FFX - Script - Kilika

[Everyone's on board the boat heading for Kilika Port. Someone with a pair of binoculars is looking out at the city. Tidus goes up to her, does a series of somersaults and tumbles, and finally grabs it. He looks at the city, then Wakka, then Lulu, then Yuna and Kimahri. Yuna waves at him. The binocular girl grabs them back. He scratches the back of his head and giggles]

[Tidus approaches Yuna, who's surrounded by a group of people]

"Word is that summoner's got noble blood!"

"I heard she's Lord Braska's daughter!"

"Ya don't say?"

"Lord Braska's...daughter?"

[Tidus goes to talk to Wakka]

"So, is Yuna's father famous or something?"

"She's the daughter of High Summoner Braska! You saw his statue at the temple."
"Lord Braska defeated Sin ten years ago."
"Yuna's the heir to a great legacy!"

"It's tough when your father's famous."

[Wakka goes "Huh?"]

"Wakka's...a bit lacking in the imagination department."

[Wakka goes "Huh?" again. Tidus giggles]

"Thank, Lulu. I'll keep that in mind."

[Everyone walks away from Yuna. Tidus walks up beside her. They're both at the front of the boat, looking out to sea. Tidus stretches]

"The wind...it's nice."
[Tidus goes "Mmhmm". Then, for no particular reason, they start giggling/laughing]
"You're a blitzball player, aren't you? From Zanarkand, right?"

"You hear that from Wakka?"
"Wakka doesn't believe me at all."

"But I believe you!"
[Tidus mutters a "Huh?"]
"I've heard in Zanarkand..."
"there is a great stadium, all lit up even at night!"
"Great blitzball tournaments are held there, and the stands are always full!"

"How do you know that?"

"A man named Jecht told me. He was my father's guardian."

[Tidus looks surprised, then slightly pissed, and turns around, muttering "Jecht" in a low voice several times]

"My father...his name is Jecht!"

[She does the prayer gesture]
"You know, our meeting like this must be the blessing of Yevon!"

"Sounds like him, but it can't be him."

"Why not?"

"My old man, he died. Ten years ago, off the coast of Zanarkand."

[Yuna turns away]

"I'm sorry."

"He went out to sea for training one day...and never came back."
"And no one's seen him since then."

"Why, that's the day that Jecht came to Spira."
"It's true! I first met Jecht ten years and three months ago!"
"I remember, that was the day my father left."
"The date fits, doesn't it?"

[Tidus fumbles with his words]

"Yeah, but how would he get here?"

"You're here, are you not?"

[They look at each other. Yuna smiles and giggles. Tidus smiles too. All of the sudden, the boat shakes and rumbles. Yuna falls down; Tidus grabs hold of her hand. The ship begins tilting to one side. Tidus and Yuna's grip fails; Yuna falls to the side of the ship. Kimahri jumps to there and holds her. The ship levels out]

[FMV: a massive grey fin shoots out of the water]


[Everyone gasps. The one who yelled "Sin!" positions himself behind a harpoon]

"What do you think you're doing?"
"Stick a harpoon in him and we'll all get dragged under!"

"Sin is going for Kilika! We gotta distract it!"
"Our families are in Kilika! Forgive us, Lady Summoner!"

[Yuna nods]

"Oh, boy..."

[They fire the harpoon at the fin; another harpoon is fired. FMV: the two harpoons connect. The fin drags the boat along. A ton of water splashes onto the deck. Tidus looks around for a hand to grab. Tons of small pods from the fin are let loose onto the deck of the ship; they transform into bug things. A battle begins vs. the bug things, and a boss, Sin (which is really Sin's fin). Eventually, it gets defeated]

[Sin tears out the harpoon device and swims away. All is silent in the boat. Wakka looks around frantically. He then dives into the water. Underwater, Tidus is floating without moving. Several fish attack him. Wakka throws his blitzball and the fish die. He then casts a spell on Tidus, who wakes up. He gives Tidus the thumbs up symbol. Before they can return to the boat, they got a boss battle to face: Sinspawn Echuilles. It gets defeated and blows up]

[FMV: The quiet town of Kilika...a massive tidal wave approaches. Some kids are playing with a blitzball and see it, but it's too late. The entire city is engulfed in water. Everything begins to get sucked into the guy; houses, humans, everything. In the sky, a whirlwind of corpses and debris is formed, above Sin, who's floating on the surface. The FMV ends with a shot of the city, peaceful once more, with debris and a lone blitzball floating in the water...]

