere is now on the ground, still running like a videocamera that fell on the ground. Jecht and Braska are now off-screen]

"There it is! Auron! Let's get 'im!"


[Auron runs on-screen, then turns right and runs off. Jecht runs on and off; Braska follows, stopping in front of the sphere and turning it off]

Jecht's Sphere - Moonflow

[The screen shows the sphere, being used as a video-camera, looking out to the moonflow. Several pyreflies are flying out of it, like usual. No one is seen on-screen. The sphere turns right slowly, and we see Braska staring out at the Moonflow. The sphere then turns right a bit more, and we see Jecht, lying down. The sphere turns off, then back on, on a close-up of Jecht lying down]

"What are you shooting me for?"

"So you don't do anything stupid again."
"I can't believe you attacked that shoopuf."
"Lord Braska had to pay the handler for damages from his own travel money."

"I said I was sorry. It's never gonna happen again! I promise!"

"Ah, a promise?"
"Which you'll forget come tomorrow!"

"Auron, please. He did apologize."
"He knows he was wrong."

[Jecht stands up]

"That's it."
"Only thing I drink from now on is shoopuf milk!"

"You're sure?"

"We're on a journey to fight Sin and save Spira, right?"
"If I keep screwin' up...and..."
"making a fool of myself..."
"my wife and kid are never gonna forgive me."

[Jecht hangs his head in shame]

"That's on the record."

[The sphere turns off]

Jecht's Sphere - Thunder Plains

[Thunder Plains; Braska and Jecht can be seen, before the sphere starts turning away from them]

"Hey! Hold it steady!"

"Why am I doing this?"
[It turns off, then back on. It's focused on Braska, who's staring into the distance]
"What do you see there, my lord?"

"Oh, I was just...thinking."

"This is important! No foolin' around!"
"You're gonna spoil it!"
[Lightning strikes]

[Auron moves with the sphere in hand, towards where Jecht is. Jecht is sitting down. Braska approaches him]

"Are you all right?"

"Now there's a scene for posterity!"

"Yeah, yeah..."

[Braska laughs. The sphere turns off]

Jecht's Sphere - S.S. Liki

[Auron and Braska are seen standing at the front of the boat, staring out at the ocean. Jecht is holding the sphere]

"After you get that aeon from Besaid..."
"Where're we going?"

[Auron turns around]

"Back the way we came."
"Then we go north from Bevelle and climb Mt. Gagazet."

[Braska turns around]

"Beyond it lies...Zanarkand."

[Jecht begins to back away from them]

"Zanarkand, huh?"
"It's been in ruins for a thousand years, right?"

[Auron approaches Jecht & the sphere]

"So the legends say. No one knows for sure."
"It still could be your Zanarkand."

"Thanks for trying, Auron."

[The sphere is turned off, then back on; it's focused on Jecht, who's sitting down, staring out to sea. He sighs]

"I thought it I went with you guys I might find a way to go back."
"But it's not that easy."

"I'm sorry."

"No need to apologize, Braska. It's not your fault."
[He stands up]
"I should be thinking about fighting Sin now, anyway."
[He turns and faces the sphere]
"Zanarkand can wait."
"But I will find my way back!"

"Be careful, Jecht."

"Hey, I'll be all right."
"You're the one that should be careful. Wouldn't want your little girl to cry."

"She'll be all right. She's strong, like her mother was."

[The sphere is turned off]

Jecht's Sphere - Besaid

[Besaid Village; someone is holding the sphere, looking at the village and the temple. Jecht walks in front of it]

"Smallest heap of huts I ever seen!"

[Braska walks beside him]

"Now, that looks like a fine place to live."
[Jecht begins to walk away]

[The sphere turns to focus on Braska]

"My lord?"

"When this is over... could you bring Yuna here?"
"I want her to lead a life far away from this conflict."

"You have my word. I will bring her here."

[Braska faces Auron/the sphere]

"Thank you, Auron. You are a good friend."

"What are you guys doin'? Let's go!"
"I'm so hungry I could eat a shoopuf whole!"

"Sorry. Well, let's go then."

[The sphere turns off]

Jecht's Sphere - Macalania Woods (After Spherimorph), Part 2 of 2

[The screen shows the Travel Agency at Lake Macalania. Jecht and Auron are standing far apart; Braska is now controlling the sphere]

"Auron, you could stand closer to him?"

[Auron sighs, nods, waits a few moments, then goes to stand beside Jecht]

"Good. That should do it."

[Above their heads, we see a banner that says "Lake Macalania"]

[Turns to face Auron]
"What's the matter? Afraid I might bite?"


"Braska! You should take one, too. It'd make a great gift for little Yuna!"

"I suppose."

[Auron steps forward]

"Lord Braska..."
"We shouldn't be wasting our time like this!"

"What's the hurry, man?"

[Auron walks towards Braska]

"Let me tell you what the hurry is!"


[The sphere's turned off, then back on again. The area in Macalania Woods with the pool of liquid that spheres are made of, as well as the large tree in the background, is shown. The sphere turns off, then on again. Jecht is talking to the sphere, which he placed on the ground]

"If you're sitting there, watching this..."
"It means you're stuck in Spira, like me."
"You might not know when you'll get back home, but you better not be crying!"
"Although, I guess I'd understand. But you know what?"
"There's a time when you have to stop crying and move on."
"You'll be fine. Remember, you're my son."
"And... Well, uh..."
"Never mind. I'm not good at these things."

[He stands up, walks off-screen, and turns the sphere off. He soon turns it back on, holding it like a videocamera again, so we don't see him]

"I believe in you. Be good."

Braska's Sphere

[Recorded on a cliff of Mount Gagazet. Braska is standing in front of the sphere. In the background is one of the summoner memorial landmarks, with Auron standing there]

"Hello, Yuna. I hope you are well."
"I wonder how old you are, now that you're watching this sphere."
"You must be very beautiful, like your mother."
"I wish I could see you."
[He turns around and shakes his head, then faces the sphere again]
"Oh, by the way..."
"Jecht and Auron send their regards."
"So far, our journey has been very entertaining."
"Of course, it is a hard journey, but I have no regrets."
"It is the path I have chosen."
"Yuna, when you have grown, you will have to find your own path."
[In the background, Jecht walks on screen]
"Do what you must do, the way you want to do it."
"Doors will always open themselves to those who do."
"Listen close, Yuna."
"Your future is yours to make. Live the way you want to."
"Whatever way that may be, you have your father's full support."
"Yuna, I will always be with you."

[He approaches the sphere and turns it off]

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