FFX - Script - Zanarkand

[Tidus walks up the path leading to Gagazet's summit. He stops, turns, and looks at the city of Zanarkand. The sunset casts a pale glow over it]

"A city dead for a thousand years."
"A city I had to see with my own eyes."

[Tidus is seen staring forward]
"The end of Yuna's journey."
[Yuna is staring as well. He stares at her]
"The last chapter in my story."
"My thoughts, they kept floating up, and then slipping through my fingers."
"Slipping away before I could pin them down with words."

"Yuna, I say no!"
"If we go down there, then you'll..."

"You're a true friend, and I thank you, but..."
"I must go..."
"down, to Zanarkand."

"I'm not saying we shouldn't go."
"But shouldn't we think about it some more?"
"There's gotta be some kind of way we can save you, Yuna!"

"All my life, I knew this moment would come."


[Yuna drops something small and blue]

"Thank you, Rikku. Thank you for everything."

[They hug]

"Don't say that, Yunie! It's not over yet!"

"Tell Cid thank you."

"No... You can tell him yourself."


"Yunie, don't say that because..."
"we're gonna see each other again, okay?"

[The screen goes black]

"Kimahri, let's go."

[Tidus is alone. He picks up the object that Yuna dropped. It's a sphere. He holds it beside his head, and closes his eyes. The screen goes black]

"Sir Auron."
"Kimahri told me..."
"when my father wanted me taken from Bevelle to Besaid..."
[Screen fades in on the Rin's Travel Agency on the Mi'ihen HIghroad. In the background, Lulu is standing next to the door. We don't see Yuna, though]
"It was you who told Kimahri, right?"
"I had always wanted to meet you someday."
[The door to the shop opens. Wakka walks out. He stands beside Lulu and crosses his arms]
"I am truly glad that I had that chance."
"Having you as a guardian was so great an honor I don't know how to thank you."
"Perhaps if I defeat Sin, that will be my thanks to you."
"That's what I'll do."
"Yes. I will challenge Sin, I will defeat Sin."
"If you are all there watching this, then I guess Sin is already gone."
"And so am I, I suppose."
[Lulu walks back into the Travel Agency, closing the door behind her]
"Anyway, I just wanted to say:"
"Sir Auron, I thank you."
[Wakka runs to the side of the building, to look at a chocobo]
[She giggles]
"Do you remember the first day we met?"
"I was only seven."
"My father had defeated Sin, and all Bevelle was celebrating."
"Everyone was saying what a hero my father was. I was so happy."
"But when night came, it occurred to me."
"My father had defeated Sin and now he was dead."
"Now, I was all alone."
"I couldn't sleep, so I wandered into the town, away from the celebrating crowds."
"I stood on the bridge in Bevelle where my father and I had parted."
"Standing there, alone, I could see the fields where he had fought Sin."
[Kimahri walks on-screen, back turned to the sphere, and continues until he's off-screen]
"Then, you appeared, Kimahri."
"You said you were looking for the daughter of Braska, remember?"
"At first, I was so scared."
"Until I realized what a gentle person you are."
[She giggles]
"You weren't used to talking to children."
"When I told you that I was Braska's daughter..."
"you said you would take me as far from Bevelle as you could."
"That it was the wish of a man facing death."
"I think...I cried then."
"Because that...that was when I knew my father was dead..."
"and I would never see him again."
"You just held me, without saying a word."
"I cried after we got to Besaid, too."
"When you tried to go after leaving me in the care of the temple..."
"I held on to you, crying, "Don't go, don't go!""
"And you listened, Kimahri. You stayed."
"Kimahri, thank you. Thank you so much."
"And I've always liked your broken horn."
[Scene change; we see the Travel Agency building from a new angle now. Yuna's still holding the sphere like a video camera]
"Wakka, Lulu:"
"I'll never forget my days spent with you, growing up in Besaid."
"We always played together, us and Chappu."
"That's why I was always so happy, I think."
"And when you refused to let me become a summoner and I did it anyway..."
"I'm sorry."
"I've always wanted to apologize."
"You know, when you tried to stop me then--really, I was happy."
"I could tell you really cared about me."
"You were like my big brother and sister."
"I think you really were my big brother and sister."
"What else..."
"I love watching you play blitzball, Wakka."
"I even love it when you scold me, Lulu! Really!"
[Screen fades to black; fades back in on Yuna, holding the sphere]
"I guess that leaves..."
"The newest guardian."
"Star player of the Zanarkand Abes!"
"You are..."
"I am.."
"Well, um..."
"I'm glad...I'm glad that we met."
"We haven't even known each other long, but..."
[Tidus walks out and looks at her]
"It's funny."
"So this is what it feels like."
"It's a much more wonderful feeling than anything I had ever imagined."
"Wonderful...but it hurts, sometimes."
"I wonder."
"I..I just want to say, thank you for everything."
"Maybe...maybe that's why it hurts."
"When I... When I think about us never being together again at all..."
"I'm afraid."
[He begins to approach her]
"No, I shouldn't say that."
"I'll do that part over."

