FFX - Script - Ruins

[Screen goes white again. A bird's eye view of a large structure is shown. The sky is dark. We see Tidus on the ground, and he wakes up and slowly gets up. He looks around]

"Anybody there?"
[He yells]

[He looks up. A bird flies away, towards the large structure. Tidus swims towards it, then finally reaches it. He walks along a stone structure and looks at the water below. All of a sudden, it breaks. He looks around the watery area. He descends into the water. Suddenly, a group of fish surround him, and he's forced to fight them. He kills off two of them, so only one remains. The battle ends. A massive fish creature approaches them, knocking over some stones along the way. Tidus dives out of the way, as the big fish gulps the little fish. The big fish sees him, and a battle begins; Tidus vs. Geosgaeno. After a few rounds, the battle ends. Tidus begins swimming away from the massive creature]


[He looks around, and sees an opening he can swim into. He begins to swim to the opening as quickly as possible, as the fish gains on him. The fish nearly has him entirely in its mouth as Tidus averts disaster. The scenes changes and Tidus, flung through the opening into another section of the building, lands safely into a thin layer of water. Several stones from above collapse and block the passage. He stands up]

"I had made it out of the frying pan...and into the freezer."
"I thought I was going to die in this place."

[He enters another section of the building. It's huge, and entirely empty. He looks around]


[Tidus looks around. He finds somewhere he can make a fire: "The remains of a campfire. With flint and tinder, you could start another fire here." He finds the necessary flint and tinder and the fire is made. He warms his hands above the fire, and then lies down, looking up at the high dome ceiling]

"I need food!"

[Screen goes white; a flashback occurs]

"What do you want?"

"It was a bad call."
"Your team lost because of you."

"You came to say THAT?"

"It's been...ten years."
"I thought you'd be crying."

"Who, me?"

[The mysterious short person from Zanarkand comes on screen]

"You cried."

[Flashback ends; returns to the present. Tidus is sitting down as the fire withers and dies. The camera angles up to show something running along the wall of the Ruins. Tidus, falling asleep, quickly wakes up and looks around. He looks at the dying fire]

"Hey, wait! Wait! Don't go out on me!"
"Just hold on. I'll get more wood!"

[Tidus looks around; he sees the big bug on the wall. The large insect runs around the walls, and then jumps down, face to face with Tidus. Battle begins: Tidus vs. Klikk. Partway through the battle, one of the ruins' doors blasts open. A group of people walk through, holding guns, led by a strangely-dressed girl with goggles. The fight continues; her, known as "????", and Tidus, vs. Klikk]

"You on my side? Cool!"

[The creature eventually dies. Tidus comes face to face with the strangely-dressed girl. She lifts her visor/goggles. Tidus stares with his mouth open for a moment, before breathing a sigh of relief]

"Whew! That was close."
[Someone walks up behind Tidus and grabs his hair]
"Hey, lemme go!"

[Several more people surround Tidus and point guns at him]

"Fryd ec drec?"
("What is this?")

"Y fiend! Eh risyh teckieca!"
("A fiend! In human disguise!")

"Oac! Ed ec cu!"
("Yes! It is so!")

[One of them pulls a knife and holds it in front of Tidus' throat]

"Fa gemm ed?"
("We kill it?")

[The girl speaks up]

"Fryd ev ed ec risyh?"
("What if it is human?")

[The person with the knife points it at the girl]

"Drao yna dra cysa eh taydr."
("They are the same in death.")

[The girl speaks again]
"E vunpet ed! Fa pnehk ed fedr ic!"
("I forbid it! We bring it with us!")
[She walks up to Tidus]

[She knees Tidus in the stomach. He falls unconscious]

[Scene changes. A large boat is floating on an ocean which spans as far as the eye can see. Tidus wakes up. He's surrounded by the people from earlier. One of them turns around and sees he woke up]

"Ced, lybdeja!"
("Sit, captive!")

[He hits Tidus, who falls back]

"Hey, that hurts!"

"Hu sujehk, rayn?"
("No moving, hear?")

"Whoa... Okay."

[Two more people approach him. The girl from earlier, and a guy with a blonde mohawk]

"Caynlr res!"
("Search him!")

[He begins to do alot of actions with his arms to signify swimming, all the while grunting]

"Right. Whatever."

"Tu oui hud cbayg?"
("Do you not speak?")

[He shows Tidus a necklace of some sort and points to it, grunting once more]

"I said I don't understand!"


[One of the Al Bhed points his gun at Tidus' chest. The girl speaks up again]

"He said you can stay if you make yourself useful."

"You...You understand me?"
[He gets hit in the back by one of the guy's guns]
"All right, I'll work!"

[Tidus approaches the girl]

"Oh, almost forgot!"

[The Sphere grid tutorial occurs. Afterwards, Tidus walks over to the side of the boat]

"What's this? Some kind of crane?"