"When Sin attacked Zanarkand that day, I woke up in Spira.
"I kept hoping it would work in reverse, too."

[Yuna looks outwards, sadly]

"I will defeat Sin... I must defeat Sin."

"I was just fooling myself."
"Maybe it was that day... on the sea, under the burning sun."

[Various shots of people on the boat, heads hanging in sadness, are shown]
"I started to give up hope."
"I was in a foreign world, I wasn't going home."
"This was my new reality and I was stuck in it for good."

[Screen fades to black. It fades back in on Kilika harbour. Yuna approaches several people]

"Greetings! I am the summoner Yuna. I have come from the temple in Besaid."

"M'lady Summoner!"

"If there is no other summoner here, please allow me to perform the sending."

"Thanks be to ye!"

"Our loved ones... We feared they would become fiends!"

"Please, take me to them."

[Two people lead the way. Yuna follows, as does the rest of the group, except for Wakka and Tidus]

"We'll go see what we can do to help in town."

[Wakka and the Aurochs run off. Tidus follows. On the next screen, several people are standing, looking out to the water silently. Tidus approaches Lulu]

"Uh, what's a "sending"? Are we going somewhere?"

"You truly are clueless. Are you sure it's just your memory that's the problem?"
"The dead need guidance."
[In the background, Yuna is talking to someone]
"Filled with grief over their own death, they refuse to face their fate."
"They yearn to live on, and resent those still alive."
"You see, they envy the living."
"And in time, that envy turns to anger, even hate."
"Should these souls remain in Spira, they become fiends that prey on the living."
"Sad, isn't it?"
"The sending takes them to the Farplane, where they may rest in peace."

"Summoners do this?"

[Lulu goes "Hmm". They turn to face Yuna. She begins to step onto the water]

[FMV. Yuna walks on the water. She begins moving around with her wand/sceptor. In the background, the people of Kilika cry. Lulu, Tidus, and Kimahri watch on. Small globes of energy begin to rise out of the water, gathering upwards. Nearbye, a flame turns blue. The water Yuna's standing on rises into the air, bringing her up with it, as she continues the motions, while the strands of energy (the souls of the dead, more or less) begin to fly up as well. People keep crying]

[Yuna walks back towards the others]

"It must be tough, being a summoner."

"Yuna chose her own path. She knew from the beginning what it meant."
"All we can do is protect her along the way."
"Until the end."

"Until the...end?"
"What's the end?"

[Everyone turns and stares at Tidus. Lulu gets visibly frustrated]

"Until she defeats Sin."

[Lulu walks away. Yuna runs up to Lulu]

"I hope... I hope I did okay."

[Lulu puts her arms around her]

"You did very well."
"They've reached the Farplane by now. But...no tears next time, hm?"

"I wished there would never be a next time."
"No more people being killed by Sin. No more sendings for Yuna."
"Everyone stood there watching her."
"It was strange, and somehow...horrifying."
"I never wanted to see it again."

[Screen goes black; Tidus sleeps, and wakes up in the inn. He stretches. He leaves the inn; Datto from the Aurochs runs up to him]

"Hey! You awake? Cap'n Wakka's waitin' for you!"

[Tidus goes to meet Wakka. Wakka is helping the Aurochs to fix a damaged boat]

"Ah, there you are!"
"Besaid Aurochs! Huddle!"
[The Aurochs leave the boat to rejoin Wakka and Tidus]
"On to the temple, where we pray for victory!"
[The Aurochs leave]
"High Summoner Ohalland used to live in the Kilika temple here."
"Yep, Lord Ohalland was once a great blitzer, you know?"



"Praying for victory's all good...but is this right?"

"Something wrong with enjoying blitzball?"

"Is this really the time?"

"This is the only time!"
"The players fight with all their strength: the fans cheer for their favorite team."
"They forget pain, suffering... only the game matters!"
"That's why blitz has been around for so long."
"Least that's what I think."

"Whatever you say."

"Let's play...and win!"


[Wakka turns around]

"Temple's beyond the jungle there. Let's go!"

[They go to the jungle. Lulu and Yuna are there]

"What's up?"

"Yuna's saying she wants you with us."

[Tidus exclaims a surprised "Huh?"]

"I want to ask you to be my guardian."

"Yuna! What? This is no time for jokes, ya?"
"He may be a blitzball whiz kid, but up against fiends, he's a newbie."

"Not a guardian, then... I just want him nearby."

[Wakka is very surprised]

"What? What do you mean?"

"It's just that, well..."

"We're all going to the temple anyway. Can't this wait till later?"