"Whatcha up to?"

[She fumbles with the sphere. The screen goes black. Tidus runs along the mountain path, eventually meeting up with the group. Everyone's looking over Zanarkand. The screen fades to black; fades back in on a familiar scene! The scene we saw in the intro replays: A yellow sunset in the background; the weapons of the group are gathered in one pile. The group is sitting, solemnly, huddled around a fireplace. Tidus stands up, and walks beside Yuna, who looks up at him. He puts his hand on her shoulder. She nods and closes her eyes, then reopens them. Tidus walks away from the group to look over the ruins of Zanarkand. Small pyreflies fly around in the sky]

"Listen to my story."
"This maybe be our last chance."

[The screen goes white. Fades back in on the group around the campfire, sitting down. Tidus is standing up]

"Hey! There was more, right?"
"I mean like that time...uh... Anyone?"

"I think..."


[She stands up]

"I think that we should stop..."
"For now."

[Screen fades to black; fades back in on the group, holding their weapons. They all run forward except for Tidus and Yuna]

"Let's go."

[The group enters Zanarkand, and makes their way through the destroyed streets. They stop at one point and look in the distance; many, many pyreflies are gathered]

"Looks like the Farplane."

"Close enough."

[They continue along the road, eventually reaching its end, and coming to the entrance of a blitzball stadium, long destroyed. A man is there to greet them...]

"Journeyer of the long road, name yourself."

"I am the summoner Yuna. I have come from the island of Besaid."

[He approaches her]

"Your eyes, my dear. Show me the long road you have travelled."
"Very good."
"You have journeyed well."
"Lady Yunalesca will surely welcome your arrival."
"Go to her now, and bring your guardians with you. Go."

[The group enters the stadium (or "Dome", as it's called). The man walks away and vanishes. Inside the stadium, they see the ghosts of two young women]

"If it might benefit the future of Spira, I will gladly give my life."
"It is the highest honor for which a guardian might ask."
"Use my life, Lady Yocun, and rid Spira of Sin."

[The women vanish]

"What...what was that?"

"Our predecessors."

"She said "Lady Yocun," didn't she?"
"Wait! She guarded High Summoner Yocun?"

"This dome is filled with pyreflies. It's like one gigantic sphere."
"People's thoughts remain here. Forever."

[They make their way through the dome, arrive at one ghostly image of a young boy and his mother. Behind them, a man stands silently. Note that the boy has blue hair...]

"No! Mother, no! I don't want you to become a fayth!"

"There is no other way."
"Use me and defeat Sin."
"Only then will the people accept you."

"I don't care about them!"
"I need you, Mother! No one else!"

"I don't...have much time left."

[They all vanish]

"Hey, wasn't that...?"


[The group continues through the "dome". In one scene, the ghostly images of Auron, Braska, and Jecht run past them]


"Hey, Braska."
"You don't have to do this."

"Thank you for your concern."

"Fine. I said my piece."

"Well, I haven't!"
"Lord Braska, let us go back! I don't want to see you...die!"