[The mohawk guy yells at him]

"Rao, oui! Kad yfyo vnus drana!"
("Hey, you! Get away from there!")

"All right, all right! You don't have to shout!"

[Tidus returns to the girl]

"We found some ancient ruins right beneath us."
"It's not active now, but there should still be some power left."
"We're gonna go down there and activate it..."
"and then we should be able to salvage the big prize!"
[Tidus murmurs in agreement]
"Okay! Let's get to work!"


[They jump over the side of the boat, into the water. They make their way to the underwater ruins. They travel through the ruins, powering up certain devices as they go along. It's not long before we see that they're not the only ones in the Underwater ruins...they return to where they began, and the boss battle vs. Tros begins. They eventually defeat it. They leave the Underwater ruins and return to the ship]

"Fa vuiht dra airship!"
"Dra naluntc fana nekrd."
("We found the airship!")
("The records were right.")

[Tidus jumps back on board, and shakes the water off of him. Some of the Al Bhed are speaking, and begin to walk to the door leading into the boat]

"Huf, ruf du tnyk ed ib?"
("Now, how to drag it up?")

[Tidus follows the people. One of them turns to speak to him]

"Oui, uidceta!"
("You, outside!")

[He hits Tidus. Tidus steps back.]

"Hey, I helped out, didn't I?"

[The people enter the ship, as the door closes behind them. Scene changes; sometime later, on the deck of the boat, Tidus is lying down]


[Someone approaches and kicks him in the shoulder. It's the girl from before; she's carrying a plate of food. She puts the tray on the floor for him.]

"Whoa! Right on!"
[He scarfs down the food so fast that he begins to choke. The girl goes "Hey!" and tosses him a jug of water. He opens it and drinks, concluding in a relieved sigh]

"It's 'cause you eat too fast!"

[Tidus stands up, laughs, moves around, and stretches. The girl walks up behind him]


"Hello there. What is your name?"


"Whoa! You really do understand!"
[Tidus goes "Woo hoo!" and laughs]
"Why didn't you say so earlier?"

"I didn't get a chance to!"
"Everyone thought oui were a fiend."


"Oh, "oui" means "you"."

[Tidus pauses]

"Who are you guys, anyway?"

"We're Al Bhed. Can't you tell?"
"Wait. You're not an Al Bhed-hater, are you?"

"I don't even know what an Al Bhed is."

"Where are you from?"

"I'm a blitzball player. Star player of the Zanarkand Abes!"

"Did you hit your head or something?"

"Um, you guys hit me."

"Oh, right... Do you remember anything before that?"

"So I told her everything there was to tell about Zanarkand..."
"About life there, blitzball, and Sin's attack..."
"and about how Auron and I were engulfed in this light."
"I just said things as they came to mind. But then I started to wonder."

[Rikku looks solemn. Tidus turns to her]

"Did I say something funny?"

"You were near Sin."
"Don't worry, you'll be better in no time."
"They say your head gets funny when Sin is near."
"Maybe you just had some kind of dream?"

"You mean I'm sick?"

"Because of Sin's toxin, yeah."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, there is no Zanarkand anymore."
"Sin destroyed it a thousand years ago."
"So...no one plays blitzball there."

[Tidus is visibly surprised. He turns to look at her]

"What do you mean, a thousand years ago?"
"But I saw Sin attack Zanarkand!"
"You're saying that happened a thousand years ago? No way!"

"You said..."
"You play blitzball?"
[Tidus goes "Uh huh"]
"You know, you should go to Luca."
"Someone might know who you are, or you might find someone you recognize."


[Rikku shakes her head, walks around a bit, then returns to Tidus and taps him on his back]

"Okay, leave it to me! I'll get you to Luca, promise!"
"You'd rather stay here?"
[Tidus says "Uh uh"]
"Okay, I'll go tell the others. Wait here."
[She begins to leave, then turns around]
"Oh, and one thing."
"Don't tell anyone you're from Zanarkand, okay?"
"Yevon says it's a holy place. You might upset someone."

[Tidus mutters "Oh...uh huh", and then leans on the railing. The screen goes black]

"My Zanarkand, some kind of holy place? Yeah right, I thought."
"Since when?"
"Yevon? Sin? Luca?"
"I thought Sin just took me to a faraway place, that I could go back in a day or two."
"But a thousand years into the future?"
"No way!"

[Tidus kicks the crane area and falls; a loud rumble is heard, and the ship shakes. In the distance, something blasts out of the water. The door opens; people run onto the deck and fall down. Something in the water approaches the ship.]


"Sin ec lusa!"
("Sin is come!")

"Ihtan ic! Ihtan ic!"
("Under us! Under us!")

[Tidus falls overboard and gets sucked into a whirlpool. The screen goes black]

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