[Yuna nods, and turns back to face Tidus]

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have..."

"There's nothing to be sorry about. I'm just not really sure what's going on."

"My apologies."

[Kimahri walks on screen and crosses his arms. Tidus and company run foward. Luzzu and Gatta are there. In the background is a large red tentacle monster]

"Company, halt!"

"The fiend before us is Ochu, Lord of the Wood!"
"We've had trouble with this one before. Remember, discretion is the better part of valor."

[They fight, and defeat Ochu. Gatta goes "Whoooa!"]

"A summoner and her guardians. Very impressive!"

"Sir, we should fight, too!"

"We'll get our chance soon enough."

[They begin to leave]

"Young Crusaders gather round!"
"We'll beat Sin into the ground!"

[The group makes their way through the forest, eventually arriving at some stone steps]

"These stone steps have a history, you know?"
"Yep, Lord Ohalland trained here at his peak."

[Tidus looks up the steps. The Aurochs stretch, and then laugh a somewhat evil laugh]

"A race, huh?"
"Think you can beat me?"

[Wakka, Tidus, and two Aurochs line up in a row]

"Yuna, if you would."


[She begins to run up the steps]

"Hey! Hey!"

[Wakka and the Aurochs follow her. Tidus runs up the steps after them. The Aurochs run back down]

"L-Look out!"

"Everyone, quick! Sinspawn!"

[Lulu, Kimahri, and Tidus run up the rest of the steps. Boss Battle vs. Sinspawn Geneaux. It's defeated, of course. After the battle, Tidus is out of breath]


"Sorry about that! Hoped to break you in a little slower."

"Being a guardian's tiring!"

"You handled yourself pretty well. You got talent."

"So, what are these "sinspawn" anyway?"

"Fiends. They fall from Sin's body, and are left behind in its wake."

"Leave 'em alone, and Sin comes back for 'em. You gotta be quick!"

[Everyone walks up the stairs, leaving Tidus alone]

"That moment when Wakka told me I had talent in battle..."
"I think that was when I started seriously considering becoming a guardian."

[Tidus walks up the stairs and catches up with the others]

"So, uh...they got fiends in Zanarkand, too?"

"Just a few. It's a big deal when one shows up, though."
"Hey! Since when have you believed me about Zanarkand, anyway?"

"I been thinking."
"Maybe people Sin gets to don't die."
"Maybe Sin carries 'em through time. Like a thousand years through time."
"And then, one day, maybe they just pop back, see?"

"Amazing. Simply amazing."
"You make up one theory after another, refusing to face the simple truth."
"Sin didn't take Chappu anywhere."
"Sin crushed him and left him on the Djose shore!"
"Your brother won't just pop back."
"Oh, and one more thing."
"No matter how much you want it, no one can take Chappu's place."
"No one can replace Sir Jecht, for that matter."
"And there's no replacement for Lord Braska, either."
"It's pointless to think about it, and sad."

[Lulu walks off, as does Kimahri. Yuna follows them. Wakka, sitting down, punches the ground]

"I...I could never be what Chappu was."
[He stands up]
"Well, stuff happens. Best not to worry."

[Wakka walks up the stairs]

"Wakka, Lulu, and Wakka's brother Chappu."
"Something had happened between them a long time ago. I was sure of it."
"Well, whatever it was, it was none of my business, that's for sure. Best not to go there."

[Tidus runs up the stairs. An overview of the Kilika Temple is shown, as the group walks up the stairs and approaches it. A trio clad in purple outfits leave the temple, and walk towards the Aurochs]

"You here to pray for victory, too?"

"Us? Pray?"
"Who needs to pray? The Luca Goers always win!"

"Oh, yeah? Then why are you here?"

"We've been praying for some competition this year!"

"So what's your goal this time? You gonna "do your best" again?"
"Ha! It's too bad your best isn't good enough! Why even bother showing up?"

"This time, we play to win!"

"Oooh! Play away! Just remember even kids can play, boys."

[The trio walks away]

"See you in the finals!"

"We'll beat them. We have to!"

"You know that team?"

"Putting people down... They're as bad as my old man!"

"But, Sir Jecht was a kind and gentle man!"

"Well, not my Jecht."

"Even ten years after he left..."
"just thinking about my old man got me angry. But maybe that was just my way of keeping him... Nah."

[Tidus enters the temple, and approaches the praying Wakka]

"Lord Ohalland, guide our feet."

[Choose between "Pray" or "Stand and watch". Might as well pray]

[From the door that leads to the Cloister of Trials, a scantily-clad woman and a muscular man exit, and look at Yuna]

"A summoner, are you?"