"You knew this was to happen, my friend."

"Yes, but I... I cannot accept it."

[Braska has a short laugh]

"Auron, I am honored that you care for me so."
"But I have come to kill grief itself."
"I will defeat Sin, and lift the veil of sorrow covering Spira."
"Please understand, Auron."

[The group continues through the stadium; they reach its end, climbing up a flight of stairs and stopping in front of the ghostly images of Jecht, Braska and Auron]

"Are the Trials ahead?"


"Here too, huh? Gimme a break."
"I was expecting, you know, parades and...fireworks!"

"You can ask for them after I defeat Sin."

[Tidus and company go through the doorway in front of them. It's time for the Zanarkand Cloister of Trials! After completing them, they approach the platform that heads down to the Chamber of the Fayth...except it's boss battle time! Boss battle vs. Spectral Keeper, who gets defeated (naturally). Afterwards, the group is standing in front of the platform]

"Yuna... We're here."

"The hall of the Final Summoning."



[She bows to him, goes on the platform, and descends. The screen goes black]

"Huh? What do you mean no Final Aeon?"

[The platform rises, with Yuna still on it]

"Sir Auron!"

[The group gets on the platform, and descends. The group goes to the Chamber of the Fayth...]

"This isn't a fayth. It's just an empty statue."

[The wall behind her dematerializes. The old man from earlier passes through it]

"That statue lost its power as a fayth long ago."
"It is Lord Zaon, the first fayth of the Final Summoning."
"What you see before you is all that remains of him."
"Lord Zaon is... his soul is gone."


"You mean, there is no Final Aeon?"

"But fear not."
"Lady Yunalesca will show you the path. The Final Aeon will be yours."
"The summoner and the Final Aeon will join powers."
"Go to her now. Inside, the lady awaits."

[He does the prayer gesture, then vanishes. Yuna walks through where the wall used to be; a barrier of bluish energy is there now. Yuna heads towards it]

"Yuna, wait!"
"Auron, you knew this was going to happen, didn't you?"


"Why didn't you tell us!?"

"If I had told you the truth, would that really have stopped you from coming?"


"I'm not going back."

"Kimahri knows."
"Kimahri goes first. Yuna is safe. Kimahri protect."

[Kimahri walks through first, followed by Yuna, then Auron. The rest follow. They enter the next room]

"Someone's coming!"

[A ton of pyreflies are flying around. A woman walks into the room, at the top of a staircase]

"Lady Yunalesca."

"Welcome to Zanarkand."
"I congratulate you, summoner. You have completed your pilgrimage."
"I will now bestow you with that which you seek."
"The Final Summoning...will be yours."
"Now, choose."
[She walks down the stairs]
"You must choose the one whom I will change..."
"to become the fayth of the Final Summoning."
[Everyone gasps]
"There must be a bond, between chosen and summoner, for that is what the Final Summoning embodies:"
"the bond between husband and wife, mother and child, or between friends."
"If that bond is strong enough, its light will conquer Sin."
"A thousand years ago, I chose my husband Zaon as my fayth."
"Our bond was true, and I obtained the Final Aeon."
"There is nothing to fear."
"You will soon be freed of worry and pain."
"For once you call forth the Final Aeon, your life will end."
"Death is the ultimate and final liberation."
"Your father, Braska, chose this path."

[Yunalesca walks away. We see the ghostly images of Braska, Auron, and Jecht]

"It is not too late! Let us turn back!"

"If I turn back, who will defeat Sin?"
"Would you have some other summoner and his guardians go through this?"

"But...my lord, there must be another way!"

"This is the only way we got now!"
"Make me the fayth."
"I been doing some thinking."
"My dream is back in the other Zanarkand."
"I wanted to make that runt into a star blitz player."
"Show him the view from the top, you know."
"But now I know there's no way home for me."
"I'm never going to see him again. My dream's never gonna come true."
"So make me the fayth."
"I'll fight Sin with you, Braska."
"Then maybe my life will have meaning, you know."

"Don't do this, Jecht!"
"If you live..."
"there may be another way! We'll think of something, I know!"

