FFX - Script - Zanarkand

[A yellow sunset in the background; the weapons of the group are gathered in one pile. The group of character is sitting, solemnly, huddled around a fireplace. Tidus stands up, and walks beside Yuna, who looks up at him. He puts his hand on her shoulder. She nods and closes her eyes, then reopens them. Tidus walks away from the group to look over the ruins of a destroyed city. Small circles of light float around randomly above the city]

"Listen to my story."
"This may be our last chance."

[The words "Final Fantasy X" appear on the screen]

[The screen goes black. It opens up in a city at nighttime; Zanarkand. Several people are standing around, talking to each other. One person runs on the screen and says something. Though we don't hear what he says, it gets the people excited, and they run off-screen. With no one around, a short person magically appears out of nowhere, walking where the other people went, before dissapearing again. Scene change; Tidus walks on screen. Ladies shout and cheer. He approaches the crowd of people, first going to a group of small kids]

"Can you sign this?"

[The kid holds out a blitzball]

"No prob!"

[You name the character "Tidus". Another small kid holds up a blitzball]



[Yet another one]

"Me, too!"

"Take it easy."

[He signs the ball. He then walks up to two girls holding Blitzballs; one with a pink top, and one in a blue outfit.]

"Can I have your autograph?"

"Of course!"

[He signs her blitzball & gives it back to her. The other girl hands him a blitzball]

"Good luck tonight!"

"Nothing to worry about!"
[He signs her blitzball, spins it on his finger & gives the ball back to her]
"Oh, if I score a goal..."
"I'll do this!"
[Raises his arms in the air]
"That will mean it was for you, okay?"
[The two girls giggle]
"What seat?"

"East block, in the front row!"

"Fifth from the right!"

"Got it!"

[Tidus is now surrounded by blitzball fans, and a little kid balances a blitzball on his forehead]

"Well, gotta go! Cheer for me!"

"...two, three!"

Kids in unison
"Teach us how to blitz!"

"Hey, I got a game to play!"

"Then teach us after!"

"Maybe tonight...um...well..."

[The short mysterious person from before is behind Tidus. No one seems to see him or hear him except for Tidus]

"You can't tonight."

"I mean...tomorrow."



[The three kids do a series of hand motions and conclude by bowing to Tidus. The screen changes; we now see an overview of Zanarkand. A highly technological city, full of high-rise buildings, lights, and waterfalls. Tidus walks on screen, looks up at a billboard, and stares at it intently. It's a man with a red bandana. He smirks, and begins to run. The voice of a blitzball announcer is heard as Tidus runs through the streets]

"I was in a coffee shop, running away from home when I heard the news."
"Our hero, Jecht, gone, vanished into thin air!"
"My dad must have been his biggest fan. I knew how sad he'd be. Heck, we all were that day."
""Zanar," I says to myself, "What are you thinking?""
"I went running straight back home. We sat up talking 'bout Jecht all night."
"My dad and I never talked so much. Whoa... Didn't mean to reminisce, folks."
"Anyways... Ten years later, the Jecht Memorial Cup tournament is today!"
"The two teams that have won through to the finals are...of course, the Abes from A-East and the Duggles from C-South."
"I know there's a lot of people out there today to see the star of the Abes!"
"In just one year, he's become the team's number one player!"
"He's Jecht's blood, and the new hope of blitzball! What kind of super play will he show us today?"
"Will we see his father's legendary shot? I don't think I'm the only one excited here, folks!"

[Tidus approaches the blizball stadium. Tons of screaming fans approach him]

"Make way, make way!"
"Coming through, sorry!"
"Hey, I'm gonna be late!"
"Hey, let go of me!"