[The two of them walk down the steps to meet Yuna face to face]

"My name is Yuna--from the Isle of Besaid."


"So, you're High Summoner Braska's daughter. That's quite a name to live up to."
"My, my, my..."
"And all these people are your guardians? My, what a rabble!"
"As I recall, Lord Braska had only two guardians."
"Quality over quantity, my dear. Whatever were you thinking?"
"I have need of only one guardian. Right, Barthello?"

[Barthello, the muscular man, nods. Kimahri steps forward and faces him]

"I only have as many guardians as there are people I can trust."
"I trust them all with my life!"
"To have so many guardians is a joy, and an honor!"
"Even more so than being my father's daughter."
"Of course, I would never think of questioning your ways, either."
"So, Lady Dona, I ask of you: please leave us in peace."

"You do what you want. Barthello, we're leaving."

[They run away. Yuna sighs]

"A guardian is someone a summoner can rely on. Someone she can trust with her life."
"I wondered, did Yuna feel that way about me?"

[Yuna looks at Tidus and smiles]
"What's she smiling about?"

[They enter the door that leads to the Cloister of Trials]

"The fayth is below. Let's do it!"

"The "fayth"?"

"But first, the Cloister of Trials. Kimahri? Wakka? Ready?"

[Wakka and Kimahri nod]

"Strength, everyone!"

[Everyone steps onto the platform that leads them down. Kimahri pushes Tidus off]

"Hey, what gives?"

"You're not a guardian yet."

"We'll be back as soon as we can, okay?"

[The platform descends]

"Oh, sure! Soon like "tomorrow" soon, I bet!"

[The platform returns. Dona and Barthello enter]

"Where's Yuna?"
[Tidus points to the platform]
"Then why are you here?"

"Hey, I'm not a guardian, so I'm not supposed to go in, right?"

"Not a guardian, you say?"

[Barthello picks up Tidus]

"Hey! Wait!"
"Ah! Lemme go!"
[Barthello throws Tidus onto the platform]
"Hey! What's the big idea?"

"Just a little game."

[Tidus goes "Huh?", as the platform descends]

"This is bad, really bad."
[He runs to the door of the Cloister of Trials]
"Only guardians allowed, and I'm sure no guardian."
"Well, I guess it's too late now."

[He enters the Cloister of Trials, and completes them. He eventually meets up with Lulu, Kimahri, and Wakka. Inside the room, a song can be heard. This same song is heard in all the areas near the Chambers of the Fayth: it is known as the Hymn of the Fayth]

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!"

"It was Dona and that big musclehead man!"

"Yuna will be the one to suffer the consequences!"

"What consequences?"

"She could be excommunicated!"

[They wait for Yuna to be done]

"Just wait."

"So, what's in there anyway?"

"The fayth, remember?"

"Oh yeah, that thing. Right."

"The fayth are people who gave their lives to battle Sin."
"Yevon took their souls, willingly given from their still-living bodies."


"Now they live forever, trapped in statues."
"But when a summoner beckons, the souls of the fayth emerge once again."
"That's what we call an aeon."

"All that in this room?"
"S-So what's Yuna doing in there?"

"She prays with all her heart for a way to defeat Sin."

[Yuna exits from the Chamber of the fayth and falls on her knees. Lulu and Wakka run to her side]

"There was something I didn't tell anyone else that day."
"That song we heard there, in the temple... I knew it from my childhood."
"It was proof that Spira and Zanarkand were connected somehow. At least to me it was."
"Maybe that's why, suddenly, I felt like...I just wanted to go home."
"I tried to say something, to tell them. But the words wouldn't come."

[They leave the temple; a group of people surround Yuna, and nod. The screen goes white, and fades back in on another Tidus flashback. In it, he's surrounded by people, who are clapping, waving, and cheering him on (though we don't hear it)]

"I thought I had put my feelings for Zanarkand behind me."
"But they were there, and they grew inside me, bigger and bigger, till I was just about ready to burst."

[Scene returns to everyone leaving the temple. Tidus stops walking. Yuna approaches him]

"Are...are you okay?"

"I...I don't know."

"What do you want to do?"

"To scream real loud."

[Yuna giggles. Tidus screams real loud. Everyone turns around. Scene ends; everyone leaves the temple, makes their way through the forest, and head to the boat in the Kilika Port]

"Off to Luca at last!"
"The matches start soon as we get there, so rest up on the way, ya?"

[They get on board; the boat leaves]

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