"Believe me, I thought this through."
"I ain't gettin' any younger, so I might as well make myself useful."


"What! You're not gonna try to stop me, too?"

"Sorry. I mean...thank you."

"Braska still has to fight Sin, Auron."
"Guard him well. Make sure he gets there."
"Well, let's go."

[Braska and Jecht walk away]

"Lord Braska! Jecht!"

"What do you want now?"

"Sin always comes back."
"It comes back after the Calm every time!"
"The cycle will continue and your deaths will mean nothing!"

"But there's always a chance it won't come back this time."
"It's worth trying."

"I understand what you're saying, Auron."
"I'll find a way to break the cycle."

"You have a plan?"


"Trust me, I'll think of something."

[Jecht laughs. The screen goes black. It fades back in on the ghostly Auron, on his knees in grief. The present-day Auron walks up to him and slices repeatedly at the ghost with his sword, making sounds of anguish and pain]

"And the cycle went on."

"We'll break it!"

"But how?"
"What, you got a plan now?"

"If one of us has to become a fayth..."
"I volunteer."

"Me too, Yuna!"

"That still won't change anything, you know? You'd bring the Calm, and then what?"
"That won't break the cycle!"

"You wanna defeat Sin and keep Yuna alive?"
"You don't want Sin to come back, ya?"
"That is just not gonna happen, brudda, you know?"

"If you want everything, you'll end up with nothing."

"But I want everything!"

"Now you're being childish!"

"I give up."
"So what would an adult do, then?"
"They know they can just throw away a summoner, then they can do whatever they like."
"You're right, I might not even have a chance."
"But no way am I gonna just"
"stand here and let Yuna go."
"And what Auron said about there being a way..."
"I think it's true."

""You'll think of something"?"

"I'll go ask Yunalesca."
"She's got to know something."

"You really think she'll help you?"

"I don't know, but I have to try."
"This is my story."
"It'll go the way I want it... or I'll end it here."

"You say it's your story, but it's my story, too, you know?"
"It would be so easy..."
"to let my fate just carry me away..."
"following this same path my whole life through."
"But I know...I can't."
"What I do, I do... with no regrets."

[Everyone runs up the stairs and passes through the doors to the next room. It's a large stone circle, no unlike the one the group stood on when they visited the Farplane. Above them, they can see the night sky and the stars. Yunalesca appears]

"Have you chosen the one to become your fayth?"
"Who will it be?"

"Might I ask something first?"
"Will Sin come back even should I use the Final Summoning to defeat it?"

"Sin is eternal."
"Every aeon that defeats it becomes Sin it its place..."
"And thus is Sin reborn."

"So that's why Jecht became Sin."

"Sin is an inevitable part of Spira's destiny. It is neverending."

"But...but...if we atone for our crimes, Sin will stop coming back, ya?"
"Someday, it'll be gone, ya?"

"Will humanity ever attain such purity?"

"This...this cannot be!"
"The teachings state that we can exorcise Sin with complete atonement!"
"It's been our only hope all these years!"

"Hope is...comforting."
"It allows us to accept fate, however tragic it might be."

Tidus & Auron

[We see that the ghostly young Auron is confronting the ghostly Yunalesca. It is he who said "No!"]

"Where is the sense in all this?"
"Braska believed in Yevon's teachings and died for them!"
"Jecht believed in Braska and gave his life for him!"

"They chose to die... because they had hope."

[Auron charges at her. She hits him with an energy blast. He goes flying backwards and lands, silently, his sword stabbing into the ground]

"Yevon's teachings and the Final Summoning give the people of Spira hope."
"Without hope, they would drown in their sorrow."
"Now, choose. Who will be your fayth?"
"Who will be the one to renew Spira's hope?"

[All is silent for a few moments]

"No one."
"I would have gladly died."
"I live for the people of Spira, and would have gladly died for them."
"But no more! The Final Summoning..."
"is a false tradition that should be thrown away."

"No. It is our only hope."
"Your father sacrificed himself to give that hope to the people."
"So they would forget sorrow."