[He manages to run into the stadium]

[FMV. Tidus is sitting alone in a pool of water, eyes closed. His eyes open, as a ball of energy in the middle of a demi-circle begins to expand. Flocks of people enter the stadium. Tidus stands up, much to the enjoyment of the fans, as they cheer. We see an overview of stadium. Far away, a mysterious man clothed in red with sunglasses stands on a highrise. He holds up what appears to be a white jug, as a massive tidal wave approaches Zanarakand. We return to the stadium and the Blitzball match; much brawling and passing occurs. The fans cheer. Someone gets knocked out of the water into the stands. Back to the man walking through Zanarakand, as the huge tidal wave has now turned into a ball of water, which gets even closer to the city. Blitzball match; The Abes score, it's now 1-0. The fans cheer more. Everyone rushes towards a loose ball. Tidus jumps into the air, above the sphere of water, as the ball is sent up out of the water to reach Tidus. He prepares to do a bicycle kick, when he sees the massive ball of water. The water ball sends out dozens of huge water bullets which smash into Zanarkand. Everything gets engulfed in water. Tidus hangs onto a girder above the stadium, as the stadium below is destroyed/engulfed in water. Tidus falls]

[The screen goes white, and returns to the entrance of the now-destroyed, soaking wet stadium. Dozens of fans begin running away for their lives. Tidus stands up and begins to run away as well. He sees the man clothed in red]

"What are you doing here?"

"I was waiting for you."

"What are you talking about?"

[Auron walks off-screen. Tidus follows]

[Scene changes to the streets of Zanarakand. People are running through the streets of Zanarkand. Tidus is moving around aimlessly. All of a sudden, time freezes. Tidus looks around frantically. The short mysterious person from before appears again]

"It begins."

[Tidus turns, looks at the little person and goes "wha?"]

"Don't cry."

[Time unfreezes. Tidus gasps, and looks around]

"What the...?"
"Hey! Wait!"
[He runs down a street, where he meets Auron again]
"Hey, not this way!"

[Tidus looks up at the large ball of water hovering over Zanarkand, and gasps]
"We called it "Sin"."


[Tentacles smash out of a nearbye building. Hundreds of small pods eject from the tentacles, landing on the ground. They turn into small bug creatures which surround Tidus in a demi-circle. He aimlessly tries to fight them off with his hands, but eventually falls backwards]

"Take it."
[He hands Tidus a sword. Tidus takes it, and holds it high in the air, before nearly dropping it]
"A gift from Jecht."

"My old man?"

[Tidus moves forward, swinging the blade. The bug-creatures move backwards. Tidus falls backwards onto and stands up again]

"I hope you know how to use it."

[The battle begins. They cut some bugs; more drop]

"These ones don't matter. We cut through!"

[They kill some bugs. More fall]

"Don't bother going after all of them. Cut the ones that matter, and run!"

[They cut the ones that matter, and they run. More fall behind them]

[Scene change. A loud noise occurs. Tidus looks at Auron, who begins to run to the noise. Tidus follows. They come face to face with the big tentacle monster, surrounded by a few of the bugs from before. Battle begins vs. Sinspawn Ammes. They eventually defeat it. It blows up. The battle ends; Auron runs ahead, Tidus follows. They return to the area near the start where Tidus was looking at the billboard. He looks up at it again while running with Auron]

"What are you laughing at, old man?"
"Auron! Let's get out of here!"

"We're expected."

[Auron runs]
"Gimme a break, man!"
[He follows]

[More small pods which turn into bugs fall. They completely surround Tidus and Auron]

"Hmph. This could be bad."
[He looks at a piece of machinery]
"That--knock it down!"


"Trust me. You'll see."

[They attack the machine. The more they hit it, the more it crackles with energy. Eventually, it explodes. It falls off the bridge, creating a massive explosion. All the bugs are destroyed. The bridge itself begins to blow up]


[They continue to run, avoiding the bridge which is blowing up. Tidus makes a huge leap and grabs onto the edge of a broken part of the road, which is diagonally facing upward. He hangs onto the ledge. Auron walks on screen, standing above Tidus' hands. The FMV begins]


[The ball of water - Sin - is now above them, and appears to be a large wormhole which is sucking things in. Auron looks up at it]

"You are sure?"
[He looks back at Tidus]
"This is it."
[He picks him up by the collar of his shirt]
"This is your story."
"It all begins here."

[Screen goes white]


[We see Zanarkand, which seems perfectly normal, except for a huge pillar of flame in the background]

"My...old man?"

[Tidus, floating in this very surreal version of Zanarkand, descends. He sees a small kid]

"I thought about a lot of things..."
"like where I was, what I'd got myself into."
"I started to feel light-headed... and then, sleepy."

[Screen goes white]
"I think I had a dream."
"A dream of being alone."
"I wanted someone--anyone, beside me..."
"so I didn't have to feel alone anymore."

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