"My father... My father wanted..."
"to make Spira's sorrow go away."
"Not just cover it up with lies!"

"Sorrow cannot be abolished. It is meaningless to try."

"My father... I loved him."
"So I..."
"I will live with my sorrow, I will live my own life!"
"I will defeat sorrow, in his place."
"I will stand my ground and be strong."
"I don't know when it'll be but someday, I will conquer it."
"And I will do it without...false hope."

"Poor creature."
"You would throw away hope."
"I will free you before you can drown in your sorrow."
"It is better for you to die in hope than to live in desapair."
"Let me be your liberator."

[She rises up in the air]

"Now! This is it!"
"Now is the time to choose!"
"Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow!"
"Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!"

"Yuna needs Kimahri. Kimahri protect Yuna."

"Well, I'm fighting!"

"I can't believe we're gonna fight Lady Yunalesca! Gimme a break!"

"You can always run."

"I'd never forgive myself--no way! Not if I ran away now."
"Even in death, ya!"

[Lulu smiles]

"My thoughts exactly."

"This is our story! Now let's see this thing through together!"

[She nods. Big boss fight vs. the multiple-form Yunalesca. Eventually, she gets defeated]

"If I die, so does the Final Aeon."
"And with it, Spira's only hope."

"Then we'll find Spira a new hope!"

"Fool. There is no other way."
"Even if there was... Even if you did destroy Sin..."
"Yu Yevon the immortal would only create Sin anew."

"Yu Yevon?"

"Ah... Zaon... Forgive me..."
"Spira has been robbed of the light of hope... All that remains is sorrow."

[She vanishes]

"I cannot believe what we just did."

"Let's do something more unbelievable."


"Destroy Sin."
"So it won't come back, and without the Final Aeon."
"I don't know how just yet. But I'll find out."

[The group leaves the room, and they exit the next room as well, except for Auron and Tidus]

"We must talk."


"There is something you should know."

"I know...it's about you, right?"

"I am also an unsent."
"You are not surprised?"

"I think I kinda knew. It was Yunalesca, wasn't it?"

"When Braska and Jecht died defeating Sin..."
"I just couldn't accept it."
"I came back here... tried to avenge them."
"But she struck me down."
"Somehow I made my way, crawling, down Mount Gagazet."
"But my strength left me just outside Bevelle. That's where Kimahri found me."
"I told him about Yuna... just before I died."
"I've been wandering ever since, never going to the Farplane."


"Don't make that face. Being dead has its advantages."
"I was able to ride Sin and go to your Zanarkand."

"And you've been watching over me since then, haven't you?"
"What's the big idea? Why me?"

"It is one of those things that is difficult to explain."
"Very well, I will show you."
[Auron walks to the middle of the room]
"My memories."

[He kneels down. Several pyreflies escape from his body. We see the ghostly Jecht and Braska, through the young Auron's eyes]

"Can I ask you one last favor?"
"Nah. Never mind."

"Out with it!"

"Okay. Listen good."
"Take care of my son."
"My son, in Zanarkand. He's such a crybaby."
"He needs someone there to hold his hand, see?"
"Take care of him, will you?"

"But how am I supposed to go to Zanarkand?"

"Hey! You said it yourself!"
"There must be a way to get there, right? You'll find it."

"All right, I will!"
"I give you my word."
"I'll take care of your son. I'll guard him with my life."

"Thanks, Auron."
[Jecht approaches him...I think he hugs Auron]
"You were always such a stiff, but that's what I liked about you."

[The screen returns to Auron and Tidus]

"That is why."

[Auron walks out of the room. Tidus leave the Chamber of the Fayth and the Cloister of Trials, exiting the dome area. FMV: Sin is standing there, in front of the dome, staring at Tidus and growling]

"I know. The Final Summoning's gone."
"But I'll think of something!"
"Just, give me a little more time!"

[Sin turns and stumbles away. Tidus stares at it. High above Zanarkand, the Airship passes beside Sin, then floats over Tidus, as it begins to lower itself